PHD #340: Proper Middie Wright
Proper Middie Wright
Summary: Shiner tells Devlin about the progress he's been making as a proper nugget; pretty much everything else said is some level of improper.
Date: 01 Feb 2042 AE
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MV Elpis - Gym
The gym on the Elpis is big. It has a climbing wall, and more importantly, the stretching area where this scene takes place. Also some other things.
Post-Holocaust Day: #340

Shiner is just stretching, seated over in a corner. He's got his top half bare (best not to ask) but somewhat sweaty, and his hands are chalky white. He's just reaching down to his feet to stretch the hamstrings, with his bag (and crumpled shirt) beside him.

Devlin must have been off in some other corner of the gym (for all its equipment limitations, it's a pretty big space), since when he jogs over to the stretching area he's already sweating as well. Shirt is lifted to wipe his face, and then he spots Shiner and waves, reaching up to tug headphones out of his ears, rock music blaring tinnily for a moment before he gets his player switched off. "Hey man," he greets, "How's it going? I hear they made you a nugget officially, that true?"

Shiner looks up, touching his forehead in vague salute with two fingers, leaving a chalky mark there. "Yo, dude. Yep, they've finally given up on trying to get me to drop out, I reckon." He flashes an easy grin. "So it's proper Middie Wright and everything now. I did my first landing the other day and everything, you'd have been proud of me."

Sonja is wondering again, as is normal for the snowjob of a nugget, and where does she wonder too why the gym on the Civie ship, because everyone knows how exciting it is over here, fights none withstanding. "Hey Devlin!" She says, remembering him from her first few days as a nugget. "I haven't seen you in forever." She nudges Shiner as she comes to join the two men. "They haven't even let me land a bird yet, how you manage that?" She asks astonished.

Shiner quips deadpan to Sonja, "Because I'm hot."

"Awesome, man! Congratulations," Devlin offers a wide smile as he steps onto the mat, pulling one foot up behind him to stretch, "How're you liking the recruit berths?" he asks, "Enjoy it while you're in there, it's less crowded than the pilots'." He smiles at Sonja as she wanders up, replying, "Hi. I… don't remember your name. Sorry! And I think he means in the sims," he adds of Shiner, "That or he's sleeping with Boostrap. You know."

Sonja sighs softly at Shiner. "You know, you aint all that goodlooking Lieutenant Watters, is goodlooking and Lieutenant Duncan." She teases Shiner, with a grin. "You, hmmm your kinda okay." She waves her hand back and forth. "And I'm Sonja Lyon, we meet join my first week here, you were ahead of me in training, so I figured we wouldn't have had the chance to see much of one another." She then glances at Shiner. "You cheating on me!"

"What can I say, Bootstrap is just a dreamy hunk of man meat," Shiner replies solemnly, then grins, switching his stretching to the other leg. "Nah, he's right. In the sims, but still. I got to land, first time up. And I didn't crash or anything. Nobody died. Oh, dude, Decoy, sir? I've been told I should claim the bunk next to yours when I qualify. So I can film you guys and sell the X-rated vids," he adds with a grin, rolling away to stand. "So make it good for the camera, okay?"

"Ain't that the truth," Devlin agrees with equal faux-seriousness. He switches to balancing on his other foot, and then nods at Sonja, "Oh, yeah, okay. I've seen you around. Sorry, I got so caught up in training I didn't really spend much time with most people. And that's sweet, Shiner, nice job. Huh?" He blinks and then laughs, grinning, "Who suggested that? And dude, no way. You'd have to give us at least seventy percent of whatever you made. You think we haven't thought of this already?"

Sonja looks rather confused as the two men seem to be talking about something she has no idea. "Huh, what…Eh do I wanna know." She asks, joining the little stretching circle. "And Shiner, is sex all you think about surely you can but some of that unspent energy else where like I don't know flying or write a book or something, if you was back at my folk's farm, my pops would have you running laps." She shakes her head, though he is rather amusing and fun to hang with.

