Daniel Petroski
Mister Daniel Petroski
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp as Daniel Petroski
Alias: Dan, Danny
Age: 33
Features: Natural tan, dark hair and eyes
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Mister
Department: Government
Position: Political Aide to Zinnia Todd-Winston


A man with aspirations of political greatness, Daniel Petroski is someone who has known what it's like to wish to touch the stars and who is very close to being able to do so. Currently employed as the aide to the Quorum's delegate from Virgon, the doors are being opened for him, Daniel growing closer to seeing his dreams come true.

Immediate Family

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Physical Features

Daniel is a man of averages who would surely blend into a crowd if it wasn't for the flamboyant manner he carries and dresses himself in most of the time. Dark hair and eyes are complimented by a complexion that is tanned without being touched by the sun, genetics lending the healthy tone he possesses. Average in height and slightly slender, he could easily be described as faintly feminine in build.

For work he wears suits of somber design and color, preferring gray and black slacks and jackets, those coupled with shirts that are either white or a pale pink or blue. They are all of the finest make as are his shoes and belts, and are usually free from scuff or wrinkle. When able to be casual, he opts to match sweaters and tee-shirts with jeans, a rather noticeable contrast to the clothes he wears while in the office or out on assignment.

His taste in jewelry is masculine with several thick silver rings worn on several fingers on both hands and bracelets and cuffs made of the same metal as well as braided strips of black suede. A silver talisman hangs from a black silken cord - small, it'll take someone getting rather close to see it, assuming Daniel has it exposed somehow, but if they manage to get a good enough of a glimpse they'll notice an etching which represents the mother goddess, Hera.

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