Sharlene "Piper" Daniels
Junior Lieutenant Sharlene "Piper" Daniels
Francia Raisa
Francia Raisa as Sharlene "Piper" Daniels
Alias: Piper, Pips
Age: 28
Features: Dark hair, eyes. Cheeky.
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Junior Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VRC-30 "Providers"
Position: Pilot


This NPC is available for adoption. If you're interested in apping Piper, please contact Leyla in game, either by page or +mail. Please note that adoption of this NPC will necessitate a transfer to the PC raptor wing, the Harriers.

A military brat from a family of military brats, from the time she was a toddler, Piper could see Navy green extending out to the skyline. Enlisting at 18, she made it through her first four years before she applied for OCS. After OCS, flight school, where she was shuttled into the raptor pipeline. Two years later, with her wings still shiny on her collar, she was off to the BS-109 Columbia, and then to the BS-104 Aegean, before her next, and now last billet, as a pilot with the VRC-30 "Providers" aboard the BS-132 Cerberus.

Cheeky and irreverent, there's no doubting that Pips is a sailor's daughter. She certainly inherited a sailor's 'colourful' language. Thankfully, she knows where her off switch is, and makes ample use of it when required. Whatever her quirks, she's an able pilot and always willing to pick up that extra shift when push comes to shove. Her ECO is Jeremih "Shortbus" Snowdon.

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