PHD #305: Red Carpet
Red Carpet
Summary: Cerberus greets the new Marine XO, Zane Mathers.
Date: 27 Dec 2041 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Post-Holocaust Day: #304

At Condition 2, transfer between ships is for official business only with the revocation of shore leave. Therefore the Raptor that is being taxied in quickly spills out it's duty-clad occupants. One such individual shoulders a rucksack as he steps out onto the wing of the bird, ducking to clear the hatch. When boots hit deck Mathers pauses to stretch out his spine, a glance given here and there as if trying to get his bearings.

There is a slew of activity here, people rushing around in effort to do their job which has most likely been complicated thanks to the attack on the Cerberus. Repairing and maintaining of birds being of the utmost of importance, the majority of the deckies are doing just that with Radcliffe busily over-seeing the fixing of a Raptor. "No…no, that goes there," she says while pointing somewhere with an elbow. Her hands are currently occupied with the wiping down of a part which has gotten soaked with hydraulic fluid, the Marine's arrival missed for now.

Roland makes his way across the deck, steering away from the Raptors, his course set for the Vipers. He dodges a pair of techs who don't spare him a second glance. He pauses at the line of fighters, moving slowly checking each number as he comes to them. He stops in front of one, and reaches up to run his hand over the wing.

Behind Mathers there is a distinctive heavy THUNK that draws his gaze and he turns around just in time to see a hard sided case slide off the edge of the wing and topple to the ground. "Hey! Careful with that!" He barks back to the ECO who got tasked with unloading the transferring Captain's gear. The pins on his shoulder are so shiny, they're either new or he takes his uniform very, very seriously. Mathers receives an apologetic smile and a quick, "Sorry sir!" before the helmeted head disappears back inside the hatch. The marine stalks over to his gear, unslinging his rucksack to kneel next to the case and lay it on its side. "It's okay, baby," he mutters before running his hands over the top and then popping the latches. Whatever is inside gets touched affectionately and once he's assured all is well inside, he quickly closes and secures it again.

Radcliffe looks up as new voices register to her, her eyes narrowing as she first takes in Mathers and then what it is he's doing, the way he crouches and seems to baby something striking her as a bit strange. "Excuse me. Do you need some help?" Not realizing he's an officer, yet, there's no 'sir' tacked on, the man instead addressed like he was just a 'normal Joe'.

Roland walks slowly around the Viper, his hand runs along the side of it, as he makes a complete circle. He stoops to look underneath at the landing gear. He disappears from view for a moment before standing back up.

Cora arrives on the deck and makes her way through its general commotion towards the recently-landed Raptor, pausing some distance away to watch as Mathers exits and his things are unloaded. The business with the fallen trunk is observed as well and it's once it's secured and he straightens that she advances. "Captain Mathers?" she inquires.

Having drawn the short straw for today, Corrath ended up the MOW and when word trickled down to Marine Country that the new XO had finally arrived on the Cerberus, he obviously felt it necessary to make his way up to greet the man. Making his out of the stairwell and into the hangar proper, there's only a quick glance around before the S2 begins to weave his way over towards the raptor landing area.

Mathers straightens back up to his full height, his left hand running through the strap of his duffel but not yet hoisting its weight. He doesn't take up the handle of the case yet, leaving his right hand free just in case there is some saluting to be had perhaps. "Oh, I'm quite certain I can tote my bags on lonesome, but thanks for the offer." Not that was precisely what Radcliffe probably had in mind. He offers the Petty Oh a crease of a smile before his attention is caught by the hailing Cora. "The one and only." His eyes do a quick flick up and down Cora, and then he raises a salute to the fellow Captain simply as a courtesy as this isn't his territory.

"Oh…oh…" Captain. Figures. Clearing her throat, she salutes the officers, Cora included in the gesture as she notices her out of the corner of her eye. Yup. This is…uh, awkward. Roland's perusal of the bird is noticed but with being at attention like she is she can't move till dismissed, the girl keeping a keen eye on him while otherwise being a model of perfect military bearing.

Roland climbs up a couple of steps on Viper's ladder, and leans over to study to cockpit. After a few moments he climbs in, settling into the seat. He keeps quiet for the time being as he goes over the Viper piece by piece.

Cidra is on her way down to the deck. In her flight gear, helmet tucked under one arm, so there is likely CAP or some other flying-related activity in her near future. There is a slight frown on her face. Though it smooths to an expression of faint interest as she notes the activity surrounding disembarking Mathers. She pauses to observe it with a soft, "Ah."

Cora glances sideways at Radcliffe saluting and Roland in the plane beyond and then lifts her arm in a return salute to Mathers, her smile polite. "Welcome aboard," she greets him, offering her hand along with her name, "Captain Cora Nikephoros, Senior Tactical Officer. Command sends its greetings."

