Raedawn "Goddess" Arkili
Ensign Raedawn Orielle Arkili
Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai as Raedawn Orielle Arkili
Alias: Goddess
Age: 24
Features: Long black hair, bright green eyes
Colony: Picon
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Picon Space Guardsman

ENS Raedawn Arkili was seriously wounded during the evacuation of Leonis on 18 Jun 2041 AE. A few days later, she died as a result of those injuries.


Immediate Family

  • Father: Edward Lawson Arkili (52), an expatriate Virgon chef who runs a restaurant on Picon. Well-known amongst military personnel for his excellent food and affordable prices, Edward specializes in Old Virgon ethnic cuisine. Edward is a laid-back, genial man, and few people would take him for a successful chef if they met him anywhere but in the restaurant.
  • Mother: Sariah Zaynab (49), an expatriate Sagittaron and former photographer/producer at Mythic Sales. She has since moved on to other things, and is working with a mall photographic studio as a senior photographer. While she has calmed down since her Mythic Sales days, she is still very passionate and energetic, and takes great pride in her work. Her work has graced many photo albums, and even a few professional publications.

Service Jacket/Work Experience

Service Jacket:

  • VSP-137 "Thunderbolts" training squadron, 6 months, training vessel Athenian
  • VSP-101 "Snow Petrels" demonstration squadron, 3 years, Colonial Fleet Base Acropolis Forge, Picon. With frequent trips for atmospheric and demonstration flight training to Spartacus Cove Naval Air Base, Picon.

Civilian Employment

  • Mythic Sales - 12 years off and on in various print and broadcast advertisements
  • Penceworth's Department Store, Picon - 5 years, printed sale bills.
  • Colonial Music Channel - 3 years, ads and music videos.
  • Numerous minor jobs with magazines, department stores, malls, and album companies for promotional sale bills, magazine ads, publicity publications, televised ads, and a dozen or so music videos.
  • Picon Aerotravel - 1 year as a part-time commuter stewardess.
  • Geann's Studio - 2 years part-time as a photographic studio assistant.

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates

Picture Name Relationship Notes
Tisiphone_icon.jpg Tisiphone Apostolos She has a temper to match that intimidating shaved head of hers, which is a shame because she's such a love most of the time. She's also generous and considerate. If she ever needs a friend besides her constant companion Daphne, she's got one in me… or had one in me, except she thinks I'm a racist because I called my CO a savage with a bone club. You know, the guy who, if he had any problem with me whatsoever, could've come up with any of a thousand reasons to get me out of his squadron a long time ago. Now I know why comedy shows have a laugh track. Sometimes I wish life had one just for people who are detemined to take everything in the worst possible way.
Daphne_icon.jpg Daphne Kolettis She's Tisiphone's best friend, with all the good and bad things that that implies. She flew cover on the rescue mission that nearly fractured my skull, and came out of it well despite a badly mauled Viper. She's either seriously lucky or seriously talented, and I'm hoping it's the latter. I know from experience that luck's very fickle.
Alessandra_icon.jpg Alessandra Sophronia She's a mystery. On the one hand, she seems like she's in bad need of affection and support, which I'm more than happy to give. On the other, she doesn't reach out to people. Usually she pulls away from them. I'm not sure what to make of her, but until I know for sure I'll help her as much as I can.
Nostos_icon.jpg Angelus "Halo" Nostos It's hard to pin this guy down, sometimes literally. On the one hand, he is just so, so pretty (just ask him). On the other, I've seen him fall flat on his hinders out of a bunk and make goofy excuses like he fully expected to be laughed at. Which happened. I don't know what china shop this bull came out of, but he's actually kind of fun for a spoiled, rich Caprican. I've seen enough of those to know and like an exception when I see one.
Alexander_icon.jpg Alexander Aurelia I'm liking this journey better already: there's an old friend on board from show biz! I had the privelege of working with Alex 'way back when, and he was a joy on and off the set. He grew on me, and we corresponded over the years until my career went kerplunk, and we lost track of each other (which was mostly my fault). It's wonderful to see him again, and I hope it won't be a one-time thing.
Sitka_icon.jpg Ibrahim "Shiv" Sitka My squadron leader for three years now. Shiv's the kind of person I often wish I'd known better while I was in show biz, the sort who thinks backstabbing and social climbing are disgusting. He might be tight-lipped, but what comes out through them is always worth hearing. The squadron is family to him, even if he doesn't say so. And speaking of family, his wife and kids have made me at home several times, which is a lot of making for a brat like me. They even like seeing the recruitment ads I made for the Guard. Sometimes it's like having two families.


  • Raedawn Orielle Arkili wasn't really famous, per se, but she might look familiar to people who watch a lot of entertainment TV. She was an advertising actress for many years, and a teen magazine and teen fashion catalog model for several. While she's gotten a few years older, her face hasn't changed a lot from that time, and beauty like hers is hard to hide.
  • Raedawn is an enthusiastic amateur photographer who can make most shots look professional. One of her most prized possessions is a Virgon Graphic Systems 'Imagic' dual-mode digital camera with several attachments, the very latest model.
  • Raedawn DESPISES her callsign, which calls attention to a fact of life that has caused her endless trouble in the military.
  • Despite growing up around a great chef and knowing what good food is, Raedawn absolutely loves mess hall fruit punch. Considering the stuff could stain sheet steel, it's a love-hate relationship.

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