Colonial Pete
Mr Colonial Pete
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito as Colonial Pete
Alias: The Boss
Age: 58
Features: Short, squat, hirsute.
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Mr
Department: Civilian
Position: Proprietor of Colonial Pete's


Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Colonial Pete is the proprietor of the civilian bar aboard MV Elpis that bears his name. But before he took charge of this noble operation, he was known solely as Aquarian Pete, sole owner and CEO of a gentlemen's club in the city of Kythera. Tycho Aidos, Linda Marston, and several other refugees sought shelter in Aquarian Pete's after the Cylon attack, though all of them were eventually rescued by Hal Morrow and his Colonial allies on 30 May 2041 AE.

A few months after his rescue, Aquarian Pete was spotted wandering in and out of the Starboard Hangar Bay in the company of several Marines. Rumor held that he was holding bi-weekly meetings with Colonel Andrus Pewter, though what Cerberus' CO wanted with this flamboyant huckster nobody really knew. The answer became clear when his bar was formally opened with Elpis' christening on 10 December 2041 AE. One day prior, Aquarian Pete formally requested that his name be changed to Colonial Pete to honor the occasion and foster a spirit of inter-Colonial unity.

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