PHD #109: Q & A
Q & A
Summary: In which a tour is given, and questions are asked and answered to the general dissatisfaction of all involved.
Date: 17 June 2041 AE
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Virgon House Reception
Entrance is gained from the outside most commonly by a ferret hole through a window and beneath a baby grand piano. A piano that is remarkably still in working condition though it no longer sits level on its three spindled legs. A path has been swathed through the mine field of Virgan seal-stamped silverware, the utensils strewn across the gold-seamed malachite floor in a layman's alarm system. The marble-tiled corridor stretches in both directions from the grand piano. A few pages of sheet music are scattered nearby Sonata for Violin and Piano and further pages are long-since fluttered to rest, leading toward the arched double doors left open to the greatroom. Massive pillars and part of a balcony can be seen through the doors. In the other direction, the corridor is flanked by closed door after closed door on one side, barricaded windows on the other. A small sign is labeled 'Washrooms' at the very end.
Post-Holocaust Day: 109

"And then you just… around here—" It's not the most dignified position for an officer in the Colonial Navy, but this is the way Evan's chosen to show Cora into the Embassy, writhing around the side of a large wallstone, twisting down underneath the grand piano, and finally wriggling out into the reception area, drawing his legs behind him and then peeking back into the little tunnel, "If I can squeeze my fat ass through there, you shouldn't have any problem," he assures her, reaching out a hand to help her through, if she needs it.

Cora frowns faintly at the wriggle-requiring entrance to the building, but when Evandreus leads the way she watches and then climbs through after him, shimmying through the wall and narrowly avoiding the cutlery strewn across the floor as she emerges beneath the piano and turns, a little awkward in the bulky clothing, and hauls herself out from beneath the instrument, offered hand un-taken. "Not much good for quick entrances or exits," she points out as she gets to one knee and then, just a little bit slowly, back to her feet, glancing about the reception area.

Evandreus stands up from his ungainly squat, wiping both hands on his hips, "Yah it's, ah— A little bit of a fire hazard, innit?" he chuckles, Leontinian accent thickening in his voice. "And you haven't seen the whole of it, yet." He jerks his head back toward the barricaded corridor, "We're camping out through there, for the most part. It's like hiking over the world's tiniest mountain, eh?"

Cora moves to wipe her hands almost reflexively as her guide does, but when they actually touch cloth her nose wrinkles faintly and the gesture is aborted. "A bit," she nods of fire hazards before turning to follow his attention to the corridor, eyeing the barricade. "Also a fire hazard," she points out, "Though that's likely the least of anyone's concerns around here. But you must have a back way?" she asks/guesses, one brow lifting.

Evandreus cants his head to the side, lips drawing into a thin line, "Y'know. There might be. But I've spent most of my time out in the yard. Keeping watch, yah?" he adds, after a moment, "Sometimes they let me in at night," more jocular in tone as he starts picking his way over the piles of furniture, having gone over it enough times to have a general idea where the footholds are. He peeks back after a few steps, hand extending again in case she wants it. "So you've been here since the bombs fell, eh? Where'd you stock up on anti-rads?" he wonders, keeping his tone light and amiable, even if there's a little bit of suspicion underlying the question.

Cora hangs back a moment as he begins climbing over the barricade, watching where hands and feet go and then mimicking his movements. She slips a little once and her hand shoots out, catching his for a brief moment until she rights her footign and regains her balance, continuing to climb after again. "We found a stash of them in one of the big office buildings downtown," she explains, "All sorts of useful things hidden in executive offices if you've an idea where to look. There's no one more paranoid than the men who know how these colonies are actually run."

"Bunny, that you?" Tisiphone's voice, from within the embassy, carried along with the sound of lightly-dragged footfalls. There's a cigarette tucked into the corner of her mouth, and her head is tipped forward as she knots her dark red bandana across her scalp while walking. "Where'd they put the Lieutenant, I can't find-" Finishing the knot, she looks up to see Cora climbing the barricade. Well. That answers that. "Nevermind," she says, blowing out a smoky snort.

