Memoir: RaptorBall

These are rules of a game Andrea dreamed up while trapped on Aerilon after Warday. She never thought she'd get to play it. Italics indicate OOC rule clarifications.

RaptorBall is a game to be played by airwings as a practice simulation and a way to earn bragging rights that doesn't require punching each other in the face once tags are in the hat. The basic object of the game is to have your team's Raptor tractor the "ball" (some large, preferably metal bit of junk) into the other team's zone, while preventing their team from doing the same. The teams should be evenly matched, with at least two Vipers and one Raptor per team, though the game can also be played by more, depending on what is available.

Sector Set Up- A relatively debris-free bit of space should be selected for the game. This Sector is then broken down into 10 zones numbered 1-10. Team A is defending zone 1 while attacking Zone 10, and Team B does the opposite.

Gameplay- Team A starts with the ball in zone 2. Their Raptor takes possession of the ball and moves forward, attempting to get it into zone 10. Enemy Vipers then converge on the Raptor, attempting to score a simulated "kill" on it before it can score. Enemy Raptors use their ECM to confuse the Raptor's protecting Vipers and/or scramble the ball-carriers systems.

Ball movement. The Raptor can take any path to score so long as they remain in the sector of gameplay. Once the raptor is "destroyed" the ball remains in that zone and the other team takes possession of it there. Successfully moving the Ball into the final zone earns the team 6 points.

Raptor movement is determined by combat stance. A Raptor set to "Evade" moves one zone per combat turn, a Raptor set to "normal" moves two, a Raptor set to Banzai moves three.

Vipers may target either enemy Raptors or Vipers. If teams have more than three Vipers, only three vipers at a time may target the ball carrier, for safety reasons. A viper that is "destroyed" is out of play until the next change of possession.

If it seems that a Raptor is not going to make it to the zone, the Raptor may attempt an FTL jump into the zone. Nav computers are disabled for this, the ECO must plot the jump on their own. If the jump successfully ends in the zone, the Raptor scores 3 points. If the jump misses, then the opposing team gets the ball in the sector the Raptor jumped from.

To make a Jump, the Raptor Pilot will PASS in FS3. The moment of the jump is considered to be when that pass is reported. If the Raptor makes its jump before damage destroying it is taken, then the jump is considered to be valid. The ECO then makes a Technical roll with the following modifiers. -2 to the roll for every zone they are away from the target, and -10 for every successful ECM attack made on them before the jump that turn.

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