PHD #095: Passable
Summary: Ethan brings Coll down to test her skillz.
Date: 01 June 2041 AE
Related Logs: Coll is in jail. That's pretty much the Main Thing.
Ethan Coll Cidra NPC 
Main Brig
Tiny and cramped, the Main Brig seems designed to be claustrophobic. The steel bars lining the three cells have been set into the steel bulkheads on each side. Inside each cell is a stainless steel toilet and a bunk that might be too short for some of the taller crewmembers. The dreary conditions don't seem to be helped by the presence of a Marine guard who is there twenty-four hours a day, as long as a prisoner is in custody. The whole room is under surveillance via camera system in the Security Hub and every visitor must sign-in and abide by the rules.
Post-Holocaust Day: #95

A few people have probably heard that Coll had her hearing the night before and that it had apparently went well. Whatever happened between then and now, it was drastic. A call had gone out earlier for an available Raptor crewmember to administer her testing and to fetch her from the Brig. With the guard at his desk just watching her, Lauren is sitting on the edge of the bed and staring blankly at the floor. Devoid of rank pins, her face is fallen completely blank and dead.

Having been contacted to help with this, Ensign Ethan Weber makes his way towards the Brig. He has been briefed about Coll's situation and, it pains him a little to see someone lose ranks. He finally reaches the Brig, stepping inside and carefully looking around. His gaze is placed on Coll for a couple seconds and then, moves towards the Marine and says "Corporal, can you open her cell please?"

Coll looks up at Ethan's arrival and she just stands in the cell, straightening her uniform. The Corporal at the desk looks to Ethan as he stands as well. The man doesn't immediately move, though. The Marine looks at Coll as if to defer the request and she nods. "Its fine, Corporal. Please open the door." So she makes the requests now? The Marine moves slowly to the door and Coll looks to Ethan. "Ensign Weber, if you have a sidearm left outside, I'll request that you leave it here, sir. Hopefully that is amenable?" The cell door is opened and the guard calls for someone else to accompany.

Ethan eyes the Corporal and arches both eyebrows noticing that the man needs to double check, for whatever reason. However he makes no comment about that. His attention moves to Coll when he addresses him and he can't avoid asking "Why? I'm not planning in shooting you, you know?" he offers a very faint smile and then nods to the Corporal "Do I have to sign any document? At all?" He clears his throat and looks at Coll once again "Or is it because of something else?"

Coll just looks at Ethan. "Sir, I'm sure you're a very nice guy but I need to know if that is a problem. I don't want to be in an enclosed Raptor sim with an armed member of the Raptor team right now, Ensign." The Corporal, meanwhile, shakes his head. "Nope. We're escorting her down there and back when she's ready." The man has a small carbine and everything. As does his buddy that appears next. They look ready for sentry duty. "Can't say anymore, Ensign, sir. Sorry." Coll waits patiently, face unchanged and devoid of emotion.

Ethan presses his lips together and takes a deep breath "Get my sidearm in the weapons locker Corporal, please?" he nods to that and then adds "So…ready to start then?" asks the man with a neutral expression, and after looking at both Marines, he nods quietly and let's a couple seconds go by without saying anything, probably considering the odds "Let's go then" with that, he turns around and walks outside the Brig, but waits for the others.

"Aye, sir. Weapon in the locker." The Marines get the sidearm locked away while Coll stands by in silence, her eyes on the floor. When Ethan speaks up about leaving, she gives a nod to the Marines and she hugs herself across the midsection. She -looks- and -moves- like a nervous cat. Crossing the threshold of the brig's main hatch, the Marines look both ways and lead her off - one behind and one in front. Coll doesn't look big on conversation.

Flight Simulation
A training room specifically dedicated to honing aerial skills, this area is equipped with several flight simulator pods that allow the pilots to practice maneuvers and tactics without being in a real live plane. The Viper-pods are installed on one side of the room with a little space between them, an attempt to provide a realistic feel for close-range wing training, while a smaller number of Raptor sim-pods are installed on the opposite side of the room from the Vipers. A central computer terminal and overhead display screen sits at the head of the room, where one can input exercises and data to be run in the sims, scroll through score records, and control the training modules.
Post-Holocaust Day: #95

Flight Simulation is finally reached by the group, Ethan looks around the place, hands behind his back. Nobody is around, not right now at least. He turns around to meet up with Coll and the Corporals and asks "So, just to understand, are you guys going to be around the whole time or are you going back to the Brig, just to come back when the Sim is over?" He wants to have that in the clear. His attention moves to Coll, he presses his lips together and takes a deep breath before saying "Alright, Coll, please get into the Raptor Simulator, I will follow and secure the door behind us"

The Marines look at Ethan. "We're staying, sir. We will be outside the simulator. Coll has the opportunity to request an escort back at any time, though. So if we bang on that door, sir, it needs to be opened as if it were an emergency." Coll listens quietly to the conversation and pats the arm of the Marine gently. "Thank you. I'm sure everything will be fine." The woman moves off and climbs into the sim as if it had been done a thousand times before. True to their word, the Marines take up a position outside and face the entrance of the room.

