PHD #272: Red is Bad, Green is Good
PHD #272: Red is Bad, Green is Good
Summary: Shiner plays with the Sims and gets a lesson from Wade, on Vipers and how to be an Officer.
Date: 25 Nov 2041 AE
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Shiner Wade 
Flight Simulation
A training room specifically dedicated to honing aerial skills, this area is equipped with several flight simulator pods that allow the pilots to practice maneuvers and tactics without being in a real live plane. The Viper-pods are installed on one side of the room with a little space between them, an attempt to provide a realistic feel for close-range wing training, while a smaller number of Raptor sim-pods are installed on the opposite side of the room from the Vipers. A central computer terminal and overhead display screen sits at the head of the room, where one can input exercises and data to be run in the sims, scroll through score records, and control the training modules.
Post-Holocaust Day: #272

Shiner is nothing if not keen, arriving at the sims about twenty minutes early, still in his deck overalls and fair quivering with excitement, bless him. The only one in there for now, he passes the time by having a good long look over one of the pods itself, slipping into the seat of one of the viper substitutes and making completely immature and inappropriate mnnnneaaaaooommm! noises while there's nobody there to catch him at it.

Wade is on active duty, but he is not scheduled for CAP for the next, five hours. So, the man decided to make his way to the Flight Simulation room. He is currently wearing his blue uniform. When the man steps inside the actual room, he gets to hear the last part of the sound Shiner was doing; and by that moment, he can imagine who is doing that. A smirk forms on his lips for a few brief seconds and then he approaches the pod. "Mr. Wright, having some fun I see?" He is not aware that he has been allowed into the Sims, but it's not like he is going to kick him out or anything.

Shiner jumps as he's rumbled, sound effects immediately ceasing before he runs a hand through his hair (because he entirely deliberately just threw his hands up, he wasn't scared or anything). "Uh… er… hey, sir. I was just… uh… having a look. I'm allowed," he hastens to add earnestly. "The CAG said I could give the sims a go." Under supervision, but still.

Wade listens in silence and nods, looking at the control panels for a brief moment before moving his attention back to Shiner "Very well, very well" He takes a deep breath and clears his throat, closing his fist and covering his mouth with it as he does so. "So, tell me…" starts Wade, looking at the younger man again. "How is that going? Are you understanding what you have in front of you? Meaning, you know, the controls and everything" Generalization for the win.

Shiner eyes the man sidelong, pointing out, "Uh, well… I know what's where? I mean, we do kind of fix these for a living. Not the sims, I mean. The birds. Well, I bring the parts over, anyway. The actual wiring? Not so much."

Wade presses his lips together, and nods to the man. "Very well" He offers a polite smile and then extends one arm into the cockpit of the pod, pointing at the DRADIS "Can you tell me what this is, and it's use?" After this, he moves his hands away and waits for Shiner's answer. While he does that, he looks over his shoulder at the main controls, everything seems to be running on green at the moment.

Shiner follows where Wade points, replying confidently, "Part D637-A, sir. And it takes 3 gauge in the back of it." Less confidently, he looks it over. A blank screen, at least for now. "Uh, it's used for… seeing… behind you?" he guesses.

"Hmm" Wade looks at Shiner for a moment and then "Well, yes. I agree that's the ID for the part" Now, he presses his lips after those last words Shiner says "Well…" He shakes his head and clears his throat before explaining "That's your DRADIS" He looks at the man, looking to see if he picked that up and then continues "It's a highly sensitive, direction, identification, navigation and tracking system. It's pretty much a central component of your navigation computer" He takes a deep breath, nodding to his own words and adds "It can also be used to report radiological alarms"

"Like if they're about to play shit music or something?" Shiner queries, an eyebrow raising. "Neat!" He leans forward to poke at a button on the DRADIS at random. It beeps and he recoils guiltily. "So how do you make it work, sir?"

"No, Mr. Wright. It shows you what's around you, in a way. It can show you where the friendlies are, it can show you where the enemies are. You understand?" When the younger man leans to poke at the DRADIS, he shakes his head and extends his. He switches the console on, and it comes to life, already starting to scan for contacts. At the moment, there are none. He works a set of keys on the small keyboard right below and a few red points appear, one in particular, significantly larger than the others"

Shiner doesn't actually make the 'oooo' noise of the aliens from Toy Story, but he does purse his lips in wonder, leaning forward for a closer look. "The big one's us, yeah?" he hazards, tapping the screen. "And the other red bits… are… bad guys? Toasters?"

"The smaller ones are Cylon Raiders, yes. The big one, it's a Cylon basestar" He points to the smaller ones, and then the bigger one. "There is something called 'Identification, Friend or Foe', IFF in short" He nods to his own words and explains "The DRADIS, cross references with this other system, to be able to identify if what we are seeing, it's indeed, a friendly, or a foe" Now, he punches a different set of keys and a couple green points appear there, all of them, recognized as Vipers, and a Raptor "See?"

"Green's good, red's bad. Got it," Shiner affirms, giving a solid nod. "Uh… which one's us, then? And which way's which?" He leans out of the side of the pod for a look around. "I mean, where's the toasters compared to where we are?"

Wade nods at what Shiner says and then explains "Ok, first of all, know that the DRADIS equipped on a Viper is less powerful than the one on a Raptor. Ok?" He extends his hand to point zero, which is basically the bottom of the screen "Us…right here." Now, he taps on the front of the nose of the pod "The Scanner is actually located on the tip of the nose, the array sensor window." He moves back to where Shiner is and says "So, as you can see, it opens up. So, here…" he points up at the basestar "It's saying that it's at about…3.4 klicks from us. Do you know what a click is?"

