Erik "Bulge" Pridgeon
Petty Officer 1st Class Erik Pridgeon
Keith David
Keith David as Erik Pridgeon
Alias: Bulge
Age: 34
Features: Loud voice, wide face, big smile
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
Department: Support
Position: Chief Culinary Specialist


Erik Pridgeon is the Chief Culinary Specialist aboard Battlestar Cerberus. Having dropped out of culinary school after being reprimanded for his over-reliance on his deep-fryer, he found a ready home in the Colonial Fleet. Loud, boisterous, and crude, Bulge (he wears his nickname proudly!) has deployed his not insignificant skills to the betterment of hungry crews across the Fleet, and it's said that no man has ever demonstrated such mastery of the mass-produced casserole — that staple of galleys everywhere.

In what spare time he has, Bulge dabbles in graphic design, and before the Colonies fell, he had a profitable part-time career as a small-time artist. He keeps the only remnant of that life above his bunk: a self-portrait done in his usual style, framed and signed by his wife and four children.

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