Piers Rene-Marie
Mr Piers Rene-Marie
Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes as Piers Rene-Marie
Alias: Digger
Age: 27
Features: Hair out of a shampoo commercial; scarf
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Mr
Department: Civilian (QUODEL)
Position: Accountant


An accountant attached to QUODEL Cerberus at the request of Picon's representative, Piers Rene-Marie is by no means your typical number-cruncher. Smooth, suave, and a hit with the ladies despite his outrageously cheesy lines, he's taken advantage of the connections he developed during his time with the delegation to turn himself into a "finder" of sorts for the Fleet's civilian population. If you need something and you're locked down aboard MV Elpis, Piers is the man to ask — and though he's by no means a miracle worker (don't expect him to find you a Sunday roast, for example), he's managed to attain enough of a following that a number of folks owe him favors too.

He speaks with an obnoxiously-strong Virgan accent and has an incredible collection of scarves.

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