PHD #409: Protective Custody
Protective Custody
Summary: Sawyer is in good hands, back among friends.
Date: 11 April 2042 AE
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Sawyer Evandreus Kincaid 
Pilot Berths - Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #409

It's true that the illegal detainees were released in the early hours of the morning. And after Sawyer has escaped the detention known as Sickbay, she's somehow once more found herself back in Pilot Berthings. Having relinquished her bunk for incoming graduated Nuggets, it's Kal's that she's tucked up in, stretched out on the mattress with the blanket pulled up to her Navy t-shirted chest. An open curtain reveal she's in there with her reading glasses sitting low on her nose while she works her way through a worn looking novel.

Evandreus slips in from CAP and a pit stop by the head to wash his neck and face. He's peeling out of his flightsuit like a snake out of his skin, the arms slapping against the raised lip of the hatch as he hop-hops on over, one foot at a time, his tank top pulled up and wrapped around both hands as he dries his face with it, leaving an upside-down impression like a death shroud when he lets the fabric flip down against his tummy again. "Soybean?" Is that her? He ducks to the side a little bit to get a better peek, then veers to like an eel and slinks on in there with her. "Is that you?" Or merely an hallucination, the only presumable other option.

Without the benefit (and all together geriatic) little libarianesque string that could hold a pair of glasses around her neck were she to lower them, Sawyer instead must opt to push them up on her clean hair. Her blissfully clean hair. "Yeah, it's me. Fresh out of the insane asylum known as Areion." Her voice is a little raspy, but that's what happens when you're a bit sleep deprived.

Evandreus crawls on hands and knees once he gets onto the bedding, barely making it a knee and a half before he's flopping down next to her and snugging her up in his arms, his legs all tied up in the armsleeves of his flightsuit. He didn't quite make it to eye level, so when he looks up into Sawyer's eyes its at almost a canine angle. "What the frak's going on over there?" he wonders, tender-voiced. "We got these memos saying that transports were suspended, and everyone's around with guns in hand…" but he obviously has very little idea of what is transpiring, except for Sawyer Was Gone and Now Is Back.

Were it any other man crawling up here, Sawyer might have concern. Well, except Trask, but that goes without saying. Evan being Evan, she just makes room for him by moving her arm out of his way, and closing the book she was reading to give him her attention. "Sergeant Constin said they were operating under illegal means. Those that were taken were accused of being potential Cylon agents. They think I'm a skinjob. Or did. They're completely off the reservation, that's what's going on over there."

Danny Kincaid rarely looks scared. Right now? He looks scared. He enters the Pilot's Berths — her old living space, of course. And he's looking for someone in particular. "Sawyer?" he calls out. Then, louder: "Sawyer?"

Evandreus has just crawled up into Kal's bunk and interrupted the Soybean from her reading a book. His arm draped lazily over her hip, the arms of his flightsuit entwined around his legs like the vines of Dionysus' around the mast of a ship, he holds her eyebeams in his while she explains the situation for the fellow who's been locked in Sickbay for the better part of the drama. "The hell? Why'd they think that?" his brow all cloudy, like a sullen child asking why he has to eat his vegetables. "At least they let you go. What was the secret not-a-cylon password? Did you have to tell them the alpha lineup of the Picon Panthers or something?"

"I'm here, Danny. Over here. Up here." Sure the directions are vague, but surely he can follow her voice. Sawyer recognized his, of course. While she waits for him to wander over, her attention turns back to Evan, her fingertips separating the strands of his hair, "Because I pissed in someone's breakfast cereal, I guess. They strapped us to chairs, and they interrogated us. Over and over." It's said thickly, like one still trying to come to terms with that very fact. She's still showing signs of chafe marks around her wrist, and no doubt the psychological implications will take even longer to fade.

And so over Kincaid wanders, though it's no so much a wander as it is a bolt. He heads right on over — over there, up there, wherever that is. "Sawyer. Hey. Sawyer. I went to the infirmary, but they said they released you down here. Said that — said that you had some problems sleeping." Putting it gently.

Evandreus draws his fingers to the Soybean's wrist, tracing them over the run-roughshod skin with a touch like a feather and a mournful look. "Frak them. Seriously, what gives, them pulling this kind of crap?" This is the Bunny, angry. It comes across more as whining than anything else. But there's some seed planted, taking slow root behind his eyes. Some notion that This Should Be Fixed. "What do you need me to do, Soybean? You just say, y'know?" he tells her. She sat by him, after all, when he was broken. He cranes his neck to peep at Kincake, then sits up slowly, that she may more easily converse with her visitor.

