PHD #247: Perception and Reality
Perception and Reality
Summary: Both Radcliffe and Vandenberg come to Sickbay for various medical needs, but everyone's perceptions come to cross purposes.
Date: 31 Oct 2041 AE
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Sickbay - Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus
Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Post-Holocaust Day: #247

The ship that never sleeps. That's what the Cerberus is. Cameron is used to working round the clock shifts. Hell, that's pretty much all ones internship is about. What he's not used to, however, is the fact that nothing ever slows down or stops. There is the "day" shift crew and the "night" crew, and other than the fact that their faces sometimes change, nothing else really seems to. A ship takes more work to run than a city, and it runs 24/7. So the lines for the sickbay are just as long no matter what time of 'day' it is. And for an insomniac with no sun or moon to inform him of which is which? Well, Cameron is feeling a tad fried.

Like the ocean, though, the tide of humanity comes and goes, lapping at his patience. At the moment it is low tide. The lines have dwindled to nothing. There are few patients resting with injuries but otherwise the sickbay is quiet. He finishes up the bandage on a nasty burn that one of the mechanics got during his shift and with a light pat on the shoulder, sends the man off with some pills for the pain. Rubbing at his eyes, Cameron steps out into the waiting room to see if there is anyone, well, waiting.

When the hatch opens and Van walks in she has a wet, rumbled spot on the front of her shirt and just below her chest. The woman is only in her tank top and green duty pants. It looks like she rolled out of bed and decided to come down here. As the woman moves towards Cameron, she lifts her chin with the faintest wisp of a smile. "Doc? Got a minute?" One hand holds just below the wet spot and her other is stuffed into a pocket. "Gonna need one or two when you've got some to spare." She doesn't look like she's in a lot of pain. If anything, Natalie looks a little tired.

There's a brief moment of bemusement as the Marine comes in looking for all the world like she spilled some water or food on her shirt. But then, if she did, why would she be coming into Sickbay? "You're just in luck," Cameron rumbles, hands gesturing at the empty space. "My dance card seems to have a slot in it." Walking over to her, one hand rests lightly on her hip as he leans in and asks, "What did you manage to do? Spear yourself on your rack's rusty spring?" But he doesn't even wait for her to answer before guiding her toward an examination table, patting it lightly before drawing the curtain closed and reaching for a pair of gloves.

Another female member of the military's scooting on into Sickbay this evening in the form of Petty Officer Radcliffe. Looking slightly annoyed, she arrives with a pill bottle which seems to be empty. Stopping by the desk, she talks to the nurse who then points to a chair, indicating where she should wait until a doctor's free to see her.

The Marine nods a few times and follows along with the Doctor towards the exam area. She glances down to the hand and back up as she moves to sit on the table. "Pretty embarrassing. Rookie mistake, Doc. One of the neat things you can occasionally forgot about as a female Marine? Going shooting without a shirt that goes all the way up to the neck? Creates a nice trap for hot brass when it leaves the gun." She turns a bit red, more frustration and chide on herself than any embarrassment. Natalie rolls up the front of her shirt to the wet spot where she has a small napkin tucked, probably soaked a little with tap water. "This hasn't happened to me in probably more than ten years…" The LT's voice trails as she peeks through a hole in the curtain and taps her temple towards Radcliffe.

"Ouch," is Cameron's sympathetic reply as he carefully removes the little bit of napkin to reveal the nasty burn left behind by the bullet's shell. He's completely professional, of course, his attention focused solely on the injury and nowhere else. "Why don't you go ahead and lie back for a minute and we'll get you all patched up." While she lies down, Cameron gets the necessary materials and then starts by gently cleaning the burn site. "Doesn't happen to men as well?" he asks mildly. "I mean, maybe stuff can't get under the clothes as easily, but burns could still happen?" By the way he talks, it's fairly clear that Cameron has absolutely no idea and has probably never handled a gun before in his life. Fortunately, it's an easy thing to treat. Clean, protect against infection, a little numbing anesthetic, bandage and… done! He pulls her shirt back down afterward and notes, "Well, all in all not too terrible. It will probably sting on and off for a while. Keep it iced," he offers, as he presses a small cold back over the bandage and places her own hand over the injury to hold it in place. "Do you want some pain medication?"

