PHD #099: Results... Or Lack Thereof
Results…Or Lack Thereof
Summary: Lauren tells Alessandra the results of the inspections that have been held so far.
Date: 05 June 2041 AE
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Alessandra Coll 
Flight Simulation
A training room specifically dedicated to honing aerial skills, this area is equipped with several flight simulator pods that allow the pilots to practice maneuvers and tactics without being in a real live plane. The Viper-pods are installed on one side of the room with a little space between them, an attempt to provide a realistic feel for close-range wing training, while a smaller number of Raptor sim-pods are installed on the opposite side of the room from the Vipers. A central computer terminal and overhead display screen sits at the head of the room, where one can input exercises and data to be run in the sims, scroll through score records, and control the training modules.
Post-Holocaust Day: #99

Flight Sims are pretty quiet this time of day. But there's one person who is in here who maybe shouldn't be. Coll has the door to the Raptor sim open and she's parked at the ECO seat in her orange coveralls. There's also a cup of coffee and a half-eaten sandwich on the control console behind it. She's working over a bunch of the switches inside the simulator at the moment.

Alessandra hasn't stepped into this room since long before the team's departure to the surface of Leonis, the fact that she hasn't been since her return being a sign of how busy she has been. At first she doesn't seem to notice Lauren's presence but then, with a sigh, she approaches the simulator the tech's occupying, it's fake fuselage leaned against as she watches her. "What's up," she asks with a weary twinge to her voice. "Everything alright?"

Lauren jumps, nearly banging her head as she scrambles up from the ECO chair to stand tall and face the person behind her. Only people that ever come in here are officers..and Allie definitely counts as one of those. "Sir!" She's flushed, looking a bit guilty. Though none of the screens are on, its anyone's guess what she's doing in this place usually reserved for Air Wing personnel. "Yes, sir. Everything's fine, Lieutenant!"

"Frakking A, Coll! Keep your godsdammed voice down!" Alessandra looks towards the small room where the computers are kept, those being the ones the simulations are programmed into and ran from, a decidedly worried look falling over her face. "Sorry. I would just rather not have my presence announced like that and please. Call me Alessandra or Allie when we're not near others." Taking a slow breath in, she works on calming her nerves before she tries to speak again. "Anything to report," she queries, this asked very quietly.

The Crewman dips her head and eyes. "Sorry, sir." She clears her throat and looks side to side by the Lieutenant's feet. "Yes, sir." To Allie's last, there's a long breath. "Yeah. I searched a total of eighteen Raptors last night for anything like what you were talking about. Quick checks since I don't have time for thorough sweeps. Raptor four-eight-one was first and I spent the most time on it. All clear for any problems or modifications. I'm flashing the avionics ECU's across the board to make sure that there isn't any hidden programming in there, too." She's still standing tall, her head about half an inch from hard contact with the overhead. "I estimate it'll take me tonight and part of tomorrow night to finish the Raptors. If I'm fast, I might be able to get them all swept tonight."

Coll tacks a "Sir," onto the end.

Alessandra should look relieved but is instead frustrated, it being an emotion she just can not keep from bubbling to the surface. "I was hoping we could find something," she confesses once she's able to get the words out from between gritted teeth, "because at least that way we might have a way to get the upper-hand on those frakkers." Allie pauses to think, her nose slowly wrinkling as she does, the expression doing nothing to soften her features. "Continue the work. Once you're done with the Raptors we will try to get started with the Vipers."

"Aye, sir. I've got my training on Vipers and I know a few places to look but I would recommend someone with a better focus on them to either sweep themselves or assist me. Most of my time is spent swinging wrenches around Raptors. I've my confidence about my work on Raptors, Lieutenant, but reporting to the CAG that all her Vipers are clean when Im not as good with them? It ain't honest work in my view. But you best believe I'll do it anyway, sir." She clears her throat. "I- I was, ah." Coll sighs. "I can't let three-oh-five go, sir. I'm in here tryin' to mimic what I heard on the radio calls. Cascadin' failures, ejection freeze? Its tough. I haven't actually -run- simulators in a long time but flying them's pretty easy. I figure that if I can nail down a sequence I can know what happened or have a good idea of it. If I can do that, I'll know what to look for in the future."

"Find someone who is good with Vipers and is trustworthy. Bring them to me so I can get them in the loop. As for the Raptor we lost…" This is where Allie utterly freezes; not used to being in charge of something like this, she balks, uncertain as what to suggest, the El-Tee stymied completely. "Just keep trying to get those results to happen, Coll. We need to find out what happened to that bird. We owe it to that crew."

Coll doesn't look so sure. "Lieutenant? I'm probably not the best person to find a knuckledragger for this. You would know these mechanics better than I do. They would probably be willing to trust you more than if I approached one of them, too. …And this ain't me feelin' sorry for myself. Stone cold professional opinion, sir." The Crewman keeps her attention forward at the Raptor shell's bulkhead. "I'll keep working, sir. But its a pain. I can run a Raptor something crazy, Lieutenant. I just don't have any luck with the flight sims. Setting up the conditions is something I can't do right. I've been trying for a few hours. Since I rolled outta my bunk, actually. There isn't much I can do unless I have someone who knows how to run it."

