PHD #222: Power Lines
PHD #222: Power Lines
Summary: Belgoin's inspection is pleasantly interrupted by Cilusia and her broken Viper. Later, the Captain runs into a Roomba.
Date: 06 Oct 2041 AE
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Repair Bay - Hangar Deck - Battlestar Cerberus
When engines need to be rebuilt or other heavy but short-term work needs to be done, this is where it happens. Large, red hand-mobile cranes are situated along the wall beside stacks of toolchests. Carts with various computers and electronics are dispersed around the area for quick access. A very conspicuous yellow locker at the rear holds a sizable amount of firefighting gear, as well. Sturdy metal stands are available to hold all sorts of parts from gun systems to the FTL drives of a Raptor. Big enough to accommodate quite a few Vipers and Raptors at once, this area see's extensive use and is usually attended by at least one crew at all hours of the day and night.
Post-Holocaust Day: #222

In brightest day, in darkest night, no poorly-repaired whatchamacallits will escape Cilusia's sight! Tonight's big problem is more a matter of personal enrichment. See problem, slay problem: in this case, it's Cilusia alone in the cockpit of a battered Viper with a set of mangled, frazzled wires that have a messiness rivaled only by her hair were it not pulled back tight. Looks like someone's trying to learn Viper electronics wiring, according to that big fat schematic book up on the front of the cockpit, where canopy meets the stretched out nose.

Following along bulkheads with a clipboard in one hand and his cane in the other, Captain Belgoin stands out as wearing Areion decorations on his uniform blues. A few folks ask him if he's lost or if he needs directions, but with a kind smile and an apology, he waves his clipboard at them and shows them his condensed Mercury-class schematics. Eventually, with nose in clipboard, he ends up crossing the repair bay, until there's a gutted Viper in his way. He glances up to the cockpit, coming out from underneath with a bit of a stiff hobble. Almost immediately, he offers, "You've got the red and black wires swapped on that J-45 junction box."
GAME: Save complete.

You know those office workers who always ground hog over the tops of their cubicle? Well, guess what? That's Cilusia when Belgoin speaks up. She's tiny enough that she can slip waaaaaay down inside that tight cockpit, twisting and contorting in strange ways to get right up close and personal with those wires once a panel or two is popped out of the way and set aside. "You can tell that from down there?" asks an incredulous deckie, poking her head out and over the side of the cockpit to lord at least a few feet over the strange officer. "Uh…Sir," she remembers to add, belatedly.

"You've got indicator LEDs blinking that would indicate engine failure, but you've got no power to your engines, so the wires must be reversed," offers Thaddeus with a smarmy smile. "There's a lot of tricks you'll learn the more you work with the guts of a Viper. Captain Thaddeus Belgoin, Applied FTL Sciences, CEX Areion."

"Well, that makes sense, I guess," Cilusia chirps. Standing up in the seat of the Viper, she's got to slide up and over the side, thunking down the ladder, and coming to stand out in front of Belgoin, all 5' nothing of deckie. "PO3 Cilusia Fasi, survival equipment specialist, this frakkin' monster," she snarks back. Little bits of wire can be seen peeking out of her orange deckie outfit's pockets, and a length of orange wire is used to tie her hair back. "What brings you down here to my little shop of horrors?"

Belgoin is about to point out the bits of wire sticking out, but he stops himself, noticing the hair tie. He chuckles lightly. "Well, I've just been following power lines to ensure that Cerberus hasn't been modified from regular blueprints. It seems, so far, it hasn't. And you've managed to park your wounded bird right smack in the middle of a power line. Taps there -" He points to the Viper's starboard. "And here," he points at the covered outlet between the Captain and the PO. "You don't have to move it; I'm not doing any research on power cleanliness and levels, just yet. My first task is an eyeball and a confirmation." He waves the clipboard a little in emphasis.

"If you think the power cabling is sweet, just wait until you check out the head in the starboard hangar. That's going to blow your mind when you see the spliced and modified water mains and all. As for the power line? Well, I don't worry too much about the stuff under the deck until it's a problem. CIC should be fun for you to check out as well. Had a hell of a patchy job up there when DRADIS and communications went out in the middle of an op. You haven't lived until you've heard a big old Aquarian bellow out orders to get that shit fixed." At the end of her little spiel, she starts to pull out some of the bits of wire and set them aside on a cart that has a few oscilloscopes and similar electronic tools.

Thaddeus watches the younger woman with her bits of wire and equipment for a moment. "Sounds interesting. Is there a reason why things haven't been restored to regulation specifications? I don't mean to pry, but, being an engineer, I'm always interested in learning about… hmm, how to say… band-aids?" He nods, apparently satisfied with himself.

"Well, I'm not saying they haven't…but if they were, I didn't do it. I just helped in gutting them and patching them, right in the nick of time. They even had us - that's me and another deckie - double checking jump calcs that a frazzled tac officer managed to frak up pretty bad." While she chats, she's straightening up the stuff on the cart, about at the point of finishing her self-enrichment exercise for the night.

Belgoin nods solemnly. "I see," he says with another chuckle. "Well, it looks like you're wrapping up, so I'll get back to my walk. Have a good evening, Specialist. It was a pleasure speaking with you." And with that, he looks back down at his clipboard, and begins following the line he was before finding Cilusia's Viper. He limps along with his cane in his off hand, studiously following his blueprints.

Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.

A strange sight: an officer wearing decorations from the Areion is walking around the hangar deck, apparently in haphazard fashion, occasionally glancing down at a clipboard. Every so often Captain Belgoin crouches down and pokes at a power outlet, popping open the safety covering, inspecting the inside briefly, covering it back up and moving on. His progress is slow as he seems heavily reliant on a cane in his off-hand.