"Sometimes I think about food, too," Shiner protests. "But yeah, mostly sex. Sex beats a cheese sandwich any day, right? How about fifty fifty, sir? That seems fair. As long as you're putting in the effort to play to the cameras."

Devlin glances over at Sonja, and shakes his head, "Probably not." As she goes on at Shiner, he snorts, laughing a little, and running a hand over his hair before stretching an arm across his chest. "Fifty-fifty?" he scoffs at the Raptor nugget, grinning, "Why don't we just go set up a camera on a tripod ourselves and get a hundred? You should be paying us for the privilege of the live show."

Sonja glances between the two then assumes. "Oh I think I get you now, you like to frak in your bunk with your beau." She frowns at Shiner. "Food, not what they serve here, and right now a burger sounds better then a Frak, I can get one of them any time. I just have to find someone desperate like…" She grins at Shiner. "Middy Wright here." She then suggest to Devlin. "Find a storage cloest, that's what me and some marine did earlier. Noone to bother you then."

"You should be paying me for disturbing my night's rest!" Shiner counters, aiming a light punch for the other man's shoulder. He glances back to Sonja, noting with a grin, "I'm not desperate, I'm just not picky. You'd do, even."

Devlin blinks at Sonja. "Beau?" he echoes, brows furrowing a little, and then shakes his head, "I have a wife. She's a woman. Never learnt much Virgan but pretty sure 'beaus' are only men. And I know about storage closests already. But… thanks." He eyes the young woman a bit askance for a second and then turns back to punch Shiner's shoulder in return, replying, "Then don't pick the bunk next to ours! It's not that crowded, you've got choices. One over Spiral's still open. You two'd get along awesome."

Sonja blushes a little. "Oh, I didn't know that, I'm kinda from the back and beyond I've been hearing all sorts of new words and sayings. Teaches me to use em without knowing their full meaning." She says. "I didn't know you was married, is this recent." She asks, looking kinda happy. "Nice to hear normal things still happens, like people being married and all that….And Shiner, I've had plenty of people whom have found my what did you call em? No "tits" status just fine." She tosses her long white hair at him and turns to Devlin. "But anyway, I apologies didn't mean to place a wrong name on your wife."

Shiner grins at Devlin. "Nah, I figure I'll take the bunk by yours. Keep that pretty wife of yours company when you're out on CAP, see? I'm all heart, me."

Devlin shrugs at Sonja and replies, "I mean, I dunno, I've just heard people say it a couple times. And I knew I guy named Beau, once. Anyways, yeah, we got married about four months ago." He blinks a couple times, glancing between Sonja and Shiner before waving off the former's apology. "That's ok. And no way," he laughs, "I'm not letting you annoy her whenever I'm not home. Besides," he grins, "Wouldn't be fair, would it? You spending so much of your time on her when there are so many other girls out there, lonely, just desperate for some guy that's all heart to come brighten her day? I mean, somebody's gotta pick up my slack, dude, now I'm retired. Aren't you up for it?"

Sonja nods her head slowly. "Well congratulations sorry I missed it, I must have been knee deep in my basic training." She glances at Shiner. "I envy the fact you, had military experience before being thrust into this, I can't even seem to get radio protcal down, Drips has been trying to get it into my skull." She sighs. "All this, callsign, other person's call signn frak before saying something. What ever happened to hey pops over here?"

"Oh yeah," Shiner points out drily. "While you were off learning to fly, I was getting the glory jobs on the deck. You ever seen Henry?"

"Yeah, no worries," Alex shrugs at Sonja, "We didn't have a big party or anything like Flasher and Lunair, so most people missed it happening." He stretches his other arm and shrugs at her troubles, "You'll get used to it. Just takes some time. Kinda the least of your worries, though, you know? Way more important stuff." He chuckles at Shiner, and adds helpfully, "Driving Henry is probably the most important job on the deck. They picked Shiner special, 'cause he worked so hard and is so pretty."

Sonja nods her head absently at Devlin and then just goes back to stretching until they mention Henry. "No idea what that is, I'm totally out of the loop on everything, unless someone tells me…I don't even have a part in this up coming mission, which is okay I guess no use throwing someone as green as me into the mix, right?"

