BCH #021: Pyramid Fail
Pyramid Fail
Summary: Maia and Jayden show why they are pilots and not pyramid players. Lots of fail until Karthasi shows them how to properly do it.
Date: 041 BCH
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Off duty is a boring time when the ship is on dock. So to try to alleviate this, Maia has found the pyramid court in the rec deck. She's dressed in her sweats, though there's only a tank top on her top as she starts to run around the court dodging imaginary players before shooting the ball into the hoop. And woosh! She makes it! After it bounces around a bit.

"Woo!" she chirps merrily as it heads into the goal before rushing to get the ball again.

Jayden is an average player, but kmowing this place has an officail court might bring him here more often than not. "Nice shot, Gadget," he calls to the other pilot, as he unzips his sweatshirt.

Oh there's a new voice! She looks back and it's the new viper jockey as she picks up the ball and peers towards him. "Up fora game? Unless you're scared for losing to a girl." she says teasingly, wiping the sweat from her brow. She lets out a soft chuckle under her breath and waggles her brows at him. "Did you find the CAG yet?"

Oh ho! He is showing off. There's a little snerk on her end but she tries to flail and jump before falling down on the ground with a thud. Eeep. Her shoe was untied and she scrunches up her nose. "Wah, time out, time out!" she says, snickering as she starts to tie her shoes once more.

Jayden avoids the falling pilot and makes his trow. Even without an adversary the shot is wide, and Jay just chuckles at his lousy aim. The ball rolls towards Maia. "Frak…" he waits for her to lace her shoes.

"Okay, let's do this again." she says, chuckling softly as she scrambles for the ball. She has it now and starts to duck and weave, or at least she's trying to. Her eyes on are Jayden the entire time and she tries to go for one of those long distance shots, jumping as she throws the ball towards the other goal and…

Jayden flails one of his arms to block the shot. "Oh hades, no…" he watches the ball fly and hit close to the rim. He immidately runs for the ball and begins dodging any blocks by Maia.

Pyramid is a very physical game. Maia chuckles as she winces as the ball hits the rim and she starts to bum rush Jayden intending to tackle him. She slips though once more,her shoe laces becoming undone as she falls to the ground. "Frak!"

Jayden can't move out of the way fast enough and is tripped by the grounded Maia. He does manage to avoid falling over her, but he hits the deck too. "Man! We stink," he tells Gadget as he laughs now.

"This is why we're pilots and not professional pyramid players." she says with a hearty laugh, now bruised from her constant falls. She eyes him and grins wryly. "So yeah, we suck. Let's do something else before the wing loses two ofit's pilots due to pyramid off-duty injuries." she quips. "Major Hahn would be pissed."

Jayden just lays over the court and spreads his arms and legs. "Yeah, well I don't swim so," a pause, "Let's just lay her for a bit and enjoy." He closes his eyes and sighs with a smile.

"You don't swim? How did you pass your required tests? Unless you just mean you don't like swimming, which then I can understand that." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement as she catches her breath and continues to just lay there, sweaty and bruised.

"I dog-paddle," he teases with a smirk. He's on the ground with Maia close by. A forgotten pyramid ball close to the scoring board. "You should have been there, it was hilarious."

"Lame. Well it's not like you need to swim in space anyway. Silly viper jockeys." Maia says with a hearty laugh as she just rolls onto her back and stares up at the ceiling, finally catching her breath. There's a big black bruise on her arm from when she fell down hard from that terrible failure. "Well either way, this calls for some chocolate. I've been bringing people back and forth to Leonis, so I got a lot more chocolate. I'm sort of renting out more space in Captain Quinn's locker for chocolate in exchange for booze. So yeah. I think I'm up to fifty pounds now, of chocolate that is. Mmm, I could sure use some now."

Jayden raises a brow at Maia and gives her a grin, "So, if the world ends, I know where Leonis' sweets are stored." He chuckles and looks up to the ceiling as well, "I'm a lucky bastard."

Karthasi's sweatshirt hangs over her arms, folded, as they are, in front of her, low over her chest as if she were hugging the garment to her stomach. She's got a bit of that fresh-from-PT glow to her face and bare arms, and she pauses a few paces into the dedicated Pyramid space to just… feel out the place, as it were, eyes drinking in the feel of the place more than any particular detail, as evidenced by how long it takes her to notice that there are people taking a nap on the floor.

