PHD #242: Rec Room Banter
Rec Room Banter
Summary: Crowe and Radcliffe have a quick banter while getting some R&R in.
Date: Wed Oct 27 00:15:06 2041 AE
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Crowe Radcliffe 
Recreation Room
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post-Holocaust Day: #242

The room is amazingly empty for once, a rare occurance. It's probably due to it being too late at night for most people to be conscious but for Brina this is when she's usually up and at work; being here only because she traded shifts with someone, she finds herself unable to sleep so came here, hoping to shut her brain off so she can get some sleep before she has to hit the deck.

It's late nights like these when Crowe often finds himself either in the gym or in the rec room. Oddly enough, he's found both tonight, arriving in the rec room with a white towel slung around his neck, looking as though he just came from showering. The rec room was empty save for Brina…Too bad good things never last. That emptiness vanishes in a moment with the arrival of the 'redwood' staff sergeant known as Uriel Crowe. It's only a moment before the Marine slows his pace, his deep and harsh barritone voice coming to life "What's up, boxin' girl?" Does he even remember her name? That is answered shortly there after, "Petty Officer Radcliffe, right?"

'Boxing girl' looks up and smiles upon hearing that voice, not recognizing it until she realizes who it is who just arrived, Crowe remembered immediately. "Yeah. Brina. And you're Crowe, right?" There's a definite slouch to her posture as she all but laying out along the couch, the deckie looking all sorts of comfortable. "Come and take a load off. Make yourself at home." She is nice and even make room for the SSgt on the very piece of furniture she has claimed for her use. "Can't sleep?"

"Brina, right…" the Marine replies, deep voice trailing off as he moves in the direction of the couch. It's slow progress, each step taken with dutiful purpose even in this place of relaxation. "Uriel works to. Or you could just call me that dude who beat you up the other day." His voice comes to more of a hushed tone now, "Doubt that'd go over asl well with some of the male types on the ship, but y'know…I can take em." He chuckles a bit at that, obviously kidding around. He settles down into the seat that she offers him, getting comfortable, "I haven't gotten much sleep since Aerilon period. Still getting my space legs back I guess."

Radcliffe makes a point of turning so she's on her back with her head propped on the arm and her feet placed over Uriel's lap, grinning all the while as she does. "Hmm. Don't need to play the tough guy now, Sarge. No one's around here to think bad of you if you don't act the big bad Marine." That's a taunt as well as a friendly reminder to Crowe that he doesn't have to play the part when it's just her. "I'm sorry the ship is being rough on you like that. You will get used to it soon though," the promise given with a soft, slightly-sad smile.

"This aint an act, darlin', this is who I am." Crowe states pretty flatly, and in a monotone. He rolls his eyes along with that statement. That being said, he does seem to visibly relax a bit…AFTER the eyeroll. "It's not the ships fault. She's just doin' what she was built to do. Hell I spent a lot of my career stationed on ships just like this one. Don't matter though. It's the months I spent on Aerilon runnin' for my frakkin life every day that's got me all messed up and awake right now." This is offered rather non-challantly, no real emotion or sense of feeling given off with it. Just words, nothing more really. "So what's got you here and awake, Brina?"

Brina looks like she might retort sharply but there's something that stays her tongue, keeping her politely quiet for as long as Crowe speaks. When she does it is to answer the question but where she doesn't ask or comment about his experiences on the planet he'll be able to see the compassion in her expression regardless. "I normally work nights but traded out for days for someone who wanted some free time during the afternoon. Too used to being up this time of night so can't really sleep yet. I'll regret it, thought." Sighing, she lifts her head a little so she can brace an arm under it, allowing for her to look at him a bit more easily.

Whether Crowe notices any difference in her social stance regarding him in that moment isn't clear. Crowe falls silent for a few moments, considering the silence, and then offers a slow nod towards Brina, "That's definitely a reason. And yer gonna regret it in a few days when you still can't sleep. You may only be Navy, but your still a tough ass chick, and I aint about to believe you can't handle a day without sleep." Crowe smirks a bit, shifting a bit so his arm hangs over the back of the couch idly.

"I can handle a day just fine," Radcliffe snarks before she can catch herself. It's only after she hears her tone of voice that she tempers her attitude, Crowe getting to see a side of her not everyone does. "I used to have horrible insomnia when I was a kid. I've learned how to deal with this a long time ago. A couple nights won't throw me." Smiling, she taps his leg with a heel, her head tilting to the side as she watches him. "Your concern is touching, however. Thanks!"

"My concern is only that I don't get stuck on some Raptor you worked on blowing up cause you were too tired to fix it right." Crowe retorts with a low, dark chuckle. Light laughter isn't really something the man is capable of. He smirks a bit as the heel kicks his leg and offers a faint nod towards Brina. "Lemme ask you, boxing career and all that…What's a bad ass like you doin knuckle draggin instead of grunting it up, like yours truly?"

