Ramon V. Blue, III
Mr. Ramon Vega Blue, III
Michael Caine
Michael Caine as Ramon Vega Blue, III
Alias: Mr. Blue Sun
Age: 62
Features: White hair, stern features
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Mr.
Department: Civilian
Position: Cultural Attache


A self-made man and veteran of the Cylon War, Ramon Vega Blue the Third took Blue Sun Shipping from a struggling, one-ship courier service to a multi-million cubit empire with dozens of subsidiaries and major holdings throughout the Twelve Colonies. A man who makes no secrets about his political aspirations, public opinion views his recent appointment as the Aquarian Cultural Attache as a mere stepping stone on the path to a much more illustrious position.

Immediate Family

Promise Blue Wife A poet and a philanthropist, deceased.
Ramon Vega Blue, IV Son Colonial Viper Pilot, deceased.
S. Santiago Blue Daughter Trouble.

Service Jacket

  • 1,997 AE (2 months) - Colonial Marine Corps Boot Camp, Camp Aquaria, Scorpia
  • 1,997 AE (40 months) - 12th Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, II Marine Expeditionary Force

Work Experience

  • 2,002 (4 years) - Laborer, Khovd Reconstruction Project, Aquaira
  • 2,004 (5 years) - Managing Director, Blue Sun Shipping, Aquaria
  • 2,009 (28 years) - CEO, Blue Sun Shipping, Aquaria
  • 2,037 (Current) - Board Director, Blue Sun Shipping, Aquaria
  • 2,041 (Current) - Cultural Attache to Aquarian Delegate, QUODEL

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • He was The Colonial Times 'Man of the Year' in 2,010 and again in 2,032.
  • His book, Worlds At War, are his first-hand memoirs of the Cylon War and are widely used as a school text for History.
  • Allegations of ties to Aquarian organized crime families such as the Kanogawa-kai have dogged Ramon for much of his career, though no formal charges have been laid.
  • Ramon has been married four times:
    • 1. Promise Gravari, Aquarian philanthropist and poet.
    • 2. Edie Flinders, Caprican pianist and composer.
    • 3. Clarisse St. Randell, Virgon actress and model.
    • 4. Promise Blue (nee Gravari), again.

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