PHD #113: Promise Kept
Promise Kept
Summary: Allie and Lauren talk after their return to the Cerberus.
Date: 19 Jun 2041
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Coll Alessandra 
Recovery Room
A much more quiet area of Medical, this elongated room is also lined with beds. Each is similarly outfitted with privacy curtains as necessary and even the paint on the walls has been lightened in an attempt to help lift spirits. Chairs are readily available all over the place so that visitors can pull one up to talk to the patients during their recovery. Near the entrance, visiting hours are posted with a very conspicuous 'No Smoking' sign.
Post-Holocaust Day: #113

Emergency surgery kept the Crewman alive but she was unconscious for most of the ride back. She's covered in bandages all over her torso, the mangled flightsuit she worse down there is folded and lain on the floor beside her bed with those flight wing looking up to the sky. The heart monitor ticks silently, indicating that she's at least alive. But with her eyes closed, she looks like she could be dead for all the blood she's lost.

Alessandra's come up here under her own power, in need of treatment for some pretty nasty burns she got when her Viper was blown up around her but otherwise functional and awake. She'll undoubtedly need some treatment later on down the road but she's non-emergent, meaning she can wait while those who were more seriously injured can be taken care of. She's got an IV in her arm and is being given a steady drip of morpha, it causing her to be groggy but awake, left to watch Coll as she rests.

Coll slowly comes around. Sometimes you can just feel people watching you. The woman's eyes barely open and she tries to squint as she looks up to Alessandra. "Lucky?" Her voice is hoarse and scratchy. "L-Lieutenant?" She swallows, anything to try and wet that desert-like throat. "Home?" She tries to look around without moving her head.

There's a slight pause, the silence lingering for a moment as she considers Lauren. The injured deckhand is simply nodded to at first as she moves closer, her IV towed along for the few feet she has to cross to get by her bed. "Hey, Coll. Yup. We're home." She shakes her head and chuckles, a dry, humorless one that does well to make her mood known. "You were awesome down there, Lauren. You were great. I'm proud of you."

Lauren lifts her eyes back to Allie. Her lips stretch towards a smile. She wants to soo badly but its just too much effort. "Never thought I'd be back here." Could be the morpha, but her eyes glass over. The last comments have her eyes fall away but teh smile doesn't leave. "Thanks..sir. Tried m'best." A weak cough racks her. "I didn't see you there. I was worried."

"I was pretty much balls to the walls once I hit dirt so yeah, not surprised you didn't see me." Alessandra reaches over to put her hand atop of Lauren's, Lucky trying to comfort her. "I think once you are recovered we're all going to need to throw ourselves a party. Get shit faced and cause general havoc. What do you say?" The cough has her wincing, Allie remembering when she was injured and coughing, how bad it hurt. Of course she's now looking around for a nurse or a doctor or someone. Just to have them check on her friend.

Coll nods slowly by way of a slow blink. "I was a little busy." She tries for another of those smiles. The touch of her hand brings a gentle sigh of relief. "I am so totally okay..with that." She catches her breath in the middle. "But officers and enlisted?" Another pause. "We're not frat. …Frak it." There's a nurse standing nearby checking on Constin, who is passed out in a bed with his own IV's.

Alessandra snorts indelicately, that being in regards to the mention of the fraternization regs. "I think we can make an exception," she says with a good-natured roll of her eyes. "Don't worry. Under the circumstances, I think we all deserve it." The glance towards Constin has Allie looking that way as well, her mood sinking a bit further into the abyss. "How bad is he," she asks softly, her voice dropping as if she was afraid of rousing him or whatever.

"Yeah. I am so, so in.. agreement. No idea how long I'll be in here, though." Her voice comes so slowly and weakly. "Could you speak up a bit? My ears.." Her hearing is probably shot to hell from that firefight. Coll's eyes fall to Constin then. "He jumped onto the Raptor. Got me medical attention. That's the last I really remember. Woke up here with you. I really hope he's okay."

Alessandra ohs and nods. "Yeah, sure," she says, speaking up when asked to. "I'm sure he is but you can always ask a nurse when they come by to check on you." Not doing so good with this aspect of being in the recovery ward, Allie fidgets a bit, pulling a bit of the covers over Lauren's body a bit to make sure she stays warm. "Told you we wouldn't leave anyone behind," she gets out around a knot in her throat, being tired and worn mentally along with physically leaving her almost in tears.

