PHD #009: Return Of Cool
Return of Cool
Summary: Alexander and Sofia have a discussion in the Guest Quarters about religion, truth, and what it means to be cool.
Date: 3.7.2041
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Alexander Sofia 

Guest Quarters

The area here has been spiffed up for the Delegates. Bunks are kept neat as a pin, the lockers are brand new and have a beautiful shine on the fake wood. A table sits in the center with a vase of fake flowers resting in the middle. The deck has been mostly covered with a round, braided rug of multiple colors. To the back of the area, there is a private shower area. This is just one of five separate areas along Deck 3.

Alexander Aurelia has had his share of ups and a few downs in his day and today is no different. He is in the guest berthings looking a little aimless since QUODEL still hasn't regathered itself and he has been left without direction equally on both sides now since he has lost his position as an officer. He looks a little more rested today and he is clean shaven however he sits in his bunk in a pair of pajama bottoms and a plan white t-shirt. In front of him now are roughly thirty books. Each book is open to a different location and each book contains some aspect of knowledge as it pertains to religion in the Colonies. A page is flipped, "No. This isn't it…though it might relate to this?" It would seem the actor is still trying to make sense of it all by looking in every holy book he can find.

Sofia's had mixed luck talking to civilians around. But she tries here and there. She hums as she's lugging a mop and bucket. Ah, the joys of KP duty sometimes extend outside of it. She pauses, noticing Alex in his room in passing. "Hey," She waves. She seems a bit tired, but friendly. At least she's less perky than usual.

Alexander looks up, "Ah, Sofia, how are you?" A few books are closed and Lexi stands to put a bathrobe on, suprisingly this one is made from silk and it carries delicate and ornate paterns on it. The robe is black and red, emphasis on black. "Can I get you some tea?" Alexander says as he looks at Sofia and her lack of perkiness, "Or perhaps coffee would be better? Are you alright?"

"I'm alright," Sofia smiles over. She doesn't seem quite as fidgety. Probably due to the faintly exasted look. "Huh? Oh um. Maybe. I'm on cleaning duty for awhile," She explains lifting up a hand. "Long story." She tilts her head. "How are you? And yeah, I'm fine. I brought it on myself. Accidentally mind, but stuff happens." A faint shrug. "That's a cool bathrobe." She looks around, just to make sure no roving NCOs are about.

Alexander is the only person in the berthings at the moment and there are no NCO's or any other people in the room. "Would you like to talk about it? I mean if it would help you process what has happened? I'm afraid I'm only good right now for little more than my kind ears to listen with and if it would help you regain your old self full of energy it would be my pleasure to help out." Alexander then makes two mugs of tea, the non-caffinated variety. "As for my robe, it was a gift. I would never buy such a thing for myself but a dear friend wanted me to have it and so I carry it with me to remember her."

Sofia phews a little. "Um. Someone either took my uniform while I was in the shower or forgot to bring. Kinda snuck through less populated areas so I wouldn't show anyone my towel ensemble. Apparently the XO thought I was like… naked in his office for some reason. I'm on Kitchen Patrol for like, a week so I'm cleaning stuff." She shrugs and smiles, then sighs. "Embarrassing…" Sadness. She rubs the back of her head. "I guess a cup of tea wouldn't hurt. And it's good to see you. Oh?" She pauses. Her eyes blank to think about that. "That's sweet of you and her." Nod. "It's okay. I'll probably be tired a little bit since KP is after my usual duties."

Alexander brings two mugs over and sets them both down in front of Sofia, "Please select which ever mug you want." Lexi takes a seat at the table and he says, "I also have a sucker if you want. Well, I have a lot of them acctually though you can have one. You are allowed to have sugar, right?" As Alexander waits for Sofia to pick a mug he listens to her story. "So your uniform disappeared and you tried to take care of things on your own and the XO didn't like what he saw? I see." Alexander frowns, "It sounds to me like you had a lot of courage in that situation. It takes a lot of gumption to leave when one has no clothes. I'm sorry you got KP duty though."

Sofia takes a mug and blinks. "Aw. Thank you. Just one then. And yeah, it's just caffiene makes me bug out," She grins. She sighs and shrugs. "He thought I was in his office because other people were there." Implying something VERY naughty. "But oh well. Next time I'll just man up and use the hallways." Pout. "And they can deal with my towels." Nod. She pauses. "Well, it wasn't brave to try to sneak around… but I couldn't really stay in the showers all day," She wrinkles her nose. "It happens. I can understand why though, having someone naked in your office might be /weird/." Hm. "How are things going over here?"

"Wait, there were other people in his office with you? What state of undress were the other people in the room in as well?" Alexander looks over at Sofia and he is trying to piece together the events as they transpired, "Perhaps you should start over again from the begginning?"