Ethan nods to the Marines and looks at Coll as she addresses them. After this, he just gets inside the Raptor with her and pushes the pretty button that would lock them inside. When the door is closed, all the lights inside the cabin come to life, and in-flight systems run through the startup program. "Alright then…" starts the man, seating on the pilot seat but looking to his side, so he can properly address Coll "So, Lauren…" he clears his throat "Is it ok if I call you Lauren?" he nods to this and asks "The Marines are here for your protection? In case any of the Harriers decide to take actions?"

Ethan climbs into Sim-Raptor-506.

You climb into Sim-Raptor-506.

Coll sits down lightly in the chair and begins the start-up sequence from her end. She doesn't respond immediately. "Comms: Go. Nav: Go." Rocker switches are hit with practiced moves. "Canopy Lock: Simulated. Pressurization: Simulated. Engines: Twice Green and lit. Master Power: Go. Sensors are ready for operation, sir." She drones it out as if she's got nothing left to give. "Call me as you see fit, sir. Lauren. Coll. Crewman. Whatever works best for you. But yes, those Marines are there for my protection from..not just you all..but everyone. No other reason. I've been released."

Ethan listens to Coll, he nods in acceptance to her words and turns around, properly sitting on the Pilot chair, adjusting his harness. Simulator or not, process needs to be followed "Bud…" says the man, thinking that perhaps, she'll like being addressed by her callsign again "Would you say we are ready for take off?" asks the man, looking at his own controls, doing manual check on pretty much /everything/. "I'm sorry about what happened…" says the man, still working on his console. He lifts his hand and flips to small switches to control Engine checkups.

Not that he can see it but the old callsign gets a bow of her head almost as if he had mentioned a long-dead and loved friend. She swallows and looks to the panel again and flips across a few different modes and simulation sections. "Yes, sir. Cleared for take-off. Take heading one-one-niner, charom flat zero. Outbound leg as at VFR discretion." She's not a lot of fun to fly with in this mood. The woman looks like death walked across her shadow. "Thanks for saying so, sir. I don't care about the demotion, though. Whatever. Isn't the first time."

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] Ethan nods to her first words and smiles, he fires up the engines and says "Bud, you can call me Fresh, you know" he looks over his shoulders, offering a soft smile to her "Partners…" he nods to that and looks at his controls now "Copy that, Bud, let's take this baby out" After the Engines are on go, he softly maneuvers the Aircra——Sim, gaining some altitude to move towards the designated coordinates. "Anything on the DRADIS?"

[From outside the ship:]
Cidra has arrived.

<FS3> Coll rolls ECM *CASUAL*: Success.

[Sim-Raptor-506: Coll] "Thanks, Fresh." Coll doesn't put much emphasis on it, though. "Sadly, only officers get these slots. All this is? This is just a court-ordered check-out. I have nothing coming from this other than verified claims. Sorry, Fresh." She stares at the DRADIS screen while she speaks and shakes her head. "Negative contact on DRADIS. Recommend heading zero-six-eight, charom zero-one-one and increase velocity. Take sector six for the approach and we'll work the coordinates from the backside, in."

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] "Copy that, Bud" says Fresh, on the DRADIS portion of the conversation. He quietly moves the ship into space and keeps eye contact with everything that he has in front of him. "I can tell you this much, I might be an Ensign but I do voice my opinions. Things go well here? I will put a good word for you" With that said, he keeps moving the spacecraft into deep space. The simulator shows how Cerberus moves away and they reach possible danger areas, depending on the mood of the Cylons. Today's simulation has a bit of ground scanning, for planets suitable for human life. Hence, to the right, there's a big a** planet, a blue pretty one. "Let's see if we can find supplies over there, get food and water for the people in Cerberus"

Cidra slips into the Simulator room. Quietly. The woman should wear a bell around her neck, so tabs can be kept on her. Not that it's hard to be stealthy when the others in the room are ensconced in a simulator. She's in her duty blues, so it's logical to assume she doesn't intend to put in any practical time of her own. The sim-in-use is noted. It is eyed. It is strolled past. She takes up a position to stand behind the central terminal at the head of the room, where she can watch the machine's read-outs in relative comfort. She lights a cigarette. She waits.