"Huh," is Bunny's only reply to the report on the disposition of Kytheran office supplies. His eyes are on the rough terrain, firmly downcast, lest he miss a step and break a leg or something. Eyes flick up to the other side of the barricade at Tisiphone's voice, then back down again. "She's right here," he answers her. "Do you want her?" he goes on to ask, a little chilly, still, eyes somehow more firmly fixed at his feet.

Cora is perhaps even more focused on careful climbing than her escort, looking constantly back and forth between his progress and her own to make sure she's going at it the right way. When Tisiphone speaks, she pauses, heading popping up to look at the ensign, but she doesn't say anything, letting the other two discuss her as she works on the barricade.

"Stop giving me your angry shoulders, Bunny, I still love you," Tisiphone says as she finishes closing the gap between her and the Raptor pilot. She sounds somewhere between fond and weary. Her cigarette held down and out to the side as she nears, her free hand comes up to rub at Evan's near shoulderblade for a tentative moment. "I'll get it sorted out when we're back on the Cerberus. She been fed already?" The topic fractures in another direction without warning; a moment later, she raises her voice to make sure it carries and inquires directly, "Hey, they found you something to eat yet?"

Evandreus is bad at staying angry in the best of times. Just can't keep it up for long. And he's doubly bad at it, now, with so much energy being expended on simply staying alive, leaving very little left over to split between trying not to throw up again and being mad at Cubits. Still, he tries. But the contact of hand on his shoulder breaks the last cobweb strands of his resolve, and his eyes glisten, just a little bit wet, and he shoots her his eyebeams, walls sufficiently crumbled, eyes full of feeling, head nodding just a little bit. He clears his throat, "No, I— was going to go scavenge. Did, uh. You guys brought some stuff back?" He thought he heard something about that.

Cora glances up through her lashes at the interplay between crewmates, flicking looks over at them when she can spare them from her climbing. It's discreet observation, though, her head mostly kept down, offering the illusion of privacy if not the reality. When she's addressed, she lifts her head more slowly than before, and shakes it at Tisiphone, answering, "No, not yet."

"It'll be okay," Tisiphone murmurs to Evan, bumping the side of her head against his arm, then giving him a final, brisk shoulder-rub before she takes a step closer to the barricade. Her arms fold lightly across her chest as she looks from Cora to Evan and back again. "Frak, yeah," she says. "Sawyer and I turned over a bunch of restaurants yesterday. We even found some frakking caviar. Probably have an eye more for crackers and tuna at this point, though, eh?" It almost sounds sympathetic. Almost. "I stashed a bunch of it in the sunroom." Her head tips in a direction behind them as she takes a few backwards steps that-a-way.

Evandreus continues his clamboring down the inside slope of the barricade, once the contact's broken, one faint sniff coming from the guy. Teary? Or is it just the radioactive dust aggravating his sinuses? It's hard to tell with his eyes fixed on the rubble. Nose wrinkles some at the mention of caviar, but he doesn't speak out against the stuff. "Sounds good, let's, ah— let's reconvene this tour in the sunroom. Hey, Cubits, you know if there are any backdoors into this place still open for use?" Since Cora was wondering, and he didn't know.

Cora's brows rise slightly at the mention of caviar, more in surprise than excited anticipation or anything, and she nods at Tisiphone, replying to that nearly-sympathetic rhetorical question with a little shake of her head, "I'm sure whatever you have will be fine with me." It's not quite an 'I'll eat anything right now' but there's a hint of that implied behind the more dignified reply. She climbs down after Evandreus and finally just jumps the last few feet, though the landing draws a quick flash of pain in her expression, just as quickly shaken off. Then she follows towards the sunroom, choosing not to pipe up and inform Tisiphone that that question of Bunny's was originally her own.