Shiner grins. "If I tell you that Henry was vital, but unpopular, before they plumbed in the head for the starboard hangar deck? Yeah." He thumbs up. "Join the fleet! See the universe! Suck shit!" He casually notes to Sonja, "I've been requested for this next mission. Lieutenant Vandenberg wants me for it. I beat all her marines in that course they had set up, see?"

Devlin snickers at Shiner and then shrugs at Sonja, saying, "I mean, yeah, they're not going to let you fly a mission until you're graduated and commissioned. You're not on the flight board 'til then. You have to finish all the training and do supervised CAP and stuff for a bit first and then see how you do." He turns back to peer at Shiner then, surprised, "You mean that EVA thing they had in the pool? Really? Wow, that'll be nuts."

Sonja nods her head slowly at the pair and moves away. "Well I'll leave you two to it." She says softly. "Nice seeing you again Devlin." And with that she with draws to another area of the jump and begins her two hours of intence work out.

Shiner nods proudly. "Yep. For that EVA thing. They need guys with experience on the deck, who can handle EVA conditions. Check, and check."

Sonja leaves, heading towards the Elpis Corridor [Corridor].
Sonja has left.

Devlin lifts a hand to wave at Sonja, saying, "See you around. Good luck with training." His smile is friendly and then he turns back to Shiner to nod, "Awesome, man. That'll be intense. And totally dangerous, I hear. Cool."

"Well, not /that/ dangerous, right?" Shiner falters a moment, brows drawing together. "I mean, like, they wouldn't send us in if we weren't going to be able to do it, right?"

"Nah, I'm sure just, like… awesome dangerous, not like you're actually gonna die dangerous," Devlin says, "I mean, they wouldn't volunteer you if it was a suicide mission, they let people pick." He scratches at the back of his head and shrugs, "I mean, the Chief or the marine… Vanwhatever, you said? I bet they could tell you."

"Lieutenant Vandenberg totally wants my body," Shiner explains, chewing his lip thoughtfully. "No way she's sending this hot body on some suicide mission."

Devlin laughs, "Yeah, I bet," he grins, then admits, "I mean, I've never met her, I don't think. Maybe she does." He shrugs a bit, and then asks, "So that Sonja girl. What was up with that? Did you sleep with her or something?"

Shiner glances back over towards Sonja. "Snowjob? Nah I haven't frakked her yet. I'm not that desperate yet. But it's always nice to know you /could/, right? I'll work my way through the women with boobs, first. I had this frakking awesome marine the other night, though. Real spitfire, she was."

"Snowjob?" Devlin snickers, "Nice, I like that. I mean, what, is she an albino or whatever? Secretly a hundred? I've never seen hair like that expect on old people." He rolls his head around, absently cracking his neck, and then nods, "Yeah, way she dropped that bit about frakking some marine in a storage closet earlier sure made it sound like she wouldn't be much trouble. What, you too? Not the same marine as her, I hope," he jokes, and then asks, "Not this Vandenberg chick, I'm guessing?"

"Snowjob. Like oral sex on an eskimo, right," Shiner agrees, taking up his bag and settling it at his hip. Not actually leaving yet, but readying to. "Nah, not Vandenberg. This Lance with a gimpy foot who's working for the MPs. Goes like a rocket powered rocking horse, seriously, dude."

Devlin snorts, "Yeah." He makes a face, and shakes himself a little, "That weirds me out, dude. Unngh." He scratches at his chest and then grins at the description, replying, "Sweet. Nice when you don't really have to do any work, huh?"

"Totally," Shiner agrees, hoisting the bag to his shoulder. "I mean, a guy can read the paper at the same time, right?" He grins, lifting his free hand for a high five. "Look, I need to get going, dude. I'll see you around, okay?"

"Dunno, man, if you can focus on reading the paper, I'm not sure she's doing it right," Alex replies with a grin. He slaps Shiner five and then nods, "See you around. Good luck with everything!"

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