PHD #353: Race Me
Race Me
Summary: Circe and Shiner race in the pool. It's a close call and then some even more interesting words after.
Date: 14 Feb 2042 AE
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Circe Shiner 
Athletic Area
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.
Post-Holocaust Day: #353

After meeting with Kincaid and learning about the circumstances that led to medical being the cause for a woman to seek help elsewhere, Circe had more than enough reason to blow of steam using her rec time swimming laps. Sitting on the pool edge at the moment, she stares out over the water, kicking lazily at it with her legs. Her eyes are distant, looking over the surface as she murmurs something to herself.

A hand lifts then to smooth back her hair once more, retying the drying curls into place as she considers another set.

Shiner whistles as he enters the pool area, already stripped to a set of shorts and with a towel around his shoulders. It's a good look for him. Shame about the face. "Heya," he greets amiably, heading to a bench to deposit the towel. "How's it going?"

The whistle alone draws her out of thoughts and into the present. Adjusting to the new surroundings with a shift of her shoulders and release of the edge of the pool, Circe nods her head. "It goes. Just considering hopping back in or going to hit the galley. The pool is looking better with every moment." She says and nods to him. "Don't think we have met." She offers, a brow lifting over a hazel eye.

Shiner squares his chest, putting on his best, winning smile. "Dave Wright. Midshipman. Good to meet you." He briefly bends down to stretch his hamstrings, then rolls his shoulders. "I could stand a swimming partner if you're going back in, particularly a good looking young lady like you."

She feigns something near a stark surprise and over embellished coyness. "Why thank you…" She says, giving a touch of her hand to the top of her chest. Circe smirks and then leans her weight onto her outside hand to offer her right up to him. "Midshipman, I am Crewman Circe Lagana." She says, "Navy, medical, marine. I cover all three. Navy by uniform, medical by profession…OOHRAH by association." Her grip is firm and as she squares back on to both hands. "A swimmer?" She considers him and then nods. "I could go again. Been seeing a lot of the pool lately. But can you keep up?" She says, a competitve sound to the edge of her voice.

"/The/ swimmer," Shiner corrects with a half grin. "I used to be a lifeguard, before I signed up. So don't worry about drowning. I'll be here to give the kiss of life." He takes a couple of easy, languid paces to the edge of the pool, then jumps into a near perfect somersaulting dive, cleaving into the water with barely a splash and surfacing a few moments later, one hand flicking wet hair from his eyes.

"Seems like a self branded title." She says, watching him dive a moment, a faint smirk touching her lips. Pushing herself up to stand at the edge of the pool, she tilts her head and backs up a pace. She takes a faint start and then pushes off the edge into a sleek arc. She inverts and then angles her body down to enter with barely a splash as well. Staying under, her hands knife through it and she comes up not far from him, surfacing and treading water with a grin. "Well lifeguard, meet the fisherman's daughter." She winks.

"Aquarian?" Shiner asks, turning onto his back and driving himself down towards the deeper water with a few powerful strokes. "I used to date an Aquarian. Lovely girl."

"Leonite…Lake Nemi in the Ilium Province." She explains and dips beneath the water. Surfacing she continues to stay at his side, but with some distance as she sweeps her hands beneath the sufrace towards the opposite side, slow kicks carrying her further. Circe gazes towards her goal, "What colony are you from?"

"Oh, Picon, nowhere exciting," Shiner admits, twisting as he nears the pool edge and turning 180 to begin swimming back down the other way, switching now to breaststroke to make conversation easier. "You're not bad. For a Leonite. I didn't think you guys even had any water."

"Thanks, I think.." She intones, giving a look over towards him as she turns seconds after him to the round about elegantly. "In some regions and Thalattra is on the seaside. When a net doesn't come up, you have to dive for it and rerig it underwater. Years of that will slowly build up an ability." She pauses and then adds, "Well right now, all Leonite's have are this pool." She observes. Circe then adds, "Seems a lot of the guys I meet are Picon…"

"Yeah, well, when you live in a dump, the Fleet's a good option, and they do all their training and everything nearby," Shiner points out. He glances sidelong at her, then ups the pace some, switching to a smooth front crawl to power through the water with a stream of churning bubbles behind him.

As he urges forward, she just picks up her own pace. Race seems to be getting started and a faint smile crawls further across her features. "True.." She says before she dips below the water and speeds forward. She drives using the breaststroke with a two beat dolphin kick before going into the scissor. She is up and running - making a break for the opposite side again as her hands glide through the water, breaking into with fingers and a turn fo her hand.

