Elijah Ren
Specialist Elijah Ren
Victor Rasuk
Victor Rasuk as Elijah Ren
Alias: Eli
Age: 20
Features: Dark skin/hair/eyes
Colony: Picon
Rank: Specialist
Department: Engineering
Position: Technician

On 07 March 2041, during the search and salvage operation aboard the Battlestar Chimaera, Specialist Elijah Ren was KIA in an encounter with Cylon Centurions.


Specialist Elijah Ren is a mechanical and repair technician in the Cerberus' Engineering Department. He's a Navy brat, born on Picon and shuffled to various military installations around the colonies growing up. His parents were both officers (a Logistics officer father and Engineer mother) but thus far he's just put in for the Navy's four-year enlisted education assistance program. He's half-way through it now and is considering many college options, none of which include OCS.

He's good with his hands and has a decent head for higher-level mathematics and mechanical engineering, though mostly he just sticks to monkeying around with whatever repair or maintenance task his superiors order him to. He's been with the Cerberus for about a year, lending a hand on her construction team, and will continue in his post there after she's launched. He's dependable, hard-working and smart enough to do what he's told and avoid repeating the same mistakes, so he's a decent tech all in all. Off-duty he's often found hanging around in the gym or sticking his nose in one of the many comic books he brought with him for this assignment.

He has a civilian girlfriend, a pre-medical student at a university on Leonis, but generally keeps his Navy worklife and private life separated.

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