Hmmm. Rollrollroll goes the cart. Sofia has a list of acquisitions and things in hand. She glances aruond, seeming to eye wires and things from time to time. She smiles in passing to a few of the deckies, seeming polite and a little cheery despite the faint fearfulness. There's a pause and a blink at the officers, looking between clipboard and outlet. Should she salute? "Sir?" Wait. Ack. She looks abashed.

Thaddeus glances up at the query. He straightens up, face mildly pained as he pushes down on his cane to his full height. "Yes? Oh, I'm sorry, I must stick out like a sore thumb," he says, chuckling. Tucking his clipboard under his arm, he says, "Captain Thaddeus Belgoin, Applied FTL. I'm from the Areion, doing a power inspection. You are…?"

There's a sympathetic look at the expression of pain. "Are you okay?" Sofia peers over. "Um. Kinda." She glances around. It's a faintly trusting admission. Though she smiles politely, almost seeming vaguely afraid. "I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe. 3M. I'm… from here, checking on people and being the soddering iron fairy." A faint smile at that.

Belgoin nods slowly, rapping his cane on the deck. "Oh, it's an old wound. I'm fine, but thank you, Crewman. And I figured you were from here, else, you would've had to bring a cart with you, eh?" He chuckles lightly. "If you're a fairy, where are your wings?"

A smile and a nod. "Oh. If you're sure," She seems concerned, but Sofia lets it go. She glances over her shoulder. Hmmm. No wings. She considers this. Glances back to the Captain and smiles. "I think they didn't give me wings because if I had them, I'd damage every light and ceiling fan we have," She considers. "Mostly, I make people happy when the parts and tools comme," She admits. "Sometimes I check the wiring here too, if others are busy. I'd offer to help but - um. That seems kind of rude and intrusive of me." Ponder.

"Actually, that'd be useful of you, Crewman, thank you," Belgoin says. He hobbles forward, coming beside Sofia and her cart. He flips a page of his clipboard back and he shows it to her. It's a blueprint of a Mercury-class Battlestar's main power lines that runs through the port deck. "I'm wondering if you know if any of these lines have been altered or rerouted since the Cerberus was commissioned? You know, in battle repairs, or to reroute power due to damaged sections, etcetera."

Sofia blinks and smiles at Belgoin. She looks a bit worried as he hobbles over. She peers at the blueprints. "Oh wow. Um, there's - probably lots actually, especially since those fires," She furrows her brows. "Though those were littler ones," She taps her chin. "Cerberus has been through a lot," She considers. I know I had to fix a few things during a fight," She doesn't mention that they were in CIC. "Honestly, I think I might just see if I can pull the records to be safe." She frowns. "I'd hate to forget something, especially if I was sick or injured wheen it happened," She taps her chin. "I feel kind of bad making you wait though."

Thaddeus smiles. "Waiting a bit will be a fair price for accuracy. It'd save me a lot of time doing it myself. Don't take this as an order, Crewman, because I'd hate to pull rank on someone else's deck, but you can keep these," the Captain says, pulling a few sheets out of his clipboard, and handing them to her. "All the information I need is highlighted, here, and here," he says, pointing at the color differentiation on the blueprint copies. If Sofia were to glance at his clipboard, he's also got blueprints for the Cerberus' sublight engines — and there are a few sheets underneath, indicating he's likely got a long list. "Feel free to clear this with your superior officer, if you like. Everything should be green."

Sofia smiles back. "I understand." She peers over, carefully taking the sheets, green eyes wide and considering what's being pointed out. "Okay. And yeah, I'll be sure to clear it so no one gets in trouble," She promises with a nod and a smile. "I'd feel bad about that," She admits. "Off the top of my head though, I can tell you a lot has been replaced," She recalls. Sofia taps her chin. "Especially in the kitchen and the heads." She goes quiet for a moment, perhaps somewhat in awe or fear of being around a new superior officer. "Ah. Well, I'll do that. Did you want to see or have questions about anything else I might be able to get?"

"No, that's quite all right." A pause. "Well, actually…" Belgoin leans in slightly to murmur to Sofia so no one else can hear. "Tell me, Crewman, do you know what sort of cigars might be stashed aboard? If anyone you know regularly smokes them? I'm a bit of an aficionado, you see."

Sofia tilts her head at the pause. She taps her chin. She replies quietly, "Well… there's Lieutenant Trask of the Air Wing. He's really kind of a harsh guy, but he likes cigars lots and got some Appe- appelacian?" She struggles with the words, "Nuts! I never get that word," She seems annoyed with herself, "Seems like a huge fan of them if what I've seen is right. The TACCO herself seems to smoke sometimes if my memory hasn't gone yet. Um. There's quite a few kinds amongst the officers mostly," She nods.

Blink, and then a curious smile on Thad's face. "Trask? Wait, I think I know that name. Trask… Trask…" It's like it's just beyond his recollection. Shrugging lightly, he says, "Eh, it's probably nothing. Well, that's good to know. Maybe I could meet this Lieutenant Trask? If you see him, let him know Captain Belgoin aboard the Areion wants to have a 'cigar summit'." He winks, and then straightens up all formal-like. "Thank you, Crewman. I'll mention your helpfulness in my report. Carry on."

A smile and a nod. "Sure. I'll keep an eye out for others," Sofia really is hoping she didn't get Belgoin in over his head. "I will let him know," She promises and smiles at his wink. "That's very kind of you. Thank you sir." She bobs her head. She peers at her clipboard. "Hmmm." Oh right. "Be well." A wave and she smiles before wandering off to deliver goodies to the Deckies.

Belgoin watches after Sofia as she resumes her rounds, and just shakes his head with a smirk.

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