You have to admit it, her technique's good, and his eyebrows shoot up in surprise as she matches his pace. Shiner hits the end with a perfect turn, striking out again and pushing himself further, faster and harder through the water. This is no longer just showing off. Now it's about pride. Conversation would waste his breath.

She turns, twisting below the water to and giving a good push off with a coil of muscles not only used in swimming but in marine prep as well. She comes out of the water with a gasp of air and both arms shoot up over head at the same time as she enters into a breastroke, two paced dolphin kick again and she modifies, gliding her timing into a front crawl. Hand over hand, gliding through the water as she speeds up starting to pass him a little. She knows this pool well, it's been her release for the year she has been aboard the Cerberus.

Shiner isn't about to stand for that, muscles flexing as he injects every inch of pace into his stroke, jaw set as he matches her stroke for stroke up the pool. He might have the edge on muscle mass, but as far as technique goes, there's bawhairs in it.

As they near the edge of the pool again, she dips below the surface, tucks - twists and releases the coil of her legs again. She jets forward, two paced dolphin kick and the front crawl is given her all. She can sense him next to her, matching her stroke for stroke and she imagines the lake - cold waters and waves fighting her efforts. Here the water was glass - motionless and waiting for her approach. She kicks hard now, legs straightening as motions become seamlessly connected.

Shiner is starting to enjoy this, stretching out with every stroke to try to gain a half inch advantage here or there on her. The pair of wakes trail them unerringly down the length of the pool, like a couple of torpedoes. When he reaches the end this time, he doesn't turn, slapping the pool wall with one hand to indicate the finish, and then hoisting himself up on his elbows as he catches his breath.

It would probably need to be a photo finish but Circe turns, unsure if he is willing to continue. But as she feels no presence beside her, she surfaces and slows. She turns and looks back at him, hanging onto the wall. Grinning from ear to ear, she slowly pulls herself towards the wall with long strokes and grasps on next to him. She slowly lifts each elbow up and her knees press against the wall. Jade eyes look over towards him ands he smiles, giving a shake of her head, "Haven't had that good of a race in three years." She says.

Shiner arches an eyebrow nonchalantly. "Oh, you wanted to /race/?"

Her arm lowers and a shove of water is given to send a wall of it towards. "Right, I could tell you were straining near the end." She chides him. Circe actually laughs a little, the sound fading as she rests her cheek against her arm and sighs.

Shiner grins, wrinkling his nose and wiping water from his eyes. "Well, I had to give you a chance, didn't I? You'd never talk to me again if I just outswam you."

"Then you don't know me too well…" She says and shifts her elbows so that her hands grab the edge and she slides back into the water. She releases the wall finally and just floats, her head dipping back into the water. "I am not a sore loser.." she says.

"I am," Shiner tells her solemnly, then flashes a grin. "Race you one more lap, loser buys the drinks next you're over at Pete's with me, right?"

Her head lifts at the challenge and she bites her lower lip in thought. "I don't normally go out…but ..sure." She says. Moving back to the wall, she suddenly pushes off of it without warning, twisting to face downward and kicking off into the front crawl, jetting forward.

Shiner doesn't waste any time, shoving himself from the wall with his legs and gliding underwater a few strokes before pounding through the water, full effort going into it.

Circe is not slacking either, putting her all into each of her strokes. She is hand over hand, powering through with her kicks as well, long legs driving her most of the way. She nearly hits the wall before turning and pushing off. Her feet plant and she is jetting back the other way, dolphin kicks and then breaking the surface with a gasp of air.

Shiner is barely a split second behind at the turn, twisting as he pushes forward, body as streamlined as he can make it for those extra precious inches to try to win, and legs pounding with every stroke. This is serious business.

Serious business that Circe is not about to lose on. The crewman continues, digging her arms in and pulling hard. Her shoulders are building in tension as she draws herself further forward and the wall is nearly in reach. As her hand reaches out to slap the side, she doesn't slow. Competitve, dating back to the lake swims with Alceda, the medic doesn't seem to really consider what might happen at full tilt. She slaps the wall and cracks her right shoulder against it as well with a slight crunch. She comes up out of the water and her hand lowers to her shoulder.

