Staff: Polaris

From Sawyer. <3

I'm Polaris and I'm the Lead Storyteller here at Battlestar Cerberus. With the help of Tucana, Hydra, and Volans, I oversee and run the battalion of NPCs that populate our game, from human to Cylon to the occasional rabid animal. I also run +events from time to time, though my availability is subject to the whims of my university.

If you have a plot idea you'd like to see on the MUSH, please let me know by +request or +mail — it's my job to help you tell your stories!

<Public> Fiat Lulz! Polaris planz Second Event.
<Public> Damon glances over Pol's shoulder. "That just says 'Cylons omg' and 'lol fire'."

Yeah, that about sums it up. :D

Recent Stuff I've Done

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