BCH #014: Playing Games
Playing Games
Summary: Tillman MC's a DH meeting to propose a concept of operation for the upcoming wargames.
Date: 10 FEB
Related Logs: Anything related to the games.
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Ward Room
A large oak table in the center that is surrounded by high-backed, black leather chairs, and is one of the few compartments that has carpeted floor dominates the Ward Room. There is a large LCD screen at one end of the room for presentations that faces the CO's position at the head of the table. At the other end of the room is a small counter for refreshments and has stacks of legal pads and writing utensils available for those that use the room. Nearest the hatch is a small screen set into the wall, which provides a readout for a customizable set of data. Along the starboard wall stand the 12 flags of the colonies.

Later in the evening is when it came down for the wargame briefing from Tillman. He's arranged a few papers at each seat for people to read over when they get a chance and already has a podium set-up and the slides ready. To the rear is a coffee pot and mugs waiting for people to take advantage of.

Cidra strides in here early, pressed into her blues, hair up in a reasonably neat bun. So she's on administrative duty rather than acting as a proper pilot today, presumably. "Captain Tillman," she greets the TACCO, tone friendly. She snags herself a cup of coffee before taking a seat. She's brought all the necessary papers and note-taking utensils she might need, of course.

The CMO is in uniform, lab coat on, of course. She's got a file folder under one arm, pen clipped to the top. The TACCO and Cidra both get dips of her head as she passes, enroute to the nerve center of the operation. Yes, like most officers, Glory's priorities are straight - coffee first.

Late is not a word to describe the CWO. Hell Late and weapons shouldn't even be in the same sentence, given that if them words are paired, people die. Or something. Any way, with the meeting about to begin, Mackay is finding himself slipping in through the hatch with a clutch of files held in his hand. There's a unceremonious drop at his seat, or what he has designated as his seat, towards the back, so as to have quicker access to the coffee. Of course, he's moving to partake right now, before nabbing his seat. "Tillman." Mackay grunts, before sitting down. That's as good as a greeting as the TACCO will get.

Gabrieli is in his fatigues, blues be damned. Carry a few folders under arm and a mug of coffee in the other, the ChEng heads into the ward room reasonably on time. Mostly. "Majors. Captains." Thud, go the folders on the table at what's become His Seat.

Tillman nods to everyone as they arrive in turn, the man looking fairly serious in his blues. He's got a glass of water that he's nursing which is set aside. "Alright. The Executive Officer should be here momentarily then we will begin." He folds his hands neatly behind his back.

Sarkis has arrived.

Cidra sips at her coffee, offering a general "Captains" all around to those entering. Her gaze does pause on Gabrieli. Briefly. Then it moves on. She flips through her papers. Leaf, leaf, leaf. She listens quietly, attentively.

Tillman shifts to the front of the room, standing by the LCD screen at a small podium. "Alright, this is an unclassified briefing on an overall operational plan for the wargames and how we will be conducting our end. None of this is set in stone as yet so feel free to provide input and new ideas." He clicks a button on the handheld control and a view comes up on the screen of the Uram Sector, the camera slowly flying through the area. "We will be running these games in Uram. This sector, as you can see, is pretty much a tactical nightmare. There's a lot of debris floating around the area and three different asteroid belts. Due to a variety of radiological activity from different systems in this sector, it is almost guaranteed we will be facing tough DRADIS conditions with the potential for communications issues. The good news is, our opponents will be facing this as well." The TACCO looks to each person before continuing. "Our opponents are these two ships - that we are sure of." He clicks a slide and it shows two pictures side by side. "On the left is the Corsair. Its an old flak frigate but still a formidable asset. Your sheets in front of you will provide a quick rundown on capabilities. Now on the left is our biggest threat. It's the Praetorian. First in its class, this ship is going to be conducting systems testing while its out there fighting against us so that also works for us. They may run into problems which would help us dramatically. There's additional information there on the other briefing material."

<OOC> Tillman says, "The sheets are essentially whats on the wiki pages for each ship."

