PHD #047: Philosophical Differences
Philosophical Differences
Summary: While using the Rec Room to decompress, Viae and Daphne have a difference of opinion.
Date: 15 Apr 2041 AE
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Recreation Room - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post Holocaust Day: #47

Viae makes her way into the Rec Room, to see who might still be using the area for convalescence or who would just be hanging around. Her coveralls are smudged, as is a bit of dirt across her right cheek. Ringlets of dark blonde hair have escaped the bun. Her soprano voice is soft yet strong and she sings a tune.

"Gentlemen it is me duty, to inform you of one beauty. Though I'd ask of you a favor, not to seek her for a while. Though I own she is a creature, of character and feature. No words can paint the picture, of the Queen of all Argyll…"

Daphne wanders into the recroom, looking to all the world like she could use a drink. Alas, if wishes were ponies, beggars would ride. She has that zoned out expression on her face, as though she needs some R&R more than anything else. It's only when she's actually in the rec room that she removes the rubberband that holds her ponytail together, as though being off duty isn't enough for her. Eyes blink once, twice, and then three times. Aimless.

Marko looks up from the couch where he is currently lying in semi-repose, catnapping with a cup of hours-cold ersatz coffee perched on his chest. "Singing?" he asks, blinking a few times before sitting up, barely remembering to catch the cup before he does so. "Either I'm asleep or…..Frak, I dunno." he manages to get out, rubbing his eyes with the back of his free hand. "Gods…what time is it?"

Viae giggles to herself, mischievously. "It's mid-morning. You missed your shift." It appears as if Viae runs off of her own naturally running caffeine, still awake at this hour. She makes her way over to Daphne and waves a hand in front of the face of the bewildered-looking girl. "Are you alright? Should I call a corpsman?" She follows the question with a bright smile.

"Ugh….I did?" Marko asks, pulling himself upright while chugging down the last of his coffee. "Wait…no…mid-morning? I got off CAP at…..oh six….so…." he says, making a face as he does some mental calculations. "Nope…still down."

Daphne squeezes her eyes shut, appearing to require a moment or two before she realizes she's being addressed at all. "Hrm? No, I'm fine. Just tired. Just tired." Her eyes open and she regards Viae with a headbob and walks her way towards the couch. "If we weren't on alert, this is where I'd be getting completely stone drunk." To Marko, she greets, "Hey, Flasher. How's the java?" She heads for the couch, continuing with Viae, "Lot of work. Sapping at me. I think we're all stretched thin."

Viae looks to Marko and giggles. "Sorry, no. It's almost 0200. I apologize, but the opportunity to see your face was too good to pass up. It was evil of me." She nods to Daphne. "Yes. Lots to do for everyone. Challenges to rise to. Must train the body to acheive what the mind can do easily." She smiles and makes her way over to the coffee, pouring a cup for Daphne as well as herself. She looks to Marko. "Can I get you a refill, Ensign?"

"Eh….no..but I might need a new brain…" Marko says, rubbing his face with the back of his hand again and shaking his head. "Cause I could swear the last CAP I flew was at….Oh…Frakkit!" he chuckles, growling a little. "Who cares! If they needed me, they damn sure would've found me." he replies with a tired smirk. "Yes, please. Specialist. A refill would be awesome."

Daphne sputters at Viae, "Yeah. What you just said." She passes a quick glance at Marko, and then shrugs, "Thanks for the coffee. Marko, I don't even distinguish between one CAP and the next anymore. It's just a lot of time in the cockpit, and then I fall out, sleep, and dream of flying CAP. And then I'm back on duty." She massages her temples. "Frakking gruelling, though."

Viae nods and somehow makes her way over with all three cups without spilling a drop. "Here you go." She says, placing them down on some nearby level surface. "It's rougher for you pilots. The most grueling bit of my job is trying to fit in the Fire Control Room while the CIC is under repairs.. Thankfully the XO gave me a job taking a look at that captured Raider." She smirks with a giggle. "I actually look forward to my shift about now. I just hope that I can find something useful."

