Penelope Paris
Lieutenant Penelope Paris
Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly as Penelope Paris
Alias: Penny
Age: 28
Features: Tall-ish and lithe; hazel eyes; freckles; speaks with a south Aerilon accent (something closer to cockney than the Scots/Irish of the north)
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Engineering
Position: Maintenance & Repair

Lieutenant Penelope Paris was KIA on 19 AUG 2041 AE when she was caught in the blast range of a bomb that the SSLF triggered on Sagittaron. There were no remains to recover.


Penny Paris was born in Glade Valley, Allegheny Province, on Aerilon, the third of four children (two older brothers, Homer and Jason; one younger, Lysander). Her father, Pylades, was a farmer and the son of a farmer; Iphigenia, her mother, as a graceful and devout woman devoted to her children, Demeter and (less publically) Hecate. Though she grew up a bit of a tomboy and wild child, dogging the footsteps of her father and brothers, Penny was closest to her mother (and, perhaps, secretly Iphigenia's favorite). It was only with her daughter, Iphigenia felt, that she could share the mysteries of goddess of magic.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Physical Features

A picture of grace and potential energy, she's slightly taller than average, lithe and deftly hewn from the elegance of her cheekbones to the coltish sweep of her legs. Her skin is pale and lightly freckled, the cinnamon dots concentrated across her nose, cheeks and shoulders. Her eyes are hazel, caramel with a nimbus of gold around the pupil, fringed with thick, dark lashes and set beneath skeptically arched brows; her nose is straight and, taken with the point of her chin, slightly fey. Full lips and a wide, winsome mouth seem to be custom made for a wide and emphatic array of expressions. Her head is crowned by a profusion of wild, dark-chestnut hair, pulled back into an incongruously bouncy ponytail high that swings and bobs when she moves.

Penelope is wearing the dark green navy work coveralls. The coveralls are rugged and flame-resistant, and are complemented by steel-toed work boots. Reinforced dark gray cargo pockets and a handyman belt around her waist hold any necessary tools. On her left sleeve is the black, gold and white Battlestar Cerberus patch, and the pins on her collar show a rank of Lieutenant.

Wrapped several times around her left wrist are a lovely set of antique jet prayer beads, from which dangles a small, silver medalion of Hecate.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Gabrieli_icon.jpg Captain Dominic Gabrieli: TBA.
Sofia_icon.jpg Crewman Sofia Wolfe: TBA.
Haeleah_icon.jpg Lieutenant (JG) Haeleah Parres: TBA.


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