What do you know, Gabrieli's greenish eyes linger on Cidra right back. Just a moment or two. Then Tillman's talking and he picks up his coffee, having the feeling he's going to need it. For now, he listens and makes notes.

Mackay is silent as he's already moving to leaf through the little packet that the TACCO has provided. Eyes looking up to the LCD screen, as he is clicking his pen to live. He'll remain silent through show and tell. Right now, is note taking time.

Sarkis finally slips into the room, taking a stand at the back so he doesn't interrupt the meeting.

"So, how do we fight this? Here's our concept of operations: First we conduct aggressive reconnaissance with our Raptors." He nods towards Major Hahn. "We scout out potentially dangerous areas we should avoid where there are communications blackouts or physical hazards to our personnel or ship. If we're lucky, we might find our opponents but that isn't the goal just yet. See, there are serious factors that will impede a ship like this. Our Air Wing is going to be severely restricted if we try to operate inside these asteroid fields and obviously the Cerberus isn't going in there to support due to our sheer size. So how do we fight? We pick our battlespace." Tillman shifts the weight on his feet before sipping at a glass of water. "Making them come to us will be our priority. How do we do that? Its no secret we are pushing back from the docks without everything finished due to budgets and all that. I've gotten permission from Colonel Sarkis for a plan put forward by Captain Mackay to request extra vital parts from Logistics. Captain Gabrieli-" he nods to the man. "..you and I should probably discuss the details of it more after this." The TACCO continues on. "Using this false-flag against the other team, we play a careful game of imagined problems and misdirection in more dangerous space while the Cerb operates in less debris-filled space."

Glory flips open her folder and makes a notation as she listens to Tillman speak. The others, the officers she missed the first time, are given respectful nods. For now she simply listens, attentive.

Cidra plucks the sheet Tillman is referring to out of her packet, studying it and nodding along. "I wish to endeavor to find some way to compensate for the DRADIS interference where my Raptors are concerned. Captain Gabrieli has offered assistance with any technical modifications that might need be made, and I have asked one of my squadron leaders, Captain Quinn, is supposed to be brainstorming on the matter from a piloting perspective." A nod to Tillman on the matter of recon. "My Raptors shall endeavor to give Cerberus clear eyes, Captain. Or slightly less clouded ones, if nothing else."

Gabrieli's brow arches wryly as Tillman brings up their pushoff without full checks done. Steam, thankfully, doesn't come out his ears - yet. "Right, Captain," he says back to Tillman, on that little plan thing. A slight nod Cidra's way. "I've put one of my top electrical men into working on whatever Major Hahn needs, and also on possible stealth modifications for the Cerberus herself."

Tillman nods to Cid. "Excellent, Major. Now, with the work of Engineering and Deck, we might be able to come up with a way for our Raptors to produce electronic emissions similar to a Battlestar. Using that, we deploy two Raptors as part of a small trap. The first Raptor will produce the emissions while the second will lay in wait. Now they will more than likely scout any potential targets - just like we would. Which means their own very small number of Raptors. Once their scouts jump in, the secondary Raptor will attempt to jam the communications from the enemy's and a small number of Vipers will swarm before the offender can jump away. The Corsair has triple the DRADIS range that anything we have will do. Laying the trap in these areas will seriously hamper their systems and give us an edge." The man's voice remains even the whole time, briefing the group as he would an Admiral. "Using these tactics we can attrit their scouts very quickly as we can deploy a number of these teams at once. Once we have whittled them down, we can throw the main battle at them." Tillman flashes a bit of a smile, the expression a bit predatory.

Sarkis continues to watch those here and listen to the combat prep information. "Any idea where the Praetorian is parked, Captain Tillman?" His words deciding to break into the silence.

Mackay remains silent for the most part as he looks back towards Tillman. A few more things written down, before he's looking back towards Sarkis, and then a glance to the TACCO. "I can answer, if you do not mind?" Though the CWO would not really be the one qualified for this one, still he has a few ideas of how the Corsair and the Praetorian will operate with each other. Since it is them, against the Cerberus. Using the butt of his pen Sig, scratches idly at his jaw. He can wait.