Shiner surfaces as he slaps the wall with a little more care, wincing as she goes shoulder first into it. "Whoa!" he manages, panting for breath. "You okay?"

She rubs at her shoulder and feels along the muscle a moment. "Yeah..just know. Racing with walls." She smirks a little. "Sandy bottoms are a lot more forgiving." Circe rolls her fingers along the strained and stretched muscle. "Good thing I was warmed up though…a bruise." She turns her head and looks down.

Shiner waggles his eyebrows, half grinning. "Hey, well, if you need it kissed better..?"

That causes her to blink and Circe rubs at the sore shoulder for the moment. Her jade eyes settle on him and she laughs a little. "I will let you know if it needs that, midshipman." She smirks and lets her hand trail up towards her neck, pressing and sizing up the extent of the strain. "For now hot cold compress will do it…but the shoulders gonna be black and blue for a while."

"See if sickbay's got some compresses," Shiner suggests, heaving himself, dripping, out of the water and over towards his towel, leaving little puddles of watery footprints. "But don't tell them it was my fault. They'll think I've been beating you or something."

Giving a good rub with the heel of her hand, Circe gives a hug up and uses her good arm most of the way to lever herself out. The medic pushes the rest of the way up with her knee to the floor and then climbs to her feet. She gives a tug at the band holding her hair, letting it out as she rolls her hurt shoulder.

"If I did, then it means I would be getting soft."

Shiner says, "You totally owe me a drink, though, sweetheart," Shiner points out, grabbing his towel and starting with his hair. "As soon as all these extra shifts allow.""

Circe's mouth drops open and she gives a shake of her head. "Uh uh, wait a minute there Mid. I don't think so. A for effort and I was first." She insists. She moves to grab up her own towel. She starts to reach back and towel dry her hair as well, scrunching it to help it dry faster. She then says to reitterate. "Don't want to buy me a drink?" She asks.

"You know how women always say a guy should be honest, right?" Shiner asks her, half grin on his face. "You want the honest answer, or the answer you want to hear?"

"Depends on what you think is going to go over best." Circe starts and then turns her head, drying back along her chin and then back up through her hair. "But it's always nice to know the truth of people. Honesty may be the best policy."

The medic lowers the towel to her shoulders and she runs it down to catch along the length of her arms.

"Ah," Shiner considers, poking the towel in his ears to dry them. "Well, if I'm being honest, I'm not interested in drinks all that much, but what I really want to do is bend you over the bench and screw your brains out right now. I've never met a girl who could keep up before." A pause and a wry grin. "But that'll probably get me a slap, so I guess drinks is a good answer if I value my hide, right?"

"I am not sure if I should have taken honesty…but at least I know where I stand. Giving you a run for your money puts me in a different bracket." Circe actually colors a little at her cheeks with his bold display of verbage. "You would be right, a slap would be forthcoming." She says in her own bout of honesty. The medic runs the middle of the towel down her back, grasping each end before she draws it away and rewraps it around her hips. The skin of her right shoulder is growing more red and slightly purplish.

"So how about… eight o'clock tomorrow night, cylons notwithstanding?" Shiner suggests, giving his most charming smile. "For drinks, that is. I don't feel like a slap today."

"Good choice, Mid." She says and runs a hand up through her hair already curling as it dries. "Very well, eight o'clock." Circe agrees. "You may want to withhold full honesty next time though." She says with a faint laugh, her finger lifting to wave at him as she strides towards the robe, moving past him.

"It's all part of my charm," Shiner insists amiably. "You get used to it."

"I hope for your sake…" She murmurs, "I think you probably have had some negative responses." Circe draws her hand away from her hair, letting it rest before she undoes the towel and exchanges it for the robe, tying it at her waist. "You can meet me at the marine berths. Better be a nice place too that we are going to. I haven't had a date in…" She counts. "The better part of two years." There is a distant look to her eyes for a moment and then she clears her throat. "See you then." She starts to turn, heading for the locker rooms..

"Options include… the galley, the obs deck, or Pete's," Shiner notes wryly. "I can't manage the Ivy, I'm afraid. It got blown up," he calls after her, apparently not bothering with the locker rooms and just changing where he sits. The man truly has no shame.

She slows, looking back over her shoulder and continuing to take cautious slow steps forward. "Surprise me." She yells back, letting her voice echo off the walls before she is gone. Circe ducks out of view, moving to get showered, changed and get some rest before another duty.

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