Reya Teresi
Crewman Reya "Rat" Teresi
Jaci Velasquez
Jaci Velasquez as Reya "Rat" Teresi
Alias: Rat
Age: 20
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Colony: Tauron
Rank: Crewman
Department: Deck
Position: Air Eng (Mech)


Reya "Rat" Teresi hails from Tauron, but aside from that, she's pretty tight-lipped about her background. Sadly, it's the /only/ thing she's tight-lipped about. Get the girl talking about anything else she might have an opinion on — engine grease or cattle grazing, and pretty much anything in between — and you'll be lucky to shut her up. Her time in the military has been brief and uneventful, and a recent transfer has landed her on the Cerberus. Lucky Chief Atreus, eh?

Immediate Family

Work Experience

Physical Features

A halo of black curls sprout messily from the girl's head, spiraling off in any variety of lengths and directions. The longest ringlets fall willfully across her forehead, while the shorter strands corkscrew into short pincurls. A forgivable enough hairstyle, had the woman not taken it upon herself to modify the old 'high-and-tight' rule. The hair around her neck, as well as a good three inches of the back of her head, has been buzzed off. The resulting scalp is covered in black fuzz that's already threatening to curl, though at least for the time being, she's left the hair around her ears and forehead alone. Stricter occasions might require a few carefully placed pins, but on the deck, the haphazard mop is unlikely to draw complaint. If nothing else, the dark curls give her a bit more height. Something she could do well with, at a towering 4'10". And a half.

Her skin is naturally tan, suggesting some ethnic influence, and near-black eyes encourage the impression. Said eyes are almond shaped, and set below highly angled 'brows. An oval-shaped face comes to a pointed chin, with full lips a slightly broadened nose. Subtle freckles pepper the bridge of her nose, and spread lazily across high cheek bones before fading away. A careful eye would note the shadows of unworn piercings in nose, 'brow, and ears. Her body is small and compact, muscular without being bulky, and any signs of gender influence are usually hidden by the baggy orange coveralls of the deck. When in some sort of uniform, the pins on her collar show the rank of a Crewman.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Rat personifies this particular diagnosis, and not like the pesky kid who keeps tapping his pencil on the school desk. It takes serious effort on the woman's part to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a stretch — something she's had to work rather pointedly at on the Deck — and out of the work setting, all bets are off. Conversations tend to go the way of free association, and if she isn't sleeping or in a drunken stupor, she's usually fiddling with /something/.

Diminutive Stature: Rat is barely over 4'10", which would probably make her the short one in a group of seventh graders. To the woman's credit, she seems to take this trait in good humor. After all, she refers to herself as 'Rat', and has little problem wedging herself into tight spaces. Metaphorically and otherwise.

The Hair: Rat's hair has a personality of its own. It makes up a good half of the girl's mass, on some days, and her penchant toward odd styling doesn't help deter focus. She shaved the back half of it after one too many comments about 'hair on the collar' during bootcamp, and the habit stuck.

Toys: Rat's picked up the hobby of collecting and creating small metal toys. These range from wind-up music boxes — the sort with their insides showing, of course — to tiny Viper replicas with tiny hinged cockpits. She usually has at least a few of them on her person at any given time, and the Gods only know what she keeps in her bunk.

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