"At the moment, Colonel, I do not. I will speak to Lieutenant Oberlin about that after we clear and get you an answer as soon as possible." Tillman nods to the XO before continuing. "Most likely they will operate in a team as they are mutually supportive and alone they are easy targets for us to pick off. So what we do is jump further into the sector where we believe they may be operating and we lay in wait. We cut engines and power output to all but a few key systems - unless we have a way to hard-shield us against their scans." A popped eyebrow to Gabrieli before he continues. "We take a few simulated hits from the Raptors they have left and don't budge. They should pounce on a target like that pretty easily. And once them do, we do two things." He takes another sip of the water. "First, we launch everything we can that's armed to the teeth. Viper tubes and both flight decks will probably have to be utilized for that venture. Then, we jump in on the other side of them. Putting one of their ships between us and the other cuts their combat capability in half. But we jump in really close. These two ships specialize in ranged combats, like us. However we can put more artillery on target at one time than they can. As Captain Mackay put it, we kick their teeth it from short range. Meanwhile the Air Wing will be conducting anti-ship operations against their missile boat. The combined fires from the Cerb and the Air Wing should take down their ships in a matter of minutes." He nods once as if to indicate that's the tactical end - but not the end of the briefing. Yet.

Despite the fact that the TACCO is going a mile a minute, Gabrieli backs up a comment anyway. "It'll be the swallows capable of putting out that battlestar signature, Captain. Not the Raptors. It gives us more flexibility to plant them and then wait elsewhere, remote-activating them." His pen taps the page. "We don't be able to hard-shield completely, not with a boat this size. Raptors are a possibility, but the only thing I suspect we'll be able to dampen on the Cerberus is her FTL signature. If we do the power-down route, we'll need to conduct a test of that beforehand. One thing we will absolutely need to know is how long it takes to go from dark to combat-ready for different stations, or else we're going to get caught with our pants down."

Sarkis nods, with some slight smile on his face, then goes quiet again.

Tillman nods to Gabrieli, gesturing to the man. "My mistake, Captain. Thank you. Yourself and others know far more about those details than I do. Its why I defer to the experts." There's a bit of a smile to indicate there's no ill feelings. "As for the powering down, understandable. We'll get that taken care of and probably need to run a few practice sessions."

"Well Sir." mack begins, as he leans forward in his chair to look over to the XO. "It would be my estimation, and as Captain Tillman stated, that the two will stay together, and this fact comes down to that th' Flak Ship's got a hell of a system. They'd be able to sniff out a fox in the chicken coop, before we even would get our guns on them." That is, if they don't do some fancy trickery to somehow. "So, if we can isolate em, it'll be in our best interest. That Flak will put a hurting on us, and our birds. Think of it like a sawed off shotgun in a triad hall. That frakker's gonna clear shit, right on out through the proverbial pooper. So with that in mind, we find or lure out th' Corsair an we'll get our missile hive, which will be screwed without her flak." a cough and he's taking a sip of his coffee. "Colonel." Mackay finishes, before he's looking back towards the TACCO. "M' bet is they'll pick a place that's open enough for them to shoot an manuver, but will mess with our ability to do much."

A hint of a rather wolfish smile comes to Cidra's own face, and a nod to Gabrieli. "We shall provide you with whatever support you need, Captain Tillman. Though the ChEng is correct. The swallows do the work. For us, it is merely a matter of deployment in the right place. I shall examine my squadrons, see how we need to divide our resources. The Air Wing will have its own mission as part of the games as well. As I understand it, we are firstly to plan an attack on a small target which must be destroyed by Raptors mounting missile drones, with Viper escorts, while our Vipers take out drones as well. It will be an interesting exercise in flight coordination, as it will be our ECOs who have to relay vector targeting information to the Vipers." As for the planning about the capitol ships, she merely listens. She deals with the smaller sort.