Honesty's appreciated at all times but there's something about how Lauren is now that is especially so now, it definitely something Alessandra's grateful for. "Alright. I'll get on it." That's something Allie has been saying a lot and it is making her feel as strange as everything else has. "Thank you for your help in this, Coll. I appreciate this." She gives the enlisted a quick smile and then, as an afterthought, she adds coyly, "I think I'm going to recommend a promotion for you once we get this frakking hell over with. You deserve it."

Coll's face flickers as if she might smile, but it doesn't happen. "Thank you, sir. But in all honesty, Lieutenant? I don't need a promotion. I want to fly again. I need people to know that they can count on me. That how I frakked up isn't something normal. That I push myself to be better because I demand the best from myself and those around me. I work because I believe in it, sir. Pins don't mean nothing if you haven't proven you deserve to wear them. I still have a ways to go. But trust me, I do appreciate the offer more than you know, sir." She keeps her eyes forward still, not looking to the woman while she stands at attention.

Alessandra blinks and then snickers, waving her hands as if flapping them while she succumbs to the urge to giggle. "Lauren. God, how did I…at ease. Sit down…something, please? You're making me nervous." Reaching out, she clasps a hand to one of Coll's shoulders, smiling warmly. "I'll see what I can do, Lauren. Can't promise frakall but I'll try, okay?"

Coll relaxes and finally looks to Allie as she claps the hand to her shoulder. Her lips turn a touch again, allowing a bit more of that smile. "I gotta earn it on my own, Lieutenant. Nobody can do that for me. That's the way it should be. Its alright. Just..if you hear someone who calls my integrity into question and I'm not around to defend myself? I won't say to stick up for me but remember that there's a difference between rumor and truth. You'll know who I am and what I do. I ain't here to frak around, sir." She hasn't sit down yet but she is much more relaxed. "I gotta convince the CAG. I gotta overcome my own beef with her to make it happen. Its a challenge I gotta tackle to get what I want."

Alessandra purses her lips and then patpats the shoulder she has a hold of, the gesture a bit awkward. "I don't listen to rumors, Coll. I hate rumors. I do try to figure out the truth, try to get the facts. Sometimes they're not exactly easy to find but I'm stubborn. Don't give up until I figure the shit out." Shrugging, Lauren's finally released and Allie blushes a bit, either embarrassed or sheepish. "But you got to let me do something for you. Maybe I can set you up on a date with that MP…Constin? You two seem to have hit it off well. Can try to get you two some privacy. Maybe set up a nice little candle-lit dinner for you two. I can get my hands on some rations. Got contacts." This is worse than high school, the way Allie's behaving so painfully…well, painful that it makes it worse than high school.

"Got a lot of people pushin for me, sir. I appreciate any support I can get, though. It was rough for a bit but I'm shoving past it. This assignment is exactly what I needed. That was a pretty bad place I'd learned to live." There is some appreciation there that can't be faked. That brutal honesty that comes with that sort of confession. But the last slowly melts her face into one of awkward glances and thrown looks around the interior of the Raptor. "Uh." Lauren clears her throat. "Sir? W- What? Yes, sir. We're friends. But he's handling my investigation. Trying to clear my name with JAG. And.. and we're both trying to be officers. If one of us made it and the other didn't?" That'd be more awkward than the tone of her voice. But not by much. "I dunno, sir."

"Oh. Yeah, sure, Coll. I'll do what I can to put a good word in for you." Now Allie's having a maelstrom of emotion raging inside her, it being enough to leave her teary and tight-throated. "Just do me a favor, Lauren. Don't do the same stupid thing I did. Don't allow the chance to be with someone you care about slip through your fingers, okay? D-don't. J-ust don't do that to yourself, please." This advice is coupled with a smile, it given in the way a friend might give to another. "Anyhow. Just keep me informed and I'll keep everyone in the loop on my end."

Coll's smile is a little crooked with sympathy. "I know, sir. I'm just not very good with these things. I left a trail of failed relationships behind me and its pretty embarassing." As evidenced by the color of her cheeks. "I'm flighty, I like to flirt, and that really isn't two things that go well with someone else. Besides, I dunno if I could with Const. I need friends right now, sir. I'm afraid a relationship would just muddy my world. Thanks, though. I'll be sure and keep you updated. Let me know if you find a knuckledragger for the Vipers."

It might sound like the conversation's over on Alessandra's part but it is anything but as she continues talking. "I think I know what you mean, kind of. Not that I've had many ruined relationships. Or relationships of any kind. But yeah. Seriously, Lauren. I…can I be your friend? Please?" Digressing further, she's now to the kindergarden stage of social interaction, just shy of sharing her favorite pet frog with the deckie.

Coll shrugs awkwardly. "I kinda enjoy bein single. Haven't really dated anyone in a few years. I was seein' a guy on Gemenon on and off for like eight months but nothing regular." She doesn't really look at Allie until the last. It kinda takes her by surprise. How the hell do you answer that? "Yeah. I mean, I guess? I'm not going to argue." Uhhh. "Sir."

Alessandra nods. "Alright. Uh…thanks." Alessandra looks at Lauren and nods once, a jerky, rapid down-up motion that makes her look like a bird who is pecking at the ground while seeking out grubs. "Okay. I think I've monopolized enough of your time. I am going to let you get back to work and I'm going to go…" Do something. Whatever it is is left up in the air as she's just standing there, whatever she might have to do left to guess on. "See you later, Coll. And thanks."

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