"Not doors, so much, no." Tisiphone studies Cora for a few long seconds before providing the rest of the information. "But if you're at the swing out back, and go to the left around the back of the embassy, I pulled all the planks off one of the windows. It's easier than getting over that heap every time you want in or out." She walks backwards a few more steps before turning to play Food-Cache Navigator. The 'sunroom', as she referred to it, looks like it was once a place for three-martini lunches and after-dinner drinks — the skylight high above long-since shattered across the marble tiles, a small wet-bar plundered of drinks by a certain Captain Sitka. Two bags of canned and jarred foods sit on the bar, having already been picked through by other hungry crewmates. "Can opener…here," she says, sliding it along the bar until it bumps one of the bags. "Have at." She hops up onto the edge of the bar, a few feet over, and drums her heels against the sideboard.

"There we have it. We'd just better hope the fire marshall doesn't come around and give us a citation. Or, y'know, that the house doesn't catch fire. Getting everyone out would be a disaster," Bunny frets halfheartedly, stepping into the sunroom after Tisiphone, then loitering there by the side of the door, letting Cora in to have first go at the groceries. Gentleman as he is.

Cora submits to the other woman's study without comment or reaction, just waiting as she decides and then listening as she explains the alternative route. "Just seemed like it could be a problem to just have that tunnel if you needed to get people out fast," she remarks, heading into the sunroom. It gets a quick look-over as the reception area and corridor did before, and then she moves towards the bar with the others, eyeing the array of cans and jars for a long moment before blinking and turning towards the can-opener. "Thanks," she says after another beat. The selection is considered, a jar of olives pushed aside with a brief grimace as she reaches for a jar of artichoke hearts. "Mind if I…?" she shows them to Bunny, giving him a chance to call dibs as she pops the jar open and locates a fork.

"The further back you go, the shittier the barricades are," Tisiphone says, her attention turned up to the shattered glass in the skylight up above. She blows a lungful of smoke out at it before continuing. "It's like they worked from here to there, and ran out of materials or energy as they went." Her heels continue to drum against the sideboard. Ba-da-thump. Ba-da-thump. "What happened to the rest of your group?" she asks Cora at length. "You said 'we' a few times."

Evandreus holds up his hands in a gesture of culinary abstinence. "You go ahead. I'm good," he defers to Cora, sliding his back down against the wall and crossing his arms on top of his bent knees. "You had others with you?" This is news. "Man. I'm sorry." And then he quiets down to listen.

"Thanks," Cora nods to Evandreus. She takes a bite, and then sets the jar down, fork between her teeth as she shrugs off that heavy jacket and rolls up sleeves that are only slightly too long, not nearly as much as the shirt is too wide. Then she leans back against the counter, and picks up the jar again, nodding at the question, "Yeah, there were others. A few." Another bite, and she explains, "I was in a bar when the bombs hit, there's one up near the city center that was built out of an old bank vault, so it was pretty secure. Most of the people in it at the time tried to run right home afterwards, a handful stayed. We foraged in the office buildings, like I told you, found anti-rads and extra security-team gear," she plucks at her shirt demonstratively, "And managed to hole up there for… a while. Cylons didn't find us til recently, killed about half… rest of us starting moving this way, hoping the consulates would be intact. We ran into another toaster patrol about…" she pauses, squinting faintly, "A week ago? They got the others then."

"Survive the bombs, survive — what, four months, now? — down here, last man standing when you drag in to Colonial Row, and here we are, one slip away from putting a bullet in you after all of that." Tisiphone's mouth splits in a wide, ironic, and rather humourless grin. "Welcome to the end of the worlds, eh?" She shakes her head at herself, maybe, or the entire situation, as she ashes her cigarette off the edge of the bar.

Evandreus lifts his right arm from his knees and rubs his fingers up through his hair, listening in silence. His lips waver in a smattering of amusement when Tisiphone tosses in that charactertistically Leontinian particle at the end of her question. "Eh?" he calls back to her, more pointing out her use of it than anything else. It's the little things. In any event, "You guys never ran into any of the other groups out there?" he asks of Cora.