The corner of Sawyer's eye ticks when Evan touches that sensative skin, "I hope that's the question Pewter is asking right now." She tells Evan earnestly. "Do you two know each other? Evan this is Danny, Danny…Evan." Her foot presses into the mattress, propping herself up a bit more so she's more sitting than laying. "Leave it to those assholes, right? Three days wasn't enough, they had to go and ruin my first eight hour stretch of sleep by making an appearance in my dreams, too. I'm okay. Guys? I'm okay. I keep jumping at every little sound, but I've been told that will fade. And supposedly no lasting effects from being strapped in The Gun chamber."

"Yeah. I mean. I know they're liars, but I don't think they lied about that part, Sawyer. They've apparently tested every person on Areion, all the way up the chain. Or so they tell me." Kincaid does his best to comfort Sawyer, even as he tosses his head in a nod to Evan. 'Hey, there,' says the nod. "I know you'll be okay, Sawyer. But it doesn't mean we won't be there while you get there."

Evandreus takes a moment to unwind his arms from around his legs, pulling his feet in to sit criss-cross, hands on his knees except for when he lifts one to wave to Danny. "Gun chamber?" Evan bristles a little bit at the sound of the place. Then, reality clicks into place. "Oh, sweet Lady, -that- gun? They're shooting it at people, now? That's going too far, guys, for serious. Someone needs to take that thing out."

"It doesn't condone what they did, Danny, just because they did it to themselves first. There was no justice, no laws governing what they were doing. They…" Sawyer's eyes well with tears, but she just rolls her eyes towards the ceiling of the bunk so they won't shed. "I get the advantages of it. I do. But not the application of it. Not in their hands." Yes. That gun.

"I know that, Sawyer. I know." Danny's voice is low, soothing. Or at least tries to be that. "And that's why we're going to nail them. We're going to get what happened during the Abbot trial and we're going to nail them. I've got —" He pauses. "I've got some good leads." His voice falters somewhat; that might not be quite true. But he presses on with it.

Evandreus's own cogitations on the matter of the gun and/or vengeance roll inward rather than outward, Evan withdrawing slightly, even physically, pulling his knees up toward himself as his cheeks flush pinkish with an internal agitation that clashes with his genial and pacifistic demeanor. "I never liked guns, y'know? No good ever comes out of them," he finally posits as a general truth.

"You stick them Danny. And when you do? I want to be right there along side you when you do it. I want to see Kepner fry." Sawyer knuckles the corners of her eyes and clears her throat, keeping that wounded emotion at bay which is aided as she hiccups a laugh at Evan. "Says the man who joined the military."

"You know you will be, Sawyer. You're a better investigative partner than the partner I've got assigned to me. You'll always be my partner." Kincaid musters up a smile. Soothe. Soothe. Soothe the wounded SawyerCat. "And we'll get 'em together."

"Hey, no guns on my boat unless I'm toting ducklings," Evan defends his line of work with a pale smile. "Or… there weren't until we started playing magnifying glass for that damned thing over there." Because this whole thing is the Gun's fault, obvs. There's a note almost like paranoia in the statement, smile fading back into a field of surl.

Sawyer pulls her reading glasses off the top of her head, folding the arms of it by touching them to clavicle. Click. click. "I'll be ready for the fight. Just…just give me a couple days." Because she's not as strong as she pretends to be. "You boys mind if I laid down now? I hate to be a bad hostess, but the sleeping pills they gave me are kicking in. I was only reading until they did." Old pulp noir books, by the look of it.

Kincaid leans down and kisses Sawyer gently on her forehead. "'Course, Sawyer. I'll get working on that groundwork so you can just come in and share all the glory when Kepner gets taken down." He winks and then turns. "Take care, Evan. See you guys soon."

Evandreus comes out from behind the clouds as Sawyer says she's bedding down, shaking his head briskly a few degrees back and forth, just the once, lips tight. "See ya, guy," he tells Danny. "You want me to head along, Soybean love?" he wonders at her gently. He will, if she asks him to, of course.

"That's my Em-Oh." Sawyer tells Danny as she curls up against the pillow, smiling slightly at the kiss when he takes his leave. "Yeah, thanks Evan. If you could just…just check on me in a half hour and make sure I'm out? Kal's still on CAP, I think…"

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