Coll does another one of those slow blinks and looks back up to Allie as she tucks the covers up more. "Thanks." Its a whispered word. When she talks about the rescue, Coll speaks up again. "I appreciate it, sir. But you didn't have to. We were all ready." Something flashes across her mind and a tear leaves her eye, trailing down quickly into her matted hair. " flightsuit here? The one I came back in?"

"No one will be left behind, Lauren. Never. Not if I can help it…" Allie starts to remind Coll but then she queries about the flightsuit and she looks around, finally finding it where it had been put aside. "Yeah. It's' here." She doesn't pick it up yet, though. It's looked at, however, something about it getting her to stare, her own tears starting to fall.

"I know. But you could have. It would have been okay. I just wanted to make sure everyone was alright. Sitting on the concrete pile? I was ready. Its okay, though." Its not a full smile, but a look as if to help settle Allie's mind. "Can you?" Coll tilts her head slowly to see where Allie is looking. The chest of the suit is just ripped and shredded in a bunch of places. Another hole in the side by her abdomen. Another on the right bicep. There's no way it will ever see service again. "In my leg pockets? Can you make sure they are full?"

Alessandra simply nods although with how she doesn't speak afterward it's impossible to tell just what it is she's nodding to, it either one of understanding to how Lauren felt or in reply to having been asked to look. Bending over, she almost picks up the flightsuit but stops short from doing so, the stench that wafts from the ruined gear getting her to stand up straight. It's checked by being poked at with the toe of a boot instead, it resulting in the muffled sound of metal clinking against metal. "Yeah, hey. They're full. What's in them, Coll?

"Heh. Sorry. Bet it doesn't smell great." Coll watches as Allie nudges the pockets and Lauren's eyes close. She looks to be quite at peace. "Dogtags. All those deckhands and pilots? At the base hangar?" Another swallow and she looks up to Alessandra again. "I couldn't leave without them. Nobody left behind."

Alessandra's face pales a bit when Coll explains but no more tears fall, her brain now lulled into a pleasantly blank spot where not much in the way of emotions can reach it. Yay drugs. "That was a great idea. You know what you're going to do with them yet?" Another soft clink sounds as she butts her boot against the bulging pockets and then she looks around for a chair, one found after a few seconds, that claimed and sat upon.

Coll watches the face of Allie. "Don't know. Not even sure why I took them. It just..felt right. Someone should have. Even said a little prayer over them." Her eyes trail and she finally notices Allie's hooked up to an IV. "What happened to you? Are you okay?"

"Well, if you need help figuring out something to do let me know. Maybe it's something we can work on together, if you'd like." Not that Allie would be able to come up with something on the fly, that being something that'll need some thought given to it. When she is questioned about what happened to her she looks up, her eyes lifted to the ceiling and then she tracks Coll's line of sight until she sees what it is the other one's gazing at. "Frakking Viper was hit and exploded. Got some burns." Those being along the left side of her neck, and down her left arm and that hand, all of which were quickly bandaged when she was triaged but haven't been fussed with since then. "Guess they wanted to make sure I'd stay painfree…" There's probably some antibiotics in the drip, too, "…not that it hurts that bad. They should have saved the morpha for someone else."

Coll would probably shrug if she could. As it is, the woman doesn't look capable of doing much of anything except looking around. "Maybe. I don't know, though. I just didn't think we should leave them there. We never had the time or concealment to bury them. I wanted to, though." Lauren's eyes stay fixed on the ground, her expression solemn and a little sad. "Sorry you got burned, though. I wouldn't worry about the drugs, either. I know I am one hundred percent pain free." She looks up, that smile trying to rise once more, but she lids her eyes a bit. Probably taken a lot out of her. "I'm glad you made it out, Allie…" She whispers as her eyes close.

"They will be laid to rest soon, Lauren. We will find a way." When Lauren looks like she's about to drift off after talking for a bit longer Allie stands up, her brow knitted together. "I'm glad you're home…" she starts to say but is then tapped on the shoulder by one of the medics who motions for her to follow him, probably to finally get looked at. "You rest, Coll. Will see you later." And that's the last she says, Allie now back to being silent as she toddles off after the medical person.

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