"Yeah, not quite the welcome I was hoping for," Cora replies to Tisiphone before admitting, "Though I wasn't really expecting one at all, so I guess it'll do." She nearly smiles, one corner of her lips tugging upwards briefly. She eats with the carefully measured pace of someone with both deeply-ingrained manners and also an intense hunger they're trying to disguise. As for the end of the worlds, she asks, "Just how bad is it, exactly? I mean… four months and no counter-attack here, it must be worse somewhere else. Where's the action happening?" Another couple bites, and then she turns back to shake her head at Evan. "We'd see signs of others now and then — places looted before we got there, things like that. Heard occasional firefights in the distance. But no. We were in a strange neighborhood, too."

"You buggin' on how I'm talking?" says Tisiphone to Evandreus, stretching the 'how' out closer to 'hoo' — the way he does, at times. It's quite the accent soup she dishes up, there — the (ma)lingering backwoods Sagittaran with facsimile Leontinian croutons. The corner of her mouth quirks upward for a few beats before fading again for the sake of her ciggie. The mirth fades even further when Cora asks just how bad it is, and all she can muster, at first, is a noncommittal, "Heh," as she peers at her cigarette while rolling it back and forth between her fingers. Maybe she can squeeze a good answer out of it, somehow.

"Oh, come on, now," Evan dismisses Tisiphone's complaint, letting his own Leontinian accent out in full force for the sake of playfulness. Caamaaan nooh. Then, mirth drifting off into the distance, lower lip skews to one side, presenting its corner for his canine tooth to chomp down on. Hm. "It's, ah— it's pretty bad," he begins, Leontinian accent still present, but decidedly less pronounced.

Cora continues to eat, taking advantage of the accent-driven distraction to polish off a good portion of that jar's contents and then seal it and return it to the counter for others. She's choosing between her other options when Tisiphone and Evandreaus both avoid her question and she turns back to look between them, brows drawing together, head tilting. The question is somewhat more firm this time: "How bad is pretty bad?"

"They glassed Picon. Virgon too, if I remember the report. It'd follow they'd do the same to Caprica — get the Fleet headquarters hardest, you know? Hit Aquaria so hard they boiled the oceans." Tisiphone tells her booted toes this, not Cora, the words slowly wrung out of the cigarette going back and forth in her fingertips. "Everything's gone or- nearly so. Like here. Far as we've been able to tell, our battle group's all that's left."

Evandreus sits there, useless-looking, while Tisiphone mans up and spills the news. And then, since there's really not much else to say, he maintains his silence and just lets his gaze trickle toward Cora, brows knitted together in concern for how she'll take the news.

Cora blinks. And then blinks again, and then the angle of her head shifts and she says, "The only one left -here-, clearly. But the rest of the navy, where are they? Where's the battle?" Silent Evandreus is forgotten, her attention fixed on Tisiphone, brows drawn together in puzzlement not yet turned to shock and horror, those glassed planets slipping right on by her for another lucky moment or two.

"We /are/ the battle, man." Tisiphone's mouth twists up crooked at one corner in a mute I can't believe I'm saying this sort of wryness. The corners of her eyes crease a bit, as if the words were some half-healed wound she was picking at by uttering them again. "Nobody else made it out from Picon. How many fleets were in pieces around Virgon?" A flicked glance to Evan, and then a shake of her head. It doesn't really bear mentioning, after all. "Far as we can tell, there's nobody else left."

"A lot," is the succinct answer from the Bunny, who then clears his throat and goes on, correcting the record as Tisiphone's set it out. "There is no battle. Not anymore. We're done. They won," he puts it in as blunt terms as possible. He may not be speaking for Command, but that's how it looks from his eyes.

Bannik arrives from the Virgon House.
Bannik has arrived.