"Am I going to look really dumb if I say it's the noise it makes?" Shiner asks, nose wrinkling. "It can't be that, though. Because it's got to be a distance, right? Is it… like… the time it takes for you to go 'click' if you're travelling really fast or something? Like light years or whatever?"

Wade shakes his head "No, it won't make you look dumb, it just makes you look like someone that needs to learn" To this, he shrugs and then nods "Yes, it's an expression of distance. It's another way of saying Kilometers. So.." he points again "3.4 klicks, equals 3.4 kilometers…so it's not that far. And you'll be able to see it pretty well with your own eyes. As a pilot, you need to be able to rely on what you see. Work with your DRADIS but use your eyes as well"

Shiner nods slowly to this, processing the information. "3.4 kilometr— uh, 'klicks'… that's pretty close, yeah. So if I look… uh… that way," and he points, "I should be able to see them?"

"That's fine, you can say kilometers. Klick is a shorter way of putting it. It's the one used normally so we stick with it." He looks at the DRADIS and nods "Yes, but the thing is so damn big, that, at that point, you'll pretty much think you have it in front of you. Specially being this close" He taps on the pod and changes subjects "Mr. Wright, the last time we spoke, you said that you knew we were desperate for pilots. While that is true, I hope you don't expect this to be an easy journey. While it's easier to apply, not everyone makes it. I hope you know that, and I hope you are willing to work hard for this"

"Dude, why does everyone keep telling me that?" Shiner asks, pressing his lips together in frustration. "All right, I get it. You don't think I can do it. But give a guy a chance first, huh, before you tell me it's too hard?"

"And you'll also have to go through officer school" adds Wade "Let's use, sir." He clears his throat at that and he shakes his head "I never said I don't think you can't do it, did I. So you might as well shut up and listen, before thinking that the world is against you" He takes a deep breath and continues "What I mean, Mr. Wright. Is that you gotta work hard for it. It's easier to get into the program, it's not as easy to move from Nugget, to Ensign. You understand? So, I expect you work your ass off for this, and learn as much as you can"

"Yes, sir," Shiner replies, absently scratching at the back of his neck. "Look, sir, I really want to do this, okay? And I'll work my ass, both legs and my left testicle off, too, if it gets me to fly. Major Hahn said that the officer bit was, like, smaller, though, yeah? No massive long essays on history and stuff to do, because I'm kinda a bit shit at writing and stuff."

Wade nods "I know you want to do it" says the man, looking at Shiner with a completely neutral expression. "Major Hahn is right, it's a smaller portion. You'll basically learn how to be an officer of the fleet. Learn protocol, learn the do's and dont's. For example, the 'dude' you don't say that to a superior officer when active duty is taking place. You say, /sir/." He takes yet another deep breath and then finishes with "Given the situation of things, the focus is to get you to become an officer, by knowing how to act." Now, an idea "So, Major Hahn asked allowed you to visit the sims. There's an extra something you can do. Go to the library, take books on the Viper Mark VII. Whenever you are sitting here, study what ever single component is, and what it's used for. Are we clear?"

Shiner grimaces a little at the order to go to the library, suggesting as an alternative, "Can I ask the guys when we're on the deck, sir? I mean, like, the pilots and all that, and the POs and everyone who know? I.. uh… figure I'll learn better with a person instead of a book. Easier to remember, then."

"You can do both, Mr. Wright. Textbooks are /still/ used." says Wade, nodding at that. "I agree you can ask other pilots and pretty much anyone that knows, I'm sure they'll answer if they have the time to do so. But you will also visit the library, check out those books I told you about and try to learn from them as much as you can. I promise it's not just about theory, Mr. Wright, there will be plenty practice."

Shiner nods to that. "Yes, sir," he agrees, flashing a quick grin. "Where d'you want me to start, sir? Like, at the tail and work forward or..?"

Wade nods "The way the book is built, you'll probably have an overview of the 'outside' and then move to the cockpit. Now, one thing. Above all, above everything else, what is really important, is that you get better. It's not enough, being able to walk without the cane, your legs need to be strong. See, you'll sense two pedals underneath your feet right now, those require strong legs to handle them…" He nods to this and takes a deep breath "So, first things first, get better. I don't handle your paperwork, so there's nothing I can do there" He rubs his fingers over his eyes and finishes with "And don't try to rush into getting better, or you might hurt yourself"

"The strength is getting better, sir," Shiner explains earnestly. "I can leg press the better part of sixty pounds now. And I'm doing all my physio and all that shit, and getting needles stuck in me and everything, and swimming and stuff. I'm in better shape than half those lazy bastards sat in the office all day."

Wade nods again "Well, keep working, at least you know you are on the way" says the man, moving his hands behind his back. "Alright then, I'll let you continue with what you were doing." He reaches for the DRADIS console and turns it off. "Just try not to break anything or you'll get yourself in trouble. Ok?" A brief smile is offered to this and he looks at the exit "Gotta leave now, but I'll see if I can drop in and ask some more questions, so be ready to answer them. Which means…read" He is not kidding. With that said, the man nods politely, turns around and makes his way towards the exit.

"Thanks, sir," Shiner calls back to him with a genuine smile of gratitude. "You have a… uh… clear hands and eyes and stuff, yeah?"

"Clear eyes and steady hands, Mr. Wright…" adds Wade on his way out, as a way of letting him know how the phrase works. "You as well" and he is goooone.

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