Rafael "Kahuna" Cortez
Lieutenant Rafael Cortez
Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson as Rafael Cortez
Alias: Kahuna
Age: 28
Features: Dirty blond hair, permanent stubble, blue eyes
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: ECO

"You gotta dance as long as the music's playing, dude."


Surfer dude, gearhead, guitar-playing layabout ECOs aren't exactly a dime a dozen in the Fleet, especially when they've spent the majority of their career avoiding work rather than volunteering for it. Some people are born to fly Raptors. Raf is not one of those people. In fact, his service file indicates it's all he can do to keep from embarassing himself if he's gotta take the stick. What the record does indicate, though, is that he's one heck of an ECO - he loves his machinery and using it to mess with signals. And that's probably the only thing that's kept him from being laughed out of the service to date.

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes
2030-2033 AE ROTC Tama Polytechnic University Pretty much the only reason he got into college was the deal the ROTC cut with the university. Declared major: Wireless Engineering
Jul 2033 - Dec 2035 ECO Pipeline Flight School: Colonial Fleet Base Argo, Aquaria Advanced Electronic Warfare: 3rd of 50; Basic Gunnery: 12th of 50; Basic Raptor Piloting: 50th of 50
Dec 2035 - Jan 2039 ECO: VAQ-344 "Red Badgers" Battlestar Atlantia (BS-53) Has a flight patch for repeatedly volunteering to play Wild Weasel on every op he possibly could. Got something of a rep as an adrenaline junkie for it - no sane man enjoys deliberately attracting missile fire.
Jan 2039 - Feb 2041 ECO: VAQ-213 "Golden Eagles" Fort Argus, Saggitaron Primarily engaged in SigInt missions tracking down insurgents. Repeatedly bemoaned the "boring-ass" nature of the missions. However, supposedly mellowed and became more officer-like during this tenure.
Feb 2041 - Present ECO: VAQ-141 "Harriers" Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) After repeated requests to leaving "totally boring-ass duties" he was being asked to perform, was transferred to VAQ-141.

Personal Profile

Physical Characteristics

Raf is a well-arranged mess, to put it mildly. Tall, to be sure - almost exactly two meters tall - and gangly as all hell. He's in good shape, and fit, but just doesn't have enough muscle mass to fill out all that height. With permanent stubble, a mop of unkempt brown-blond hair and a decent tan, this is a man who would be more at home on a beach than a Battlestar. His face is pleasant enough, but nothing special: a fairly square face, with bright blue eyes and an overly-large nose. A network of laughlines are just beginning to show at the corner of his eyes and across his brow; more evidence of time spent in the sun without sunscreen. His smile is always handy, but tends to make him look like he's joking, due to the fact that one half of his mouth curls up further than the other.

Other Details

  • Bumpkin: Raf is a country boy, through and through. Despite hailing from Settsu Province, he was from one of the outlying villages near Tama, and never had much use for cities.
  • Layabout: He's worked really hard to earn his reputation as a duty shirker whenever he's out of the cockpit. He largely regards his job to be "fiddlin' with the signal, dude", but to have absolutely nothing to do with anything else. Nearby NCOs, beware: he will order you to do things he'd rather not.
  • Eats Everything: When a fellow eats everything he can possibly be served, no matter how appetizing, people notice. He has been known to extol the virtues of highly regional Aquarian dishes that most foreigners mistake for waste products.
  • Surfer Dude: Raf is a surfer. He is defined by being a surfer. This is so true that he has named his Raptors (at least privately) after types of waves, famous surfers, or surfing locales. He even wears his lucky Aquarian shirt outside his flight suit, and sticks a bobbling hula-girl on his DRADIS readout when in on missions.


On the Grid

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