"JAG blamed me for the death of two aircrew, Fresh. You think they're going to let me near a Raptor? I can't even go to the Ordnance Deck except for approved munitions. I just need to send your report to Majors Hahn and Cavanaugh, office of the JAG, and Corporal Constin who is handling my case directly." Their voices can fairly easily be heard inside the ship. Its not like there is a ton of loud noise coming from hydraulics or anything. "But I appreciate it, sir. Thanks for the thought." She's already got LAMPS up and running by the time she finishes. "Thermals coming on-line in five seconds. Laser is armed and ready to be lit on your word, sir." Coll settles back into the chair. "I did everything I was supposed to. Even took the CAG's advice."

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] "Thank you, Bud. On my mark. Three, Two, One, Mark." Pretty nice and simple, not wanting to do long, boring countdowns. "You'll have my report, Bud" offers the man idly, keeping the simulator as still as possible to help out with Coll's reading. "Check DRADIS after this reading Coll, you never know when Cylons will jump in" adds Ethan, a bit of a bitter tone in his voice but not towards her, he just hates how those toasters have caught them in the past. "What's after this?" asks Ethan with a curious expression.

Cidra smokes and lurks. Toasty fly on the wall. She does pull up a chair, legs crossing as she sits, listening to the chatter that can be heard from within the faux-Raptor. Eyes are on the computer read-out rather than the sim craft, however.

<FS3> Coll rolls ECM: Good Success.

"Way ahead of you, Fresh." Coll's got the DRADIS lit and LAMPS firing at the same time. "Atmosphere reads toxic. Oceans appear to be methane. Temperature..near two-hundred fifty below at the surface. DRADIS holds no contacts except Cerberus on reciprocal bearing." Coll manipulates the controls and aims the system over the surface, snapping faux-pictures. "After this? I'm in protective custody. Rumors on the deck were bad enough. Now JAG has a ruling that I was responsible for their deaths. I'm there in the Brig until the Marines kick me out, then I'm on the run. Unless Corporal Constin can prove me innocent..but no idea how long that will take."

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] "What a shame, what a shame, I already had my bathing shorts ready." says the man still looking deep into space, however, carrying a smile on his face. "Alright so…" he was going to ask for pictures but she beat him to the punch, that brings a smile to his face "Thanks Bud, good work" He shifts his weight on the seat of the Sim and shakes his head. For whatever reason, he has always felt weird in them. "Protective custody. Oh well, that means I'll have to visit the Brig a bit more, maybe bore you to deaths with stories of going to jail after crashing more than one car." he shakes his head at that "My old man was pissed…."

Cidra does not put her feet up, of course. But her shoulders do slouch comfortably as she watches the terminal. Long, idle puffs taken off her cigarette. Inhale, a look of concentration and…she manages to blow out a passable smoke ring. Blue eyes never leaving the read-outs as she precision, drags, of course.

Coll doesn't really outwardly reply to his comical remarks so easily. She's very likely had the second worst day of her life. The only thing she can muster is the barest hint of a smile at her retort to his last. "You know I can have visitors kicked out, right?" She glances at him and back to her ECO station. The dataflow keeps rolling and the recorders are running. She sighs and turns a knob, starting up ultraviolet scans. "Also means that I can choose when I leave but its limited to approved requests. I'm more or less in jail, just with the ability to get the door unlocked if I need it. I think it pisses off Constin that I want to stay there."

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] Ethan likes to throw jokes, he enjoys them and, in addition to sometimes being unable to asses a social situation, makes his throw a lot of jokes around. "Oh I know, I'm willing to take the risk tho, makes me feel more alive, you know?" he smiles at this and takes a deep breath as he keeps the ship steady. "Just let me know if you want anything from the outside, book, clothes, stuff like that. I can dig around and see what I can find" idly says the man, still looking outside.

The REKRS system will pick something up, something very very faint, almost imperceptible and that will potentially give Coll a bit of work to decode.

<FS3> Coll rolls ECM: Good Success.

Cidra blows another smoke ring. Puff, puff, puff. Still watching the computer, brows arching a notch at the faint blips. Barest hint of a smile coming to her lips.

"I need a place to hide, Fresh. If that report from JAG gets to the Deck? I won't be able to go back to my berthings. I won't be any safer in the pilot berths." Coll doesn't so much lament it as mention it as a fact of life, like the Athletics Area smelling like cheese and body odor. The Crewman, sans her proper (or any) rank, falls silent for a moment before something tickles. She taps the earpiece once and breezes through a few menus. "Break, break. Traffic." The sign that she's done being social, not a steering call. "Undientifi- Belay. Colonial contact at the edge of sensor range. Squaking four-sevens." Distress. "Leonis Yards."

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] "…I understand" says Ethan after a moment of silence. He goes silent, thinking about how to be able to at least help the woman a little bit. He opens his mouth to say something else but then she requests from silence, so he shuts up. The man narrows his eyes and presses his lips together "Bud, transfer a recording