Allan Rejn
Secretary Allan Rejn
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Allan Rejn
Alias: Al / One
Age: 56
Features: Blue eyes; Brown hair
Colony: Libran
Rank: Secretary
Department: Civilian (QUODEL)
Position: Special Rapporteur
Cylon: One

On 15 Apr 2042 AE, Allan Rejn revealed himself to be a humanoid Cylon of the model designation One. Arriving drunk in CIC, he took LT Iris Stryer hostage and then offered to help Cerberus regain control of its nukes after the Areion remotely seized control of the warheads. Though he died during the attempt, he bought Cerberus' away team just enough time to recover their kidnapped personnel.


Allan Rejn has had a long and distinguished career in the Libran civil service. Having experienced the horrors of the First Cylon War as a child, he committed himself to public life to ensure that such a thing would never happen again.

Friends of the former Special Rapporteur of QUODEL Cerberus have noticed a gradual but disturbing change in the man's previously boisterous demeanor: patterns of self-destructive behavior to anybody who knows the symptoms of severe depression. He's taken pretty heavily to the bottle and can often be spotted partaking of Colonial Pete's less than savory services.

OOC Note: Rejn is a staff-run NPC! Please +mail Polaris if there's any Civilian-related havoc you want him to help wreak! :D

Immediate Family

  • Mary Rejn, wife: homemaker, Libran
  • Allan Rejn, Jr., son: auto salesman, Libran
  • Magda Rejn, daughter: investment banker, Virgon
  • Penelope Rejn, daughter: PhD candidate (Government), University of Metis, Caprica
  • Alfred Rejn, son: law clerk, Court of Appeals for the 19th Circuit, Libran

Work Experience

  • QUODEL Cerberus: present
  • Practitioner in Residence, University of Phoibe and Koios: ten years
  • Secretary of Defense, Libran: five years
  • Deputy Undersecretary of Nuclear Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Libran: seven years
  • President and Policy Director, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: twelve years
  • Bachelor's in Social Anthropology, Libran State University (Selinus): four years

Physical Features

  • Bushy greying hair, dyed brown for vanity's sake
  • Carefully-groomed moustache
  • Thick yellow glasses
  • Pot belly
  • Two chins

On the Grid

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