Continuing towards the raptor that had delivered Mather's, Corrath only begins to slow as he draws closer towards it. Eyes play over those gathered, though it's the two Captain's that seem to hold his attention. Radcliffe is given a quick nod and then, to the two Captain's, he's offering a quick snap of a salute, though his attention remains on Mathers as he offers, "Sirs."

Mathers snaps off a nice and tidy salute to all those present, then gives Radcliffe a break by turning aside and saying, "As you were, Petty Officer." Allowing her to relax and go about her business as she'd like. "My, we're rolling out the red carpet. Captain Zane Mathers, reporting to Cerberus for relocation of duty. Looks like I'll be the new Bravo Company XO, but I'm gathering you knew that already." His eyes go to the S2, pulling him in to the conversation with his gaze. "You sure all know how to make a gent feel welcome. Are we running short of bunks on the Cerberus? I think that fella up there has fallen asleep in his bird." There's a nod to the Viper that Roland occupies. A smile that flashes teeth indicates he's kidding, of course.

Roland climbs out of the Viper, and looks over at the gathering around the Raptor. He counts up the brass there, and moves around the fighter to make himself scarce. He runs his hand along the wing checking the gun mounts, before moving to the other side.

Cidra bends her neck a notch, eyes narrowing at Roland hiding around his Viper. She leaves him to it for the moment, however. It's Mathers that commands the main of her attention, and toward him and his entourage she strides. "Captain…Mathers yes?" Beauty of knowing the flight assignments for your Raptors is you occasionally get to sound more prescient than you actually are. "Your delivery to our good ship was smooth, I do trust, yes?"

"We did, yes. Command doesn't send me down to greet just everyone who steps off a Raptor," Cora deadpans lightly, "Not much would get done, if they did. Lieutenant O'Hare," she greets Corrath with a nod as he salutes, introducing him, "This is Lieutenant Corrath O'Hare, Bravo Company S2. Or perhaps you're already acquainted?" she asks, one brow lifting with the question. The mention of bunks draws her glance to Roland and a faint hint of a smile tugs at one corner of her lips before she replies, "Sadly that is the case. We've been sent down to butter you up before we inform you you'll be sleeping in a storage closet with twelve other marines. So sorry. Major, good evening," she greets Cidra as the other woman appears.

"Captain Nikephoros," is Corrath's reply to Cora before he's looking back to Mather's, giving a slight shake of his head at the TACCO's question. "On behalf of the CMC, Captain, welcome to the Cerberus. Don't worry, though, we've made sure you get the largest cot in that storage closet." There's only the slightest quirk of his lips into a smile, though it's fading as Cidra makes her arrival. She's offered a slight bow of his head, followed by, "Major Hahn."

Mathers' eyes go beyond the little gathering of people, landing on Cidra for a moment. "Major Hahn." No doubt he's seen her face at some Brass Clash here or there, and must've picked up her name somewhere along the way though the way he addresses her there is little familiarity. An amused glance gets ticked back to O'Hare and Cora. "Good thing about rank, when they start stacking you like pancakes, I get to be on top." Making a little hand gesture that would normally mean 'stand down', in this case it puts a pause on the conversation so he can further address Cidra. "Major if I may say what a pleasure it is to meet the woman who made Baer sweat like that. I hope you rubbed some salt on the wounds while you were at it."

Radcliffe's mostly ignored it seems so she puts her hand down, it causing her to sigh a bit in relief. Noticing the officers are busy she moves to where Roland is, her eyes narrowed. She almost approaches but is then called away, the deckie frowning when she listens to her fellow mech. "Oh…okay." Nodding, she turns and leaves.

Roland looks up as Radcliffe approaches, and actually opens his mouth to speak. As she turns and walks off he blinks a bit in surprise, and after a moment turns back to the Viper in front of him.

Blink blink. Blink blink. Blink blink. Such is Cidra's immediate response to Mathers. "Sweat?" Expression inscrutable. Albeit blinky. "I am Major Cidra Hahn, yes. It is a pleasure you meet you properly, though I am not precisely sure to what you are referring. I do value the cooperative working repourave established with the on's Lieutenant Colonel Baer and, indeed, the officers of the various ships of the Fleet. Welcome aboard. Lieutenant. Captain." Faintest of smiles at Cora and Corrath, accompanied by an inclination of her head. She looks half-tempted to go take a closer look at whatever Roland is doing with his Viper, but does not at present. Occupied.

"Unfortunately, the largest cot has to go on the bottom, for reasons of structural integrity," Cora chimes in, apologetically. She steps aside a bit as Cidra arrives, making room for the major in the spontaneous little officer-gathering that has appeared. As Mathers greets her and goes on about Baer, she glances first at the Marine, and then at the CAG, brows shifting ever-so-slightly upwards, and remaining there as Cidra blinks and blinks and blinks.

There's only the faintest of chuckles at Cora's continuation of the jest, to which Corrath is chiming in with, "If the closet isn't to your liking, Captain, we can most certainly put you up in the brig. I hear the room service is spectacular." Then, there's that stand down motion and the S2 is simply falling quiet, eyes shifting over to Cidra, then back to Mathers before returning to the CAG once more. Her reply draws a slight smile to his lips, followed by an arch of his brow as he's looking back over to the new Marine XO.