Not close enough to do more than catch the Lieutenant's greeting means all Brina can do is wave back, smiling all the while. She can't see the doctor through the space so is unaware that it's Cameron who is tending to her.

Natalie does as instructed and lays down. There's a light shrug. "Men catch it down the back of the shirt. Once saw some poor guy lose it down the back of his pants once. That Private danced around like he'd gotten wallop from a paddle." She smirks a little. "Burns happen. Guns get hot. So does the brass." As he puts her hand back over it, she shakes her head to the offer. "Thanks. I won't need any meds. Had sunburns worse than this." She hops down off the table and moves out of the curtain. "Don't seem like you've been around guns much, Doc. Kinda surprisin' for a man who spent all that time down there on Aerilon." She glances to Radcliffe and motions for her to be next.

Cameron chuckles softly, even as he winces sympathetically, noting, "Well, it's better than getting it down the front of your pants. Now that would make a grown man cry," he remarks dryly. He escorts her back toward the main room, eyes lifting to catch Brina's look, a smile and nod of recognition offered as he notes, "I didn't own a gun. When we all banded together, we each did what we were best at. Those who could hunt, hunted. We couldn't waste ammunition on teaching. Shooting was left to those who were already good at it." He shrugs and notes, "It's not an easy thing, after taking an oath to save lives, to use a gun to take them. But I've been told that I'll have to learn."

Radcliffe ohs quietly upon seeing Cameron and she waves at the same time she tries to ignore the warmth that is finding its way to her cheeks, suddenly bashful. "Hey Doc. Sir. How are you both?" Taking a minute to chide herself for being stupid, she struggles to get the blush to go away before she dares to go over. "Good to see you both again," she adds, trying so very hard to keep herself from giggling. Which she succeeds in…mostly.

Van winces. That wouldn’t be a fun prospect for man or woman. "That would make me weep like I ain't since I got the switch in grammar school." She inhales sharply through her teeth. "Makes sense, though. But you oughtta learn, Doc. Really. I asked a Corpsman once about that little philosophical question. He explained it to me like this: You use your rifle to take lives when you have to so that you can save the lives of your brothers and sisters who might otherwise get killed or wounded. All that's required is that you remember that you can save more lives than any of us can. Its self-defense for your own body and those of your non-blood kin. You want to learn, you tap me or I can send you to a Sergeant." She gives him and nod and points a smile at Radcliffe. "Petty Officer Dukes. How goes the life?" Its hard to Nat to miss the red in Brina's cheeks.

Chuckling, Cameron nods and notes, "Well I was told, when I signed the agreement to serve the Fleet, that I wasn't allowed to bear arms, but I suppose carrying a weapon is quite a bit different from shooting one." His head tilts thoughtfully at her offer as he notes, "I wouldn't wish to give you more work than you've already got on your plate, Lieutenant. But yes, I suppose I should learn." His attention shifts to the new-comer, one brow lifting in surprise at Radcliffe's shy reaction, uncertain if it's just her nature or something else? Nodding again Cameron replies honestly, "Tired. Been a long shift. But well. And you?" I mean, she's here, right? So something is potentially wrong.

"Going well El-Tee and yourself?" There's an undernote of concern for the officer when Radcliffe asks that, the thought of the woman being sick or hurt making her forget her momentary bashfulness. When addressed by the physician she holds out the container she brought with her, the name of the medication being the non-narcotic drug commonly used for pain management. "I need this refilled when you can please, sir." Smiling, she darts a look between the two, her expression becoming a bit pained almost. "Oh. By the way Lieutenant Vandenberg. Your Crowe? He…uh…he's a nice guy, huh?"

The Lieutenant looks a bit surprised but doesn't correct him. "I guess the fleet does things a little different. I haven't served on a ship before." She lets out of a long breath. "Well I'm the Marine S-Three. That means I'm in charge of training. I'll do some asking around to see if it cuts the mustard. Teaching you to shoulder a rifle shouldn't be a biggie, though. I think they are just concerned that you won't be issued a sidearm through the course of your duties on the ship. Who knows? I might be able to get you certified for ground ops with weapons." She sounds like its a lot of conjecture, though. Natalie knows for a fact that she is woefully deficient in knowledge about the workings of a Battlestar. She looks back to Rad, then, and glances down to her shirt. "Shooting. Caught me with my shirt down. Nothin' to worry your head on." Its all friendly. Van probably left her cares with her pins - back in her locker. But- Crowe? Wait, whut? "Yes, my Crowe. I don't know if I'd call him nice. Sure as the sun will rise, I owe him more than I will ever be able to pay back. What's on your plate, Brina?"