"Pfft, Leonian chocolate is all right. But I like Caprican dark and Gemenese milk chocolate so that's what I stocked up on." she says with a wry grin before she she spies the newcomer. "Oh hello!" Maia says with a bright smile. "And great news, it seems Kellan is here!" she says just bursting happyness at that.

Jayden rolls onto his side, if only to look at Maia and the entryway better. A two-fingered salute sent to Kar as she enters before he asking Maia, "Kellan?" He scratches his brow a bit.

Karthasi's attention comes back to this world at the greeting, a flash of momentary bafflement crossing her features before it's replaced by a meek smile, and she bends a little at the waist, lowering her head in a gesture of greeting to the both of them as she picks her way over a step at a time. "Are you looking for a third? Ah— but it seems you've just finished a game. Is he?" she then asks of Maia, brows rising, "But I thought he was assigned to another vessel. Is he on leave already?" she wonders.

"Actually he's here. He knew about my transfer upon promotiona while ago. The jerk just didn't tell me he was filing for a transfer immediately afterwards. He got a promotion as well anyway. He's the new marine exec officer." she says beaming brightly the entire time as she starts to ease on up, wincing as she still has the wind knocked out of her. She then peers at Jayden. "My boyfriend. If you want someone with bad pick up lines, ask him for some." she says with a hearty laugh.

Jayden ahhs and flips a thumb to Maia. To Kar, he just eyes the gal for a bit before speaking again, "Don't think we've met. Jayden Ekonomo." Formalities and all that.

Karthasi's surprised look fades into one of mild geniality, never quite pushing past reserved while still remaining friendly in aspect, arms folded tight in front of herself. "That's wonderful, Maia. You won't have to worry about your heartsickness, after all," she points out. "That was a very romantic gesture. You'll have to introduce me, sometime," she adds, then, pallid green gaze turning to Jayden, "Greje. Greje Karthasi. I head up Ecclesiastical Services aboard Cerberus," she explains herself, mild-voiced.

"I definitely will. Just watch out, he's a practical joker. We met when we were both on clean the latrine duty after I snapped at a superior officer and he pulled a practical joke on one." Maia explains with a wry grin before she dusts herself off. She then remembers the earlier offer of the game. "Oh we can play still if you'd like. Just a warning, Jayden and I are not good at all. I'd actually say we're close to being terrible."

Jayden ohs at Greje. "Pleasure." He rolls off the edge of the court and says, "You guys get it started. I like watching ladies sweat." More like wants to smoke, as he lights up a cig.

"I've…" Greje starts, a spark of amusement behind that first word, though it tapers off into a more muted sound, a smile pulling at the side of her mouth to no great effect, "Known practical jokers in the past. I think I'll be able to maintain proper composure," she assures Maia warmly. "Let's… uh…?" she looks aside while Jayden excuses himself, "Well, we could run some drills. All get back into practice. The first step to reading the scriptures is learning the alphabet, yes?" she goes on, some awkward note of half-laughter under that last statement, as if she thought she were telling a joke.

There's a bright smile on the ECO's features. "Most definitely. Drills would be better than what we were doing. We jumped into the deep end without learning how to swim." she says with a wink towards Jayden as she picks up the ball and tosses it to the chaplain.

Karthasi unfolds one arm out from under the other to snap the ball from the air, turn it and toss it into the air a short ways, then catch it again. "May I leave this over here by you?" she wonders, wandering after Jayden to leave her sweatshirt on the sidelines. Once that's squared away, she returns to the court, "Alright. I'll start at center, you run down the line for a pass and then try for a goal," she suggests, coming to the center and, already limbered up from her workout, she bends into a half-squat, one leg stretched out to her side as she sets the ball down in the safe zone.

Maia watches the chaplain stretch for a few moments. That's probably what she forgot to do and she squats as well, doing the splits for a few seconds before getting up, feeling more limber already. "Sounds good!" she replies as she starts running down the center at a decent pace, even ducking and weaving around imaginary players before waiting for the pass.

Karthasi counts beats with a rhythmic motion of her bent knee, then, once Maia comes into sight, she heaves to her feet into a sprint, two paces zigged and one more zagged before she tosses the ball in a firm pass to the line.