"Correct, Major Hahn. You and I can get together more in depth on that in the coming day or so. We'll plan something particularly interesting for our good friends on the opposing team, sir." Tillman's smile matches her own. "Now, for individual departmental needs: There was a proposition to cut up a Raptor and use some sort of deadening on it to reduce DRADIS signatures. Engineering and Deck should combine forces and see if this can be made to happen. If so, it will be serving as our primary scout to locate the enemy and find them in their hidey hole. Engineering should also see about potential shielding of our FTL systems. It's a lot to ask of our Snipes but I have faith. Captain Gabrieli, you choose where you want to prioritize those assignments with your team and let me know. Medical." He looks to Glory. "We will be simulating casualties. Expect to take some. Prepare your department for triage when you can. Next, Weps: Get an eyes-on inspection of our ordnance and make sure all of it is secured as we shouldn't fire a single live shot. But we're going to need your people drilled to maximum readiness, too. You and I are also going to need to coordinate fires and jumps. Major Hahn, sir." Tillman's eyes turn to the CAG once more. "The idea for Viper and Raptor employment is just that. Please solicit ideas from your squadrons if you feel the need. We will need to fine-tune the employment of your people after they have been briefed - whenever you can find time for it. Deck could probably also use the input of a Raptor crew or two on flight dynamics if they are indeed going to cut a Raptor up, sir." Tillman looks around to everyone. "Alright. That's it. If anyone has ideas or questions, let's hear them."

"You mean Eye on." Mackay adds with the bit of a joke, before he's chuckling at his own little diddy there. A lick of his lips and he turns his head to scribble something down. "It should be, but I will make sure we're good and dry for when the time comes. I will also make sure my boys run a diagnostics on th' sim program t' be used. Just to make sure our sights are fine and we won't have to worry with that.." but you know how that can be. All the same he's nodding and looking back towards the CAG for a second as he waits to see if anyone has any notes, or notions before he jumps in.

"We're already working on both those, Captain," Gabrieli tells Tillman, with a slight smirk. Old News, kid. "You'll have the final report soon as it's cleared as functional, don't you worry. In the meantime we'll be poking about for any other advance tactics we can pull out, though our focus is going to be ready personnel for damage control during the operation itself. Once you have a definite plan ready, be sure and send it down - that helps us coordinate the best places to have teams ready and what they'll need on hand to keep us running."

"I shall be briefing my personnel momentarily, Captain," Cidra replies with a nod to Tillman. "We are, of course, at the disposal of both the Deck personnel and Captain Gabrieli's people for any input we can provide." A doff of her chin to the ChEng. She's got nothing else, it seems. She finishes her coffee.

Tillman gives a quick laugh to Mackay. "Aye, Captain." No pun intended? "We'll have a lot to discuss as far as that goes plus coordinating Tactical's operations. You and your team will be busy." He then looks to Gabrieli and nods appreciatively. "Outstanding. As soon as we have a solid plan in place, it will be sent to you all for distribution to your people." Cidra finishes and he takes a sip of his water. "But unless anyone has anything else I think we can call this meeting overwith." He clicks the handheld and the screen flickers off behind him.

An echoed click of pen as Gabrieli pushes in the back of his own. He shuts his folders and stands up, finishing off his coffee in one stone-cold gulp. "We'll be in touch, Captain. And Major." That to Cidra, who he looks at for a moment before he turns to start off.

It would appear that, in this staff meeting, at least, Glory is one of the quiet, note taking types. Not much is offered. Once things have come to a close, she rolls to her feet, folder tucked beneath her arm once again. "Major, Captain," she says, repeating that last as oft as needed.

Mackay shakes his head as he looks back towards Tillman. His pen finally clicked a few more times, before he leaves it alone, and moves to gather his sheets and files. He's got plotting to do with his guns, something that can defend and bring it to these lovely ladies they will be facing off against. "I'm good Cap'n." comes the Aerilon accent, before Mackay's chuckling. "I'll catch you for a smoke an some coffee, t' go over those jumps." And coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. And with that, Sig's rising as he looks over to the others. "Should be fun."

"Captains," Cidra offers all around again. With that, she gathers her things. And off she goes.

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