Glancing down at the prescription, Cameron studies the bottle for a moment before asking, "What is this for, exactly?" He walks over to one of the computer terminals set up, typing into it briefly as he notes, "All prescriptions need to be re-ratified before refills. To protect the stocks that we have and prevent over-depletion." While he's pulling up Brina's records, Cameron glances over his shoulder at Vandenberg and echoes, "Me? With Ground Ops? I would imagine they have far better trained options than me… unless you mean to come along as a medic who can hopefully avoid getting his ass shot off and maybe shoot some asses?" One brow lifts at the idea of Crowe being 'nice', a sardonic sort of snort escaping the doctor as he turns back to the computer.

Radcliffe looks up and begins to recite the explanation she has given numerous times over the past five years - "It is for when my hand aches, sir," she starts. "It aches sometimes when I over use it, like when I write too much or do other repetitive motions. I don't take it often so a supply should last me a while." Clearing her throat, she glances at him and then leans over to see what he is doing. When she is done with that she chuckles as she murmurs to Natalie, "He kissed me, sir. Crowe, I mean." That's a half-truth, really but she's more than happy to gloss over what really happened for now.

"Dunno, Doc. Way I see it? Some missions might be seen as a cakewalk. We go out to provide security as a shake-n-bake force in case something bad goes down. If it does? Every rifle counts but we'd make an effort to get the non-combats out first." Vandenberg stuffs her hands in her pockets and looks back to Radcliffe. She blinks. Twice. "Really??" The Lieutenant doesn't seem like she is ready to believe that. Or she's just kind of astonished.

The information is confirmed in her file and with a nod, Cameron writes the permission and hands it off to the night duty officer. "Y'know," he notes, "it might be good to take another look at your hand, see if there isn't anything that can be done to rectify its condition. Just something to think about." But at the mention of Crowe kissing Radcliffe? Well, Cameron just blinks and then turns back to the computer, muttering something about "….frakkin' half the girls of Neath…." under his breath. His eyes lift to Vandenberg, thoughtful for a moment before he adds, "I was actually thinking of suggesting that we try some raids of hospitals on some of the less Cylon populated worlds. For equipment, medication, and the like. It would be good to have someone familiar with such places on such an operation, and better if they know how to handle themselves."

"Well, it was more that I felt dared, kind of," Brina eventually admits while looking down, looking discomforted once she admits. "Guess he liked it though." She looks sheepish as if she was a girl getting caught frakking her boyfriend in the backseat of a car instead of an adult who is talking about kissing someone. Her discomfort is furthered by the muttering and she looks at Cameron, her eyes wide. "Well, if you want I can give you a kiss too, Cameron." Pausing to let that sink in, she eventually comments on her hand which is why she's here, after all. "I'm down with that. Could probably stand to use some kind of surgery on it or something. Might not have been set right."

"Tch!" Van chides towards Cameron's comments of Neath. She gives him a polite yet pointed look. The topic is quickly glossed, though. "That's actually not a bad plan, Doc. Think you could draw up a list of places to hit on Aerilon? Or maybe Tauron? I'll gander at the Intel about strike locations and see if we can't find a hospital worth knocking over." Her attention then falls back to Radcliffe. "You felt dared to kiss my Staff Sergeant. Kind of. Darlin', you look like you just snuck out back of the schoolhouse and got a peck from a crush. While stickin your hand in a cookie jar. I take it you've got some doe for him, yeah?" Natalie asks with a wink.

"I'm merely commenting on the fact that Sergeant Crowe is not exactly… faithful or even discerning in his dating habits. So you might want to watch the kissing stuff, unless you're only interested in him for his body and don't mind him wandering." At Van's tch, Cameron looks about and returns, "What? You were the one commenting on how he shagged his way through Neath, might I remind you? Like a proud parent, practically." But he's willing to drop the topic of kissing and Crowe and all of the above in a heartbeat. His gaze narrows thoughtfully as Cameron replies, "The question is, are there any hospitals to be found? I heard that Wolcott was nuked. If any of the larger cities were left intact, there might be something worth raiding for. As for other hospitals, sure, I could probably make a few lists. If nothing else, I'll know what's worth scavenging and what isn't."