Now that there's no stressful situation, Maia catches the ball, does a quick spin around yet another imaginary player before dunking the ball into the hoop. She woos brightly, grinning the entire time. "That is much better than what was going on here earlier. At least my shoes stayed tied." she says with a hearty laugh before picking up the ball once more.

Jayden has been watching the girls drill while he smokes. Silent observer, he is.

Karthasi hustles back to center and lifts her hands for a catch, "Again," she calls, "Practice makes perfect." Just full of axiomatic wisdom today, isn't she? "When he's ready, maybe Jayden will run some interference," she speaks back in his direction, tilting her head without taking her eyes off of the ball.

"He may still be in shock from finding out my beau is on the ship." There's a teasing look to the Viper Jockey before she tosses the ball back to the chaplain ready to run the drill again. After a few moments, she starts running once more.

Jayden stubs his cig on the deck and gets up. "Fine. Fine. I'll get my ass tossed again," he says as he comes inot the court once more.

"Hm! Well, he found out the same time I did, and I haven't let it get in the way of the Game," Greje points out, pulling down to center and probably missing the point entirely. "Ah! Here he comes. Don't let her get the ball, Jayden," Greje warns him, staying on safe to give him a moment to get on top of Maia. Metaphorically.

Jayden is all for metaphors. "Sure. I block," he ansers greje and runs towards Maia to intercept. Call it humor if you must, Jay slips amd fumbles over the deck before hitting it completely.

That is a surprise. Bad luck is still on Jayden's side as she gains speed, hops over him and goes in for another slam drunk of sorts. It's then that she rushes towards her fellow el-tee. "You all right?" she asks, her brows furrowed while offering him a hand to get back up.

Karthasi breaks from the safe zone and is about to make the throw when she stops, there, run drifting to a jog, then a halt, ball held anxiously between her hands. "…" she adds her awkward silence to the bit as Maia gets to the pertinent question.

Jayden accepts the hand up with a snicker, "I did that on purpose, you kmow." Save some face, why don't ya!

"Right. Just like I purposely untied my shoes earlier." Maia says as she puls up Jayden and grins wryly. "We can try again." she says with a sage nod.

"Why don't" Greje speaks up, "Why don't you make the pass, it's" 'safer,' is probably the word she wants, there, but… she doesn't say it out loud. It's only heavily implied.

Jayden nods to Greje and takes the ball, "Alright. That I can do," he says, getting ready for the pass drill. Hopefully, there won't be a need for a medic anytime soon.

"I'm ready whenever you are, Jayden." Maia tells him as she heads on over to the other side to try to repeat the same drill once more.

Karthasi passes the ball off to Jayden. Well, hands it to him, in any case, then breaks into a little jog to head up after Maia and turn to give her the shoulder, ready to keep well in her way. This isn't her first time playing Pyramid, nope.

Jog, jog. At least Maia doesn't trip on the way as she runs waiting for the pass. It's just that she isn't that focused either. A quick pass just might be intercepted by the more experienced chaplain. Who knows?

Jayden rubs his temple a bit, and gets ready for a throw. "Alright, girls. Break!" He takes a short jog forward before fake-pumping his arm for the pass. When he sees an open spot, he shoots into it.

Karthasi keeps up with Maia, jostling back against her a little with a shoulder, reaching up to snap the intercept, but missing it by a good margin.

Woosh! The ball sails past missing both women before she chuckles softly once more. "Looks like we do need more practice. Think there'll be any pyramid players on board the quodel?" Maia asks.

Jayden scampers off to pick up the ball after it fails to meet any of the girls' hands. "Let's hope so, cause…" soft chuckle, " We ruin the game." Another twirl of the ball over his index, and he bounces back to the ladies.

"I hear Scorpia's quorum delegate throws a lovely sharp pass," Greje intones the words lightly, delicately, and with a hint of delight behind the words, some real love for this game hiding behind her reserved experior. "We're just getting into the swing of things. We'll pick up. Here, let's corner around the safe zone and throw passes." Can't get much simpler than that, eh?

"I'd love to, but I suddenly remembered something I had to do. I was talking with logistics and making a cake to welcome the new people. Lemme just check on that and I'll be right back!" she says with a bright smile as she runs off.


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