"They were dressed. I had a towel. I was passing through and they spotted me and - oh, it was embarrassing," Sadness. Sofia looks over. "… you want me to? Okay. Clothes gone from shower. I had to get back, but I didn't want to take the main way back since everyone does really. I snuck through less traveled areas of the ship. Unfortunately, some people in an office spotted me and asked me what I was doing…"

Alexander doesn't judge at all as he listens and he simply nods his head, "Well, it sounds like you had a unique experience. So, learn from it and move on. Also, at least when you are working KP you know what is being made, how clean it is, and how prepared it is." Alexander stands and he moves to his locker where he produces a strawberries and cream sucker which he brings over to Sofia, "You remind me of Brandon Boseman…" An actor from Libra, "he often had stories that ended with, 'and then my pants fell off.'"

"Well, actually, the pants thing happened too. A pilot pantsed me in the laundry room," Sofia taps her chin. "… why do my clothes keep disappearing one way or another?" One eyebrow lifts. Is it a sign from Aphrodite? Hmmm. Sofia just shrugs. She smiles. "Thank you for the sucker," She accepts it carefully. She looks to it. "Oh well, is he a good actor?" Sofia tilts her head and smiles. "I don't know if I've seen much by him. And I suppose. It could be worse. What've you been up to?"

Alexander takes a sip of his tea, "Perhaps the Lords are trying to tell you something? Then again, perhaps some people are obsessed with seeing you undressed?" Alexander places both hands around the mug to keep them warm, "Brandon, he is a goodman with a kind heart, though he has a strange knack for being caught in the right place at the wrong time and in the most compromising manner possible. As an actor he is passable, though he is more of a personality." Alexander looks over at the books on his bunk, "I've been reading and I still have no clues."

Blink. Sofia looks perturbed by that. "I understand his plight then. And that or I should wear like 7 pairs of pants in case one gets pulled," She rubs the back of her head with one hand. It is forever a mystery. She shrugs and smiles. "Sounds like a nice guy though. And oh? That's rough. Maybe the answer lies within," Sofia considers. "Because it seems like there's sooooooo many possbilities," Ponder. She sips her own tea. "But I don't know. We have a church and chaplain here though right?"

Alexander grins, "Well, Brandon became famous for owning his strange bouts of bad luck. Suddenly being found pantsless became something that endeared him to people. He was a great deal of fun to be around and he had such a good personality. He took everything with grace, which, is why he was famous." Alexander then takes another sip from his mug and he looks reflective for a moment before he turns to Sofia and he turns on the charm as he says with a wink, "Besides a skinny little thing such as yourself would look odd in seven pairs of pants. "The answer lies within? Possibly. I've read different books and they all say different things. I can't make any of it out for now." There is another sip of his tea, "I do visit the Chaplain and I attend worship quiet often." There is another pause as he repeats outloud to himself, "The answer lies within?"

Sofia listens, then laughs softly. "Oh dear," She nods. "It was hard not to be flustered. And he didn't even give me a chance to get a word in." Sofia frowns. She shrugs. "Oh well." A blink as the charm is turned on. Her eyes widen a bit. "Eeeh, I'm skinny?" She looks at herself. Hmmm. Her nose wrinkles. "I'm not so sure on that…" She just accepts it though. Hard to turn away from the charm. She notes, "Maybe looking odd would keep them from pulling them down. And I think- have you ever asked someone about something they saw? Then asked someone /else/ about it and gotten a differentt answer? It's like that I think. Even if you all got the same answer from the Lords, would you read it the same?"

Alexander takes another sip of tea and he says, "Well, I think you are rather lovely though you seem less concerned than many actresses I know. They worry about how they look so much that it can be very disconcerting. I mean I was working with this one actress who went on a tirade about her shoes once and she felt that they made her look horrid and bloated." He takes a sip, "And as for truth, isn't that how it all breaks down, different perspectives. Like Roshomon?"

"Well. That's because a lot of them live by their looks like models do too," Sofia points out. She turns bright red. "This ship is really full of pretty women. It's kind of odd and impressive," Sofia notes. "But I'm not sure how shoes make you look bloated if they fit at all properly," Ponder. She looks into her cup of tea, almost going cross-eyed. At least that habit still lingers nicely. She nods. "Yeah. Something like that I think. So maybe there is an answer, but maybe not and it's up to you to pick one? I dunno. I don't really know much abotu that to be honest."

Alexander smiles, "Well, we all live by our appearances to a certain extent. Though it really wasn't about the shoes. I think she was angry with wardrobe and so she blamed the shoes since the wardrobe was designed by a famous fashionista from Caprica." There is a grin that comes to his face, "And we will have to wait and see about the truth. Though, I'm sure my sister would agree with you." Angelus takes a moment to pause and he asks a strange question, "Sofia, if you wanted to do you think you could make a printing machine? For say something like a newspaper?"

"That's true," Then a frown. "Oh. See. I'm no good with that stuff," Sofia holds up a hand. "Mom might know more though," She tilts her head. She smiles at his grin. "I suppose so," She nods. Then a blink at his question. "Sure. There's bound to be printers and printer parts in the store room. Gods only know themselves what's in there," Sigh. "I'm sure I'll be put on that soon too," Gloom. "But … that might be fun. There's all kinds of treasure in there." Shrug. She looks up and peers at him owlishly, "May I ask why? I don't get requests- unless maybe you're taking up writing," She taps her chin with a finger.

