Mikel "Pony" Dhaval
Captain Mikel "Pony" Dhaval
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mikel "Pony" Dhaval
Alias: Pony
Age: 35
Features: Dusky skin, mussy black, curly hair.
Colony: Libran
Rank: Captain
Department: Air Wing: VRC-30 "Providers"
Position: Squadron Leader; Pilot


Pony is the squadron leader of VRC-30 ("The Providers"), which formerly flew the Fighting Fourteenth's logistical and support missions before the Commander, Air Group converted it into a combat squadron following the initial Cylon attack. Captain Dhaval was charged with flying the Raptor during RADM Michael Abbot's execution on 13 January 2042 AE.

His callsign is an acronym for "Pissed on New Year's." The story behind it has yet to come to light. His go-to ECO is Nerea "Dino" Levant.

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