Light Cruiser Prometheus (CLC-15918)



A beautiful, top of the line light Cruiser, CLC-15918 Prometheus rolled off the assembly line only five years ago. With all of the modern equipment that make the Hestia-class cruisers the assignment of choice among grunts and brass alike, the Prometheus boasted an experimental engine design that gave her more ‘bang for the buck’. Light and maneuverable, despite her size, the Prometheus carries bleeding edge weaponry as well as a formidable DRADIS array. Smaller than Escort Carriers, but larger than most Frigate class ships, the Prometheus boasted a 3600 foot interior and a crew component of 3,282 souls.


CLC-15918 Prometheus was attached to the prestigious BSG-32 (Battlestar Group 32) "Eris". As a whole, Group 32 flexed between local and ranging defense, with many interwoven tours up to the Arm Line and back again. The Prometheus has served with distinction and there are rumors of plans to take the engine design out of ‘Beta’ and over to production in the near-term.

Command Staff

  • Colonel Brent Williams, Commanding Officer: A gentleman, Colonel Williams was a man to follow. He leads with the natural ability that comes of breeding and wealth. His style is exacting and precise and he accepts nothing less than the same of his staff. Those who do not measure up tend to be reassigned elsewhere. He inspires his crew as much with native ability as his impressive row of degrees.
  • Major Evelyn Harris, Executive Officer: Major Harris is a career gal and then some. Tough, certain and as exacting as her commander, she would have made an excellent drill sergeant. Where Williams leads with finesse, Harris is more than willing to bodily drag any reluctant recruits into line. The two make a uniquely suited pair. She supports his decisions 100% in public. In private, however, it is rumored that each sees the other as 'what is wrong with the modern military'.

Prior Crew

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