Daphne blinks again. "I'm sorry. I, uh, didn't get your name. I'm Ensign Kolettis. Daphne when I'm off duty. You, uh.. you know this ship was…" She shakes her head, sips the coffee, and then exhales, "I guess you'll cope your way, and I'll cope mine."

"Oh thank you, Specialist. You are indeed an angel of mercy." Marko says, waxing eloquent in the face of such charity. "I'm Ensign Scaurus, Marko or Flasher off duty." he adds, breathing in the so-called coffee for a moment before starting to sip at it. "You're working on the Raider?"

Viae smiles brightly to Daphne. "Hi! I'm Viae! or Specialist Mercer, or 'Comms! Get me a secure channel!'" The last she says in a vague imitation of a perturbed Tillman. She nods solemnly. "I know what happened. I feel for everyone who's suffered. But walking around moping isn't going to help us get over this. We need to stand up, stronger then before, and show those toasters that they picked the wrong damned ship to tangle with! They think they know what we are, what our weaknesses are. What they don't know is our strength." She stops… "Sorry.. I don't mean to get preachy. I should leave the motivational speeches to the brass." She says with a giggle. "But yeah.. This may just become a way of life. Letting it get us down is only going to sink us. So keep a chin up!" She nods to Marko. "Yeah. I'm comms, but I'm handy with a wrench. The XO wants me to see if I can crack into the communications array in there. Other then that, I don't think I can tell you." She says softly, in a fake conspiratorial manner.

Daphne looks upon Viae with an almost horrified expression on her face, as though she just instructed her to set fire to her dog. "K… wait a second. Keep a chin up? The wrong ship to tangle with?" She has the coffee cup in her hand, but places it right back down on the table. "You are shitting me, right? You're drugged up or this is some sick, tasteless practical joke." She stands up giving her knees a quick massage as she does, "You're not honoring the dead by acting like you're drugged. I was knee-deep in dead people a few days ago. I think we all were."

"We're not going to honor them by walking through the halls weeping, either." Marko replies simply, his tone neutral and tired. "I was on the last hop to Parnassus. We went to the med center….Looked like a scene out of a frakking horror movie, the kind you get direct to video." he sighs, taking a long swig of coffee. "We do the job. That's how we honor the ones we've lost." he says, and for a moment, looks indescribably sad. "Or those that gave their lives so we could live."

Viae cocks her head. "I'm not drugged. You would prefer I honored the dead by walking around like one?" She looks to Marko and nods. "Yes. Exactly." She turns back to Daphne. "I feel bad. I do. But imagine yourself as one of those that passed. What would you rather see? The ship in mourning and a stupor, or would you rather they get motivated by this and do whatever they can to get back at the ones that took them away? I'd rather the ship get pissed because I'm gone, and then go after the bastards and prove to them all that it didn't get them down." Marko and Daphne are exhausted, spent and lounging on the couch while Viae stands in fornt of them. All of them have a fresh cup of coffe nearby.

"No. I'd prefer you didn't sound like you got a date to the prom." She frowns to herself and stalks towards the adjoining corridor, "I'm going to go see if I can just get some sleep. Thanks for the coffee, though." She shakes her head.

"Steady, Kolettis!" Marko calls as Daphne makes her dramatic exit. "Frak….Sorry, Mercer, she's just run down's all." he says, slurping down the rest of his coffee. "Thank you for that." he says with a little smile. "And, in the spirit of 'not being beaten down', it's time for me to go do my rotation on deck." he sighs, heaving himself upright with a grunt. "I'm on the Raider team, also, but my flight schedule's kept me _way_ out of the loop." he adds. "Any time you wanna talk about it, lemme know. Not like I'm going anywhere." he half-sighs, half chuckles.

Viae nods and smiles. "It's alright. Tragedy like this affects us all differently. Hopefully she'll come out of this stronger then she was. Hopefully we all will. Take it easy, Ensign. I'm sure I'll see you around." She waves before taking a bit of time to clean up.

Marko turns and gives a smile and a little salute before setting off. "Take care, Specialist. Don't let Tillman eat you, if you can help it." he adds with a chuckle.

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