Radcliffe pfts in a half-hearted attempt at a raspberry, the sound coming out as a sleepy exhale of air instead of the gesture it's meant to be. "The only time you'll have to worry about that is if you keep lipping off, Sarge." His chuckle is echoed by one of her own, Brina's just a hair warmer than the Marine's. "Why didn't I join the CMC? I really don't know. I guess part of me just never thought of me as Marine-material. It takes more than being tough to be one, after all. Sure, I can take a beating and probably could handle being shot or something. But I lack the…testicular fortitude that you guys have so maybe that is why."

"Somehow I doubt you'd sabotage a bird just cause I'm a jackass." Crowe states with a smirk, chuckling once more a moment later. He pauses then, tilting his head for a moment as he considers Radcliffe, "Aint nothin testicular about it, Brina. Lieutenant Vandenberg is a chick and she's as bad ass of a Marine as you'll come by." Something about his tone implies that the statement he just made isn't one he would make lightly. There is a reverence there, respect in his voice. "Anyway, I aint sayin that you should be a Marine, just sayin that aint a reason not to be one."

"It was a joke," Brina says with a sigh. "You're kind of the literal sort, huh?" The hand that isn't tucked under her cranium is waved in a dismissive manner, a fluttering of fingers and a slight side to side motion of it that is quickly ended. "And the testicular part? Was said proverbially. I didn't mean that it takes real balls to do it. Just…you got to be ballsy, you know? And I don't think I can be that kind of ballsy. I'll leave it up to you and the other people who are braver than I am." She smiles and adds softly, "This is where you thank me for the compliment, by the way. Just to give you a heads up."

"Pretty sure Marines don't get taught how ta read, Brina." Literal? Crowe smirks a bit more, "I knew it was a joke, Brina. I was bein' sarcastic." Wow…Big word for a big dumb Marine. Crowe shakes his head just a bit, "Fact is, bravery aint nothin more than bein stupid and lucky at the same time. You don't see geniuses running after a bunch of tin cans trying to gun them down, do you? Nah. I'm not brave. I'm just stupid and lucky." He reasserts though he does point out, "And a bad ass. Obviously."

"Okay. I'll hand that to you, Badass…" Brina digs her heel into his leg a bit, almost as if digging a spur in, not exactly trying to hurt but is definitely done to try and get a reactin out of him. "That's what I'm going to call you from now own, Sarge. Badass. Because you like to remind me of how big of one you are."

As if that nickname should bother him? Crowe just nods towards Brina, "Damn straight. That's a good nickname." The dig of her heels into his leg causes him to shift a bit, chuckling quietly, "At least you admit that I'm right about the bravery thing. Aint no need for you to be as stupid as me. It'd be a waste of talent." Talent? He's never seen her work on a ship, nor would he know if she was rigging it to blow or fixing the warning lights. "Anyway, enough about what a bad ass I am. I know yer impressed, but you don't need to keep bringing it up." A smirk is spread across Crowe's face as he says that.

Crowe is so getting called on that. "Talent? How would you know if I am or not, huh? I could be a total hack-slacker who can't change a lightbulb, let alone fix a bird." It is so much fun to banter with someone who can take it unlike some of the guys she works with who seem to be unable to take a joke. "Huh? Wait…you keep bringing it up, Crowe. I'm just giving you shit. Teasing you."

"I was referring to your physical talent. You look good in sweats, especially when I'm done kickin yer ass in the ring." Crowe quips back a moment later, with a chuckle. "Sarcasm, Brina, sarcasm. I know who brought it up, I'm a Marine, not a moron." Crowe's gaze shifts to Brina for a moment and he pats her on the leg, "Fun as this is, darlin', I need to see about gettin some rack time in before patrols in the morning."

"Hmmm. Now you're talking my language, Sarge. Like me all beaten and sweaty, hmm? Maybe next time we should run off and find a place to frak afterwards." She's grinning but there's just too much of a ring of suggestiveness to it so either Brina's a very good actor or she's actually suggesting it. The pat gets her to sit up and move so he can get up, Brina frowning slightly when she hears he needs to go. "Yeah, see you later," she says while waving her hand, bidding the Marine a fond farewell.

The suggestive comment earns a slightly raised brow from Crowe, though it's more an appraising look than it is a look of confusion. "Now yer talkin my language." He repeats her own words right back at her, "Next time I'll lay off the face some. Keep you lookin' pretty." Sure, he's sincere. He doesn't even tried to hide it really. When she frowns he pats her leg once, and stands up, "I'll catch you later, darlin'." And then he's off for the exit.

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