Raybob "Classy" Butler
Ensign Raybob Butler
Josh Lewsey
Josh Lewsey as Raybob Butler
Alias: Classy
Age: 24
Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes, rugby build
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot


Raymond Robert Horatio "Classy" Butler is an NPC.

Raybob Butler, as he is commonly known, was born in the hills of Aerilon to a military family. His father served more than a few tours in the CMC and every single one of Raybob's siblings enlisted in one fashion or another when they came of age, and most of them were still serving on Warday.

Raybob managed to make it into the academy on Leonis, partly on the strength of a recommendation from one of his rugby coaches who happened to be an alum with some connections. He was a mediocre student academically, but hard-working and eager enough, plus with plenty of youthful experience flying crop-dusters, so he managed to win a spot in flight school. He was tracked to fly Raptors, which he's always been just a little bit disappointed about, but he won the lottery with his first posting, and getting billeted to shiny new Cerberus made up for any lingering disappointments.

His callsign, "Classy", was assigned on account of someone hearing his real, entire name, which is way too classy for a hick like Raybob. He pretends it's because he's a classy guy, though, and likes to give out fake advice on the proper way to serve tea and make a bed and things like that.

Immediate Family

Robert Butler — father
Raylene Jasperson Butler — mother
Robert Raymond Lewis Butler — brother
William Robert Claridge Butler — brother
Roberta Susan Aileen Butler — sister
James Robert Declan Butler — brother
Joseph Robert Patrick Butler — brother
Jasper Robert Ralph Butler — brother

Service Jacket

Colonial Fleet Academy, Leonis: 2035-2039
Colonial Fleet Flight School: 2039-2041
BS-132, Cerberus: 2041 - present

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates


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