Alexander looks over at Sofia, "This would need to be kept out of writting…possibly." Alexander looks at Sofia for a moment and he asks, "How are you with secrets?"

Uh oh. Sofia's eyes widen a bit. "Well. I keep a lot of them. I can't tell people everything," Sofia notes. She frowns. "That's kind of dicey but then there's all kinds of crud down in the maze…" She looks a bit worried.

"If the Colonies are gone what would become of the press? Of the Freedom for the people to know the truth? Who would control it?' Alexander asks, "Can we trust the military with this? Can we trust anyone with it?"

"I had a feeling about that…" Sofia rubs her temples a little. "That reporter lady's been around offices too," She tilts her head and bites her lower lip. "I don't know. I mean- I'm enlisted, so I guess things are a bit different," She wrinkles her nose. "I would have to look for what we have. I'm sure there's tons of stuff floating around that hasn't necessarily been inventoried. I've found everything from naughty magazine to chips shaped like movie starts to Lords know what else." Shrug. "But uhm, you'd better have a good story if someone figures out you have a printer."

Alexander nods his head slowly and softly, "Well, wait and see. As for our friend the reporter. She seems like a nice enough person. she shared cake with me so she can't be all that bad." Alexander says rather fondly of Sawyer, "However, for now I am just asking questions. Nothing needs to be done for now." Alexander grins, "I like to look at all of the possibilitie first before deciding on a course of action."

"…" Uh oh. Sofia rubs the back of her head. "Oh. She seems alright enough," Although Sofia seems a bit unsure. Nod. "We'll see how it goes," She smiles. "Although I think it may be different since she talks to us differently too. And that's alright. I understand. I mean, lots of stuff DOES go missing somedays it feels like," Sigh. "But other days…" She just makes a resigned gesture. She sips her tea. "I'm shocked none of the QUODEL people would have brought one honestly, considering the amount of papers going to and fro."

Alexander pauses as he watches Sofia, "How does she treat you and besides your pants what is it that has gone missing?" Alexander then look back at Sofia, "Well, truth be told I am sure they did though it is in a place where people know where the presses are and how to control them in case information needs to be supressed and I don't mean military secrets."

"I hadn't really met her, cept while wearing a towel," Sofia sighs. "And I am sure they did too. I doubt the commanders would deny them one. We're not … y'know," Facisty here! "I mean, seriously. Everyone makes it sound like some giant conspiracy of people against each other. I hope it doesn't really boil down to that," Frown. "Oh well." It's not a happy subject, it seems. And it definitely makes her uneasy. "I'm sorry. I must seem mean saying that."

"You don't sound mean. You do sound like you are defending the people you work with and there is nothing wrong with that. I'd expect my sister to do the same." Lexi says, "And I hope that things will work out. I am just prepairing for the worst of possible outcomes. I am sure that things will work out and that we won't have any problems." Alexander smiles with an amused movie star smile, "Sofia, I do believe you must live in interesting times to meet reporters in your towel. I know some that would slap their mother for a chance to have me in that situation."

"Oh, maybe. But - we'll see on the printer, okay?" Sofia at least, just offers a maybe. She takes a deep breath. "It's just a weird situation all around." She smiles up at him. "Or someone took my shirt and moved it to think it was funny," Her nose wrinkles. "I think people are just a bit emotional lately too. It's tough. And hah… I dunno, I hope she didn't get any pictures." How embarrassing. She fidgets at that possibility. "I'm sure they would! You're a star and everything," Nod. "I don't think I would though, that'd be mean to my mom and all. And I owe you for all these sweets too."

Alexander looks at the sucker and then at the tea and he shakes his head, "You don't owe me anything. As freely as it was given to me so I give in turn to others. If anyone wants to become great they must first become servants to all others as the Lords have said." Alexander takes a long sip from his tea, "Will you report your shirt as being stolen?"

"Oh no, I found it," SOfia smiles. "And I'm sure you'll be great in no time." This with a nod. "Well, you're cool already and all," She taps her chin. "But- I'd better finish mopping too or they'll think I hid somewhere," She grins. "Even I'm not /this/ slow," She pauses. "Well, slower than before. I can still have some caffiene but it makes me break into a rash. I turn purple." Siiiiiiiigh. "But, if you see me around or need something, feel free to holler huh?"

Alexander stands and as he does he smiles, "I am not cool…I just know how to act like I am cool. You however, are the genuine article." His words contain truth from his perspective but then again truth can be a very liquid thing as they discussed earlier, "If anyone asks tell them a member of QUODEL had questions for you. If they want to know who tell them I did. I'd hate for you to get in trouble on my account." There is a large grin on his face now, "And I hope to see you again soon."

Sofia stands and sets the mug down. "Hah… see, you're really nice." She shakes her head. "And I don't have to mention you just asking or anything. I'll just mop faster so they don't notice anything." With that, she goes to get her mop and bucket. She grins and waves. "Be well. Good luck on your quest." Nod. Time to MOP WITH A VENGEANCE!

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