Mathers looks back to Cora and Corrath as if they should some how back him up on this, even though he's a new acquaintance to all of them. "The Airwing games, of course." As if it should be obvious to what he was referring. "I can't deny I'm a betting man, and I had good liquor put down on your men and women." With a subtle flex of muscle, he hoists his rucksack to settle the wide canvas strap on his shoulder. As the good-natured ribbing about the cot situation continues, his smile reblooms on his lips. "No need to sound so sorry, Nikephoros." See? He caught her name in all that, "I'm used to creative sleeping solutions. See? The brig for example."

Roland finally moves away from the Viper, threading his way back across the busy deck. He plots a course away from the gathering of officers, slipping past a couple of deck hands to make his way out of the hanger.

"Some of the closets on board are not uncomfortable," Cidra says obliquely to the officers around her. A soft "Ah" at mention of the games. "Oh. Yes. Right. Those." She clears her throat. "My Lieutenant Psyche Devlin acquitted herself exceedingly well against Baer's Spectres in their little Viper 'race.' I did not fare so well when I got up against him in a Raptor, however. But, I learn from my defeats. Such as they are." A raise of her hand to offer a wave to Roland as he departs but, if he's skirting them, she won't stop him.

Roland is caught off guard by the wave from Cidra. He hesitates for a moment before waving back, "Major.." He nods once to her before he makes his way towards the stairway.

"I do hear glowing reports of the brig," Cora nods to Corrath and Mathers, "Though I'm afraid there have been a few issues with some of the neighbors." The back and forth between Cidra and the marine captain keeps her attention easily, and she manages not to quite allow a smirk to actually form despite the way it lingers around her lips at Cidra's 'oblique' comment about closets. "I'm glad to hear it, Mathers," she replies to Zane, "It's a useful skill to have these days, certainly. Are things cramped on the Praetorian, then? I haven't had the pleasure of spending much time over there."

A faint chuckle is given to Cora and Cidra's reply, followed by a slight shake of Corrath's head, "I'm sure you'll get 'em next time, Major." That said, he's looking back to Mathers, offering the XO a quick smile and a slight bow of his head, "I need to return to the Sec Hub, so I'll leave you to get settled, Captain. If you need anything, though, don't hesitate to ask." He's looking back to Cidra then, giving the CAG another slight bow of his head and a quick, "Major Hahn." Then, to Cora, he's offering a simple, "Captain," before turning and making his way back in the direction of the stairwells.

"Lieutenant." Mathers says easily at Corranth's departure. His attention returns smoothly to the remaining Captain and Major, the skin around his eyes crinkling lightly at the corners with barely veiled amusement. "I'll have to give them all a good thorough trial then," he says simply of the storage closets. At the thought of the Praetorian, however, his smile wanes. "Things are getting thin, as I'm sure your ranks are suffering from the same. Here's to hoping some of these civilians we're plucking off planets respond to our recruitment drives. Ladies, I need a shower and some rack time and I have precisely…" He jangles a watch out of the cuff of his shirt. "Five and a half hours remaining to do so. Will one of you point the way and then please excuse me? Thank you for the welcome, Major. Captain."

Cidra offers Corrath the faintest of smiles and a soft "Heh." "Yes. I got him well enough," she mutters. A nod to Corrath. "Do not work too hard, Lieutenant. I can only imagine how tense ship security must be these days, with the Cerberus immobile and that…" Lips twist to a sneer. "…abomination still aboard." For a moment it looks like she's going to spit. But she does not. A nod to Mathers. "Captain. I hope you find our accommodations most comfortable. And again, welcome."

Cora nods to Corrath as he takes his leave, replying, "O'Hare," politely. She looks back to Cidra for a moment at that comment and then turns to Mathers, nodding. "Unfortunately, yes," she replies, "We'll see how recruitment progresses. Something else to discuss once you're settled." And as for that settling, she nods, "Of course, don't let us keep you. Deck Six." She gestures across the deck towards the door to the stairs, offering, "Good evening, Captain."

There's an odd mischief in his eyes as Mathers dips at the knees to grab the handle of his hard-sided traveling case and then shifts the weight of his duffel on his shoulder. "Be seeing you." He says casually to the pair of them before making his way for the stairwell and presumably Marine Country.

"Another parting nod to Mathers as he departs. Then Cidra turns to Cora. Just looking at Cora for a moment. All of hesitation. Then, she clears her throat. "Captain, I need to use the Head before I depart for CAP. Would you join me, please?"

Cora nods to Mathers at the more casual farewell, watching him exit for a moment before turning back to find Cidra looking at her like that. She blinks at the request, and for a moment, just looks back at the CAG. And then she nods, "OK." She seems faintly bemused, but willing to play along, turning to walk beside the CAG towards the Head.

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