Andrus "Gravel" Pewter
Commander Andrus Pewter
James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones as Andrus Pewter
Alias: Gravel
Age: 49
Features: Ugly sum-bitch.
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Commander
Department: Tactical
Position: Commanding Officer, Battlestar Cerberus


Commander Andrus "Gravel" Pewter is an experienced and hard-working sailor who's spent almost thirty years as an officer in the Fleet. Quite a few expected Corsair to be his final command before retirement but this happy and slightly overweight gentleman never seemed to mind. With a grandchild at home he was eager to meet for the first time, Gravel made no secret of his desire to finish his thirty, take his pension, and begin post-military life.

Of course, Warday made sure that didn't happen.

Pewter and Commander Michael Laughlin of the frigate Praetorian authorized Major Clive Tillman's plan to place Rear Admiral Michael Abbot under arrest following actionable intelligence gathered on Leonis that suggested he was colluding with the Cylons. After the mutiny of 2 June 2041 AE, Pewter took provisional command of Battlestar Cerberus.

Following the execution of RADM Abbot on 13 January 2042, Colonel Pewter took formal command of BS-132. On 21 April 2042, six days after CDR Rudolph Kepner murdered CDR Laughlin, he assumed command of the entire battlestar group and accepted a promotion to commander.

Immediate Family

  • Denise Meuser, wife (separated 2035): proprietor, Smiling Isles B&B, Aquaria
  • Andrea Pewter, daughter: receptionist, Smiling Isles B&B, Aquaria
  • Rafaela Simms, daughter: homemaker, Aquaria
  • Leander Simms, son-in-law: dockmaster, Aquaria
  • Ajax Simms, grandson: pre-schooler, Aquaria

Service Jacket

  • Battlestar Cerberus — commanding officer, 2042 -
  • Battlestar Cerberus — interim commanding officer, 2041
  • Flak Frigate Corsair — commanding officer, 2035-2041
  • Flak Frigate Corsair — executive officer, 2031-2035
  • Flak Frigate Corsair — chief weapons officer, 2023-2031
  • Destroyer Cape of Sounion — weapons officer, 2019-2023
  • Destroyer Hind — weapons officer, 2015-2019
  • Colonial Fleet Academy: Picon — midshipman, 2011-2015

On the Grid


  • Colonel Pewter speaks in a thick backwoods accent that seems to wax and wane with his mood. He has a penchant for Triad analogies and deploys a host of unfamiliar expressions and idioms his subordinates occasionally have difficulty deciphering. His detractors in the Fleet accuse him of being illiterate, ignorant, or both. Others say the old fuddy-duddy thing is an act. Your mileage may vary!
  • Pewter was a close friend of RADM Abbot, having known him for more than six years, and he was the last of the Fleet's senior officers to sign onto the mutiny — which was perhaps why he was tapped to take command of the battlestar instead of the more senior CDR Laughlin. It's said that Pewter refused to redecorate the man's quarters for months after he assumed interim command of Cerberus. Only a fait accompli from his yeoman changed his mind: "Red" Parry simply arranged for all of his personal effects to be moved into his room without asking for permission.
  • An avid Triad player, Pewter occasionally invites four or five of his subordinates to the Rec Room for a few casual hands. The fact that he very rarely emerges the winner doesn't stop him from carrying on the tradition, which dates back to his tenure as Corsair's CWO.

Recent Logs


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