Psyche "Bubbles" Devlin

"I'm a girl. I'm the girliest frakking girl that ever skipped over to squee at a basket full of kittens. I own my girliness."

Lieutenant Psyche Orphea Devlin
Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon as Psyche Orphea Devlin
Alias: Bubbles
Age: 28
Features: Petite, blonde hair, blue eyes — usually chewing bubble gum
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Pilot, VF-154, Black Knights


Psyche didn't grow up wanting to be a pilot. She majored in fashion design and minored in 'trophy wife' — until she was jilted by her fiance in her senior year of college.

Immediate Family

Alistair Athenos Psyche's father. Television and film producer; Caprica's answer to Aaron Spelling. PRESUMED DECEASED
Belladonna Athenos Psyche's mother, society maven and cause de celebre activist. Moved to Aquaria after a high-profile and extremely lucrative divorce when Psyche was three. PRESUMED DECEASED
Ensign Alexis T. Devlin Psyche's husband, married 26 September 2041.

Service Jacket

Physical Features

She's blonde and petite, her hair cropped in a cute little bob about the length of her impishly pointed chin. Big blue eyes are set wide and winsome in a cherub-cheeked, pixie-featured face, pert-nosed and dimpled. Her mouth is too generous to be called a cupid bow, but has those curves, and often seems to be in collusion with her eyes to put her heart right out there on her sleeve. The total effect? It's kind of like Barbie, but without the grossly disproportionate rack. At present, her hair is worn parted rakishly on the side, tumbling over her brow in artfully messy, goldilocks waves. Her fingernails are beautifully shaped and manicured, painted with a brilliant coat of iridescent sparkles.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra "Toast" Hahn: I've never met anybody as strong or as sad. She's tragic and beautiful and of course she scares me a little. I don't know if you get to be an effective leader without cultivating a little scary. The decisions she has to make, and has made, are pretty much the reason I want to stay a minor officer forever and ever, so say we all. Sweet Aphrodite, blessed Athena, I love and am grateful for this woman… but I don't ever want to be her.
Quinn_icon.jpg Captain Margaret "Jugs" Quinn: I like Maggie. She seems like a really sweet lady. Getting knocked up by Uncle Clive was an interesting decision, but hey. Humanity does need to keep breeding, right? It'll be kind of exciting and life-affirming to have a baby around. I just kind of hope they bunk her and the pilot-larva somewhere else, y'know? … I'm a bad person.
Evandreus_icon.jpg Lieutenant (JG) Evandreus "Bunny" Doe: Bunny gives the best hugs and snuggles of anyone in the universe — save for Alex, of course. From the very first, his unconditional love and gentle spirit have made him someone I've clung to; his acceptance and wise advice make it easy to tell him anything. If you ever need someone to remind you what it is to be human, Bunnyheart is it.
Marko_icon.jpg Lieutenant (JG) Marko "Flasher" Scaurus: An incredibly sweet guy, he and Lunie have been making eyes at one another pretty much since day one. It's adorable, but tie the frakking knot already!
Leyla_icon.jpg Lieutenant (JG) Leyla "Sweet Pea" Aydin: Seems like a nice person — like, in a very unvarnished, no-bullshit way, which I really like. Also, short. I appreciate it when people don't tower over me TOO much.
Bran_icon.jpg Lieutenant (JG) Sam "Pens" Bran: Pens seems like a bright guy with a sense of humor, one who keeps it cool in tense situations. It was good to have him along on the visit to the Areion, sort of as a foil to Trask. Not that it helped much.
Trask_icon.jpg Lieutenant Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: Trask is a dick. *sigh* Y'know? I was going to be all pithy and clever and leave it at that, but really, Trask is a dick. I mean, for frak's sake, you brain-damaged, self-obsessed, slavering mutant ego monster — there is no more class. There is no more privilege. We are all down here in the shit together. Get. The frak. OVER IT.



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