Radcliffe blinks and then sighs and shakes her head although it's not going to be easy to figure out who or what she's doing that to. "Okay. Wait. Do I have a crush on Crowe? I won't lie and say he isn't attractive but I don't think I would look for anything from him outside of an occasional frak in a supply room or something. So…huh?" This is where Cameron gets stared at. "Okay. So if he isn't someone to expect loyalty from who would you suggest, Doctor? Yourself?" For once there is no form of coloring to her face and she's actually looking right at Cameron, oddly intent. "If you'd like I'm sure we could arrange a trial or some kind of test. See how things work out."

Natalie's eyes lid as she stares icicles at Cameron. "Thank you for your commentary, Doctor," she mutters through clenched teeth. The LT looks back at Rad, her voice softening. "You want to know about Uriel, I probably know him better than any woman alive. We can talk someplace. I won't shine you on, either." Her attention falling once more to Cameron, she nods. "Wolcott took a blast in downtown. Its fried. Make a list and.." That voice fades as Radcliffe joins in. Oh wow.

"You know what? It's none of my business," Cameron returns tersely, brow creasing as he rises up and collects the medication just as the duty officer brings it over. Handing it to Brina, Cameron meets her gaze and says, "I'm not recommending myself and I certainly can't recommend anyone else, since I'm new here and hardly know anyone." ~I'm tired~ he thinks to himself. ~I'm tired and being stupid. It's none of my business.~ But is still rankles, Crowe talking about the women of Neath, the women he bedded and left for dead as if they were nothing but cheap thrills. Women that Cameron knew. Women he took care of. Women he had over at his parent’s home as friends and family and occasionally lovers. He offers no reaction to Vandenberg's icy stare. Her faith and duty are to her men, not to him, so of course she stands by them. "I'll make you a list," he replies quietly, "and we'll go from there." Walking over to where they keep a pot of coffee brewing, Cameron pours himself a cup and takes a deep swallow.

Radcliffe looks from Vandenberg to Cameron and back to the sole male in their little group, feeling a twinge of guilt. "I wouldn't mind if you did, Cameron," she responds with before she looks down, trying to read the label on the bottle now that it's back in her possession to make sure the dosage hasn't changed. Natalie gets a nod and a mouthed 'thank you' to her offer. Seems like the two women will be gossiping at some point or another.

Natalie doesn't offer a response to Cameron's remark about his business. "Works for me, Doc. Get me a list and I'll see what we can narrow down. We'll try to keep it as safe as possible but we're probably limited to Aerilon, Sag, and Tauron. Sag, I'm pretty sure, has been scoured by the fleet in a big way, though." She then looks between the two and lets out a breathed "ANY-way. I'm going to head to the showers and rack out. Doc, appreciate the mending. Hit me for the shootin whenever works for you. Brina." There's a warm smile and a nod to the Petty Officer before she heads for the hatch.

The prescription is the same as it was before, the bottle exactly identical to the one she gave them. In fact, it looks like they just refilled it… literally. Cameron does not respond to Brina's wishful words, other than to offer, as more of an apology to them both, "Sorry. It's not my place to comment. Very unprofessional of me. I hope you enjoyed your kiss, Brina, dare or otherwise." Cameron could kill for a patient right now, so of course the waiting room remains steadfastly empty. "Glad to be of assistance, Lieutenant. I'll get you a list ASAP." Fortunately he's not completely without an escape route. "I should check on Elpis," he notes for an excuse, slipping away from the two women for a moment to slip past a curtained area, the familiar little girl fast asleep on one of the unoccupied beds it seems.

Radcliffe is left to stand there as both doctor and soldier are leaving, conflicted and lost. "Yup. Hey, you both take care. I'll…be around." Once she's sure she won't be seen she looks at the floor, the pills tucked away to later be locked up with the rest of her belongings. "Good job, Radcliffe," she grunts while getting the frak out of there, not wanting to stick around. She only pauses long enough to ask the nurse to let Cameron know she'll be around if he'd like to talk and then she's gone like the wind.

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