Reuben Maraz
Staff Sergeant Reuben Yusef Maraz
Liev Schrieber
Liev Schrieber as Reuben Yusef Maraz
Alias: Rube
Age: 34
Features: 6'1", 'Meaty', Tattooed.
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Department: Marines
Position: MP (Military Police)


Reuben "Rube" Maraz is a hard headed man. Works great, because he is a marine, and well given his colony it is not all too surprising. A veteran from the Insurgency, Rube tends to speak somewhat loudly and carry a big stick. One that he's fond of using, if the need arises, and any pilot, deckie, snipe, or marine can attest to, if he's been sent in to break up a fight, let alone to bring someone's drunk ass home.

He has a love of pyramid, and often can be heard lamenting the Sagittaron Raiders spectacular year, followed by curses and veiled threats on various buccaneer players' lives.

Immediate Family

  • Yusef Maraz (father)
  • Deborah Maraz(mother)
  • Ruth Maraz (sister)
  • Sairah Maraz (sister)
  • Khalil Maraz(brother)
  • Elysia Curesh Maraz(Wife)
  • Hiram Maraz(son)
  • Ayla Maraz (daughter)

Service Jacket

  • Training on Eldris Island, Gemenon
  • 1st Tour-Naval Base Krypter, Aquaria
  • 2nd Tour - 3rd Brigade Sagittaron Home Guard "The Red Bands" - Fort Argus, Sagittaron
  • 3rd Tour - Echo Company - BS Valkyrie
  • Current Posting: 1st Battalion 13th Marines ("The Mountaineers"), Bravo Company, Able Platoon, BS Cerebus

Physical Features

Rube is what some might call big an' tall. At six feet and one inch, and as thick and as solid as a wall. Muscle shows no lines, or veins meaning he got built due to his way of life, nothing more. And of course besides having a solid torso, he does sport a bit of a beer belly. However soft would not cover this man at all. A couple of tattoos on his arms and one on his chest overarching his stomach, other than that no other marks mar him. He has short black hair, and thick black chops that frame his face, leaving for stubble on his chin and around his jaw. Dark blue eyes, and a crooked nose make up for this man's looks.

Reuben is dressed in Colonial Marine fatigues. The light brown shirt is tucked into matching trousers, with a subdued black web belt around the waist. The trousers are in turn bloused into black combat boots. A softer, darker brown fabric decorates the shoulders of the shirt, and the buttons up the center are hidden by a flap. Black quick clips, rather than buttons, secure two large pockets on the front of the shirt. On his left sleeve is the black, gold and white Battlestar Cerberus patch. The pins on his collar show a rank of Staff Sgt.

This Colonial Marine wears a black brassard on his right arm above the elbow. Bold white block letters set on the brassard read MP for military police. A black leather police-style gunbelt is around his waist, with handcuffs, a nightstick, flashlight and pistol.

Around his wrist a piece of leather. A thick dark brown, and braids strap is latched on, with small bits of metal weaved in here and there. One with the knowledge could easily see that it is a Sagittaron Soma braid. The symbols of his patron deity inscribed on the metal.

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