A. Megan Remick
Captain A. Megan Remick
Amanda Tapping
Amanda Tapping as A. Megan Remick
Alias: Remick, Meg
Age: 44
Features: Thousand-Yard Stare
Colony: Picon
Rank: Captain
Department: Support
Position: JAG


A. Megan Remick is the daughter of a pilot who died during the First Cylon War and a mother about whom she rarely speaks. She grew up on Picon and Aerilon during the tumultuous years following the War. She lived a relatively normal life on her home colony of Picon before she enlisted in the Colonial Marine Corps and shipped out for a number of assignments – primarily on Sagittaron and Tauron.

Despite a number of years spent as an enlisted marine, Remick eventually opted to pursue an officer’s commission and relocated to Libran to study law in order to return to the military as a JAG. It took several years outside of the military system to acquire her degree, but she eventually did and returned to the Colonial Fleet as a lieutenant. Only to resign her commission a number of years later for personal reasons.

Since then, Remick went into business as a lawyer on Libran, married a police officer and had two children. That was until the Cylons attacked again while she was on vacation on Leonis with her children. Picked up by a rescue team from the Cerberus along with a number of other survivors and her daughter, she was quickly reintroduced to the military machine as part of the ship’s JAG office.

Immediate Family

Name Relationship Age Status
John Iberien Husband 46 Presumed Deceased
Candice Iberien-Remick Daughter 10 Alive, aboard Cerberus
Leonides Iberien-Remick Son 8 Deceased (2041 AE)
Talia Remick Mother 61 Presumed Deceased
Melpomene Hart Stepmother 50 Deceased (2028 AE)
Leo Hamilton Father 22 Deceased (1997 AE)
Megara Remick Grandmother 85 Presumed Deceased
Gordon Remick Grandfather 59 Deceased (2007 AE)

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes
2014 AE Recruit Queenstown CMCRD Enlists at 17 with special permission from her stepmother. Enlists at the Queenstown Colonial Marine Corps Recruitment Depot.
4 Years Marine Sharpshooter Light Carrier Tartarus (CLC-10121) Assigned as a rifleman, completes tour a sharpshooter and a sergeant.
14 Weeks Officer Candidate OCS: Colonial Fleet Academy, Picon Upon admission to the course and following an exemplary showing, she was granted leave to study law on Libran on the proviso that she return to serve as a JAG upon receiving her qualification.
5 Years Law Student University of Themis, Libran Studied law at a civilian school on a payment plan instituted by the Colonial Fleet to guarantee her service as an officer following her graduation.
7 Years JAG Officer Colonial Fleet Headquarters, Picon Serves within the JAG office at Colonial Fleet Headquarters, but is assigned to several short cruises aboard a number of vessels as part of her work during this time.
11 Years Civilian Themis, Libran Resigns her commission and begins to operate a civilian law firm on Libran.
June, 2041 AE - Present JAG Officer Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) Rescued from Leonis and reabsorbed into the military as part of the JAG office on the Cerberus

Physical Features

  • A thousand-yard stare: People have a feeling that she's staring right through them. It can be unnerving.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • The 'A' stands for something, she isn't telling what.
  • Appeared a few times on the Colonial News Network representing Thomas Kee, a former convict laborer who was seeking reparations for his mistreatment on Canceron. The case was settled for a large but undisclosed sum.

Recent Logs


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