Brina Radcliffe
Petty Officer 2nd Class Brina Lynn Radcliffe
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez as Brina Lynn Radcliffe
Alias: Brie
Age: 23
Features: Olive complected, tomboyish appearance
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Department: Deck
Position: Aircraft Mechanic


Former amateur boxer and current deck hand, Brina Radcliffe works on the flight deck upon the Battlestar Cerberus.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Status
Yoseff Radcliffe Father PRESUMED DECEASED
Joanna Radcliffe Mother PRESUMED DECEASED
Brother #1 Oldest Brother PRESUMED DECEASED
Brother #2 Youngest Brother PRESUMED DECEASED

Service Jacket

Station Rank Year(s)

Physical Features

Standing at about 5'7" and weighting 135 pounds, this woman's average in many ways. Nondescript, she borders on masculine yet there are many things about her features that might hint to a hidden femininity; a softness of her face from certain angles, a build which is not quite fully butch, a laugh that is rather musical. She wears her brown hair down when not on duty, usually, allowing for it to hang to the middle of her back, while it's pinned up while at work. Dark brown eyes compliment it as well as her dark, perpetually tanned skin, it all lending a glow to her.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Name File Photo Notes
Damon_icon.jpg PO1 Andreas Damon Good thing the guy ain't a pilot 'cuz he can't cover anyone's six to save his ass. Left me hanging when some officer and this civvie chick got their panties in a knot when I made a joke in response to one he made to me. Goin' to take him a lot to frakking make it up to me.


  • Can often times be found rubbing her right hand as if it aches. This is a result of the break which pains her still, usually when she over does it on writing or other similar activities.
  • Despite her love of living clean, Brina occasionally breaks training to enjoy a cigarette or drink.
  • Brie speaks in a thick Aquarian accent and periodically slips into the tradition of using 'brother' and 'sister' when addressing other

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