Margaret "Jugs" Quinn
Captain Margaret "Jugs" Quinn
Kari Byron
Kari Byron as Margaret "Jugs" Quinn
Alias: Maggie; Jugs
Age: 39
Features: Wild curly red hair, hazel green eyes, and freckle-smattered pale skin
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Captain
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: Raptor Pilot
Deputy Squadron Leader


From what most on the Cerberus could initially tell, the once Squadron Leader for the Harriers was straight out of Caprica City herself. (It was eventually revealed that wasn't the case.) Graduate of the Fleet Academy, she went directly onto flight school and has been piloting a raptor for over a decade now. She's a bit shy at times, almost socially awkward, but she's flies a Raptor like it's as sleek as a Viper and would do anything at command's word. Captain Quinn is the model of a proper colonial officer.

Immediate Family

Kallistei Anne Quinn, Daughter — Conceived on Beltane, Kallistei made her grand entrance into the world on 24 Jan 2042 AE.

Katherine Quinn, Mother — A farm girl from Aerilon, she grew up two farms away from Maggie's father, which was a considerable distance due to the spacing in the northern most provinces. Still, even miles on foot cannot stop true love. Katherine bore ten children over her married years, often joking she had to have enough kids to tend the whole farm since they couldn't afford many workers. She's still alive and well, the matriarch of the Quinn homestead.

Carl Quinn, Father (Deceased) — A hard working farmer, the Quinn farm produced potatoes, carrots, various other root vegetables and lots of live stock when the winters weren't too bad. He inherited the farm from his father and worked it from the day he could walk, especially while his dad was off at the first Cylon war. Some said he worked the farm too hard and he died two years ago due to heart failure. Nearly the whole family attended his funeral, save his middle daughter Maggie who was serving in the fleet at the time.

Michael Quinn, Grandfather (Deceased) — Veteran of the first Cylon war, he was the first Quinn to ever lead Aerilon and that was due to the draft. An adventurer and the sort of man to make the best of a bad situation, he found his time abroad fighting to be quite the exciting drama. He came home with more stories than scars and has regaled the family with them for fifty years.

Margaret Quinn Sr., Grandmother (Deceased) — Strong believer in the Gods, the first Maggie Quinn said her prayers to the Gods kept her husband alive during the first war and she'd never turn her back on them. While she was never formally trained at seminary, she helped keep a small temple for the surrounding farms and presided at most of the burials for the local children and family members who passed. She always had dreams. Some said she was an oracle. Some said she was crazy. She predicted her husband's death, however, and her own down to the day. When she was close to the end, all she spoke of was fire and metal. Her words haunt Maggie, her namesake, to this day.

Anne Quinn, Sister — The supposed heir to Margaret Quinn's talents as an oracle, Anne spent most of her childhood days making up stories about gods and religious icons that she saw in her sleep. She had the most imagination on the planet and was a favourite of all the nearby farmsteads, often traveling around with Margaret Quinn Senior to various temples and ceremonies.

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Service Jacket

AssaultStar Victory — Marine Transport and Landing. Earned her promotion to combat after multiple transports into combat zones on Tauron and Saggitaron.

Battlestar Olympia — Raptor Pilot

Physical Features

There is still something of the northern country wilds in Margaret Quinn's entire being. She's a heartily built girl, standing at about 5'7" with nicely broad shoulders and child bearing hips, but a small enough waist and military toned limbs. She's got wild red hair, ever frizzy from it's natural, tightly spiriling curls. While on duty, she usually does her best to tame it back into a french braid or two pigtails at the base of her skull. when off duty, however, it escapes everywhere in an explosion of fire red kinks. Her face is northern climate pale, smattered all across her nose, brows and forehead with dark freckles interrupting the creamy skin. Her eyes are mixed hazel, sometimes green and sometimes brown. While she's managed to tame herself into a uniform most days, there will always be something about Maggie that screams farm girl.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • It's said that Maggie plays the fiddle like no one else. Lonely nights in the bunks are sometimes filled with her plucking if she can get a hold of one, but she doesn't can't afford a fiddle of her own.
  • Maggie can put back a bottle of booze like the biggest man on ship and still remain standing.
  • Maggie's grandmother was said to be an oracle, but then those cold Aerilon winters would drive anyone to madness, right?
  • According to rumors, Maggie's terrified of doctors. She's ducked out of her routine physical three times now.

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