Cora stands at the bar, with Evandreus on one side and Tisiphone seated on the counter on the other. She's currently staring first at the latter, and then the former, and then back, frowning, clearly in the middle of processing something she's finding difficult to wrap her mind around. "They won? Already?" There's a pause, and then, "You're the only battlegroup…anywhere?" Another pause, this one a little longer, "Everywhere is… like this?" She just sort of -looks- at them, kind of blankly, for another long long moment, and then brows furrow deeply, expression darkens as her head turns slightly and she asks, tone veering towards accusatory, "Is this some sort of test? Trying to make sure I'm not some brainwashed toaster-loving traitor or something?"

Tisiphone holds her hands up in a 'don't shoot' or 'I surrender' gesture against Cora's accusatory words and shakes her head again. "How the frak would a test like that even work? It's not like they can't cry." She looks toward Evan for a moment, dragging harshly on her cigarette, then sighs the smoke up toward the shattered skylight. "We don't know why Kythera's so intact." 'So intact'. There's a comforting thought. "We've been trying to figure it out. We weren't expecting any survivors at all, considering… everything else we've seen." The corners of her mouth flicker weakly. "Like I said. Welcome to the end of the worlds." The black mirth doesn't seem to be working this time.

Bannik runs his hand through his slightly shaggy hair as he enters the sun room, looking around at the two pilots and one — new person. "Sirs," he says, going for a neutral word for everyone here. "It's the truth," he tells Cora. "It's — only the gods can truly comprehend it all, I guess. But it's true nonetheless."

"It seemed like the best place to pop down and try to pick up some supplies," Evan summarizes the events that brought them there in an entirely unsatisfactory fashion, but one that will have to do, for now. "But even as poorly patrolled as Aspasia province seemed to be from the air— didn't stop us getting our asses shot down." He turn his head and nods to the Bancake as he comes in.

"Frak if I know," Cora replies to Tisiphone, "But that makes a lot more sense than what you're telling me." She looks at Bannik and Evandreus as they both confirm it and build on it, but does not appear convinced, just shaking her ehad at the three of them. "That's impossible," she says simply, "An attack of this magnitude, on each colony? All the fleets destroyed that quickly? With no warnings from the patrols at the armistice line, or the defense systems? That's inconceivable."

"Shot down. Penned in on the river, then penned in here, then that frakking nightmare of a tower- frakdamn, but I'm frakking ready to leave or die trying." Tisiphone abruptly pushes herself off the edge of the bar, landing with a double WHAP of bootsoles against marble tiles. "There's bottled water behind the bar," she calls back over her shoulder — to Cora, presumably — as she takes her sudden leave. "And if Boots took all your anti-rads, talk to Lieutenant Oberlin or Junior Lieutentant Kulko for more." With that, she's off, pausing only a moment by Bannik to tousle his overgrown hair, undoing his careful finger-combing.

"Don't think I'm done with you, Ensign!" Bannik calls at Tisiphone's back, his hair tousseled or not. "You have some explaining to do about that car!" But she's gone; it's too late. He just smiles grimly and turns back to Cora. "It's all inconceivable," remarks the Crewman. "Every last bit of it. But it happened. So. We're just having to stretch what's conceivable a bit."

Evandreus rests his cheek in his hand. "It's been conceived, Cora. Conceived and brought to term and born into this world alive," he assures her wearily. "I'm sorry, man." Like he knows it won't do any good.

Cora looks after Tisiphone as she leaves, and then between the two remaining, just shaking her head again after another long pause. "No, I'm sorry, that's just… that can't be." She shakes her head again, raking a hand over her hair and then leans over the bar, grabbing one of those bottles of water and twisting it open, drinking, and then shaking her head again, wandering away across the room to peer up at that busted-open skylight.

"I know it's hard." Bannik makes his way over to the bar and takes a bottle of water as well, then moving after Coll to place a hand on her shoulder. "I know. And we don't expect you to get it right away. But when it sets in, we'll be here for you, all right? Whether it's to talk or pray or just listen or whatever it is." He gives his best 18 earnest eighteen year-old kid smile. "Okay?"

Evandreus isn't going to sit here and insist. He scratches fingers through his beard and then crosses his arms together, looking across at the woman and the Bancake. "Let's just focus on getting out of here and back to the ship. We'll figure out the next step from there, eh?" he chimes in, standing slowly.

Cora flinches as Bannik touches her shoulder, twitching away and turning towards him abruptly. Her gaze is hard, displeased, and she just says, somewhat dryly, still skeptically, "Okay." Then she looks past him to Evandreus. "What is the plan to get out of here, anyways? You your raptor crashed five weeks ago?"

Bannik at least picks up on the nonverbal cue there and smiles faintly, retreating from the touch at the hard look. What more can he say, really? He defers to Evandreus at the question.

"Yah," Evan answers, straghtening his… armor. Awkwardly. "We got a tip on where we can find some alternate transportation. We're gonna be moving out in the next couple of days. Just stay close— we won't leave you behind. Promise, okay?" he offers to her, chin lowered, eyes looking for hers.

Lunair arrives from the Virgon House.
Lunair has arrived.

Ferret hole indeed. Lunair looks almost comical squirming through and avoiding being squished by a piano. Marine to the tune of b flat. Owch. The purple eyed figure finally makes it through and brushes herself off, glancing around. She tilts her head, moving towards the group on hearing the voices. She seems more thoughtful and withdrawn these days. "Hey there," She offers quietly, but not butting in too fast just yet.

Cora glances at Bannik and then at Evan and his armor, eyeing it for a moment before he speaks and she looks back up, meeting his eyes. Her own gaze is still even, still dry, still guarded, though maybe for other reasons than earlier. Either way, she nods to his offer, head bobbed tightly as she replies, "Okay."

"Hey, Lieutenant Lunair." Bannik turns from his conversation with Cora and Bunny to acknowledge the Marine's appearance. "How are you doing? All right?" He musters up another smile for her.

Evandreus returns the nod, a short gesture, but slowly executed, indicating the gravity of the pledge. Then, mouth quirking with a hint of his banished joviality, "I'll be flying. So just stick closeby and you won't miss a ride. Rayray," he appends, by way of a greeting for Lunair.

Cora holds Evan's eyecontact for the duration of that slow nod, and still when he says he'll be flying. Her lips quirk faintly in answer and she says, "Sounds good," before looking away at the newest arrival (to the room, at least). "Lieutenant," she greets her politely.

Lunair smiles at the little group, though she's cautiously polite. "It's good to see you all. See, old conversation habits die hard," She bobs her head. "I'm alright. Still bald." It's a faint joke, learning to cope in the face of new things. "How are you guys holding up here?" She asks and settles somewhat nearby. Conversation distance at least. Then a pause at Cora. She checks herself briefly for new head wounds. Nope, didn't get it in the face again. That's a relief. She seems fairly calm and regal when not flustered. "Hello - did I forget someone's name?" Shoot. She opens her coat and if one looks, there's a layer of postits with names, patrol times, duties, things to shoot at and - … is she supplementing her memory with postits? It might be /terrifying/ in a way. Hmm. Nope. None match. She looks a bit perturbed. "You'll have to forgive me. If we met, it slipped my memory." She looks apologetic and closes her uniform's coat.

"It's my turn to take lookout," says Bannik, as another person comes down from the roof and hands him a pair of binocs. He did so well last night spotting Cora. Let's see what he can do this evening. "See you, everyone. Good meeting you, sir." He nods to Cora.

"Rayray, this is Cora. Cora, meet Rayray," Evan's good enough to make introductions. To Cora, appended: "And I'm Bunny," he remembers not having told her. And then, to Rayray, "We just found Cora today." There. All cleared up.

Jayden arrives from the Virgon House.
Jayden has arrived.

Cora nods to Bannik as he says farewell and exits, and then turns towards Lunair, looking slightly bemused as the woman rifles through post-it notes. A quick sideways glance is slid towards Andreus, but then he provides introductions, and she just nods and offers politely, "Nice to meet you. And you," she adds to the finally-named Bunny.

Lunair waves a little to Bannik. "Be well," She murmurs. She takes a deep breath and smiles. "Yup. The full thing is Raine Lunair. I'm a JiG, but - Rayray is fine. Or Loon. I'm not really a stickler," She shrugs. She has accepted the nickname as easily as any other. She's sitting near the group. "Cora," She repeats the name. "Pleased to meet you." She keeps a polite smile. "It's good to find more people." She looks thoughtful, although she doesn't seem to notice any reaction to her post-its. "I hope I am not interrupting a conversation in progress?" She tilts her head.

Evandreus doesn't give any further name beyond the fluffy bunny moniker that's been applied to him by his air wing peers. "Nah, nah, you're fine, Rayray," he lets the Loon know. "I was just showing Cora around the place. And telling her we're hoping to be out of here, sooner than later."

Looking like a ragged image of a colonial soldier, Jayden makes his entry into the room. A look around the lobby helps him locate two familiar faces. He smiles. "Bunster, Lieutenant," he says in that aquarian tone of his, taking a few steps closer to the group. A small scan is given to the woman in the area, along with a dip of his head, "Miss."

"No, not interrupting," Cora confirms what Evandreus says, offering, "And good to meet you as well," back, politely even if somewhat out of sequence. Jayden's arrival draws a glance and she provides her own introduction this time, fleshing out Bunny's somewhat, "Lieutenant Cora Nikephoros." She sounds Caprican, the aristocratic accent well-suited to the polite greetings.

Lunair smiles. "Thanks, that's good." She is at least well-mannered and careful of other's toes as she can be. "And oh? Hopefully. It was nice to be off a ship for a bit but…" There's an uneasiness. She shakes it off. "Hopefully," She simply repeats. "I'll do my best to help even if it's just waving some sparklers and cheering on pilots." A wink at that. It's soft humor. "Hello there," She greets Jay politely. There's not really much accent, but if one wants to pin one on her, she might be pinned as a Canceron of the upper class. Mercifully, she's not too crabby. "Good to see you. And umm, I've some candy necklaces if … someone wanted some." She has a sweet tooth it appears.

"Echo," Evan offers Jayden a quiet smile, shuffling to the side to sling an arm over the other pilot's shoulder, giving him a tired snuggle. "You met Cora, yet? She dropped in for supper and a ride home." A pause. "Candy necklaces? Hah! Haven't seen one of those in a while. Any of those lollirings to go with them?"

Leave it to Jay to be completely unaware of just how many Cerberus folks are down here. "A pleasure, Lieutenant Nikephoros. Ekonomo of the air wing." He extends his free hand to greet the woman, since the other one is busy slung over the Bunny. A small look of 'I want some' is given to Raine.

Cora steps forward to shake Jayden's hand, nodding, "Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant." She certainly doesn't look like she's one of the Cerberus folks, dressed as she is and (if possible) even dirtier. Speaking of that, she glances between the three but mostly at Bunny and asks, "Is there somewhere I could… wash? My face, at least?"

Lunair pauses and rifles through her stuff. A thick stack of postits, some mechanical pencils, a pen… ah hah! Little bag of candy. "Yeah, there's a green and a red one, you can take them both if you like," She nods and smiles. She slips a candy necklace out though and hands it over to Jay. She pauses. "I'm- I-" Uh oh. The reason for those postits is fast becoming clear. Um. She looks comical, almost, strange colored eyes nearly crossing. "Where. Shoot. I forgot." Sadness. She looks duly annoyed.

Evandreus makes little ninjafingers to swipe a necklace from Rayray's package as she comes close to hand off one to Jayden, finally letting the guy go and leaning close to smack a peck of a kiss on Lunair's cheek by way of thanks, giving her a bright smile as he looks over the prize. "Sweet. Here, Cora, I'll show you where the washroom is," he volunteers, "See you guys later," to Echo and Rayray.

Jayden shakes the hand gently and lets go. He takes the candy given to him and begins biting down on the chain. A mimed 'thanks' given to the marine officer as Evan releases him.

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