The Twelve Colonies: Picon
The flag of Picon.
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Important Notice about Canon Material
Material from the television program Caprica is NOT automatically considered canon, although players may adopt individual bits and pieces from what's depicted on Caprica into the regional cultural background of their character(s). When in doubt, please ask.

To avoid contradictions in established RP, a policy of "localization" has been adopted. Apart from the Staff-written Overview and items firmly established in the main BSG series, there should be no all-encompassing tidbits for any of the Twelve Colonies. Players are wholeheartedly encouraged to create regional write-ups. Those seeking to deviate from the general "flavor" of the Overview should first consult with Staff.


An ocean planet that shares an orbit with Scorpia and Leonis, Picon is to the Fleet what Caprica is to politics. Unlike the Aquarians, who were content to remain fishermen, Picans preferred to sell their military expertise to the highest bidder, and the professionalism of their renowned mercenary companies was only matched by their mendacity. The Colony took full advantage of its victory over Leonis some eighty-five years ago, riding a wave of rapid industrialization to become only the second world to deploy a majority Cylon force. Needless to say, that plan didn't end very well — but once the Cylons were defeated, Picon retained its role as backbone of the Colonial Fleet. Picon is home to Colonial Fleet HQ, the Colonial Fleet Academy, and a host of important military research laboratories. Its citizens boast a strong military tradition and are highly represented at every level of the Fleet.


Players are encouraged to add their own write-ups. If you'd like to add to something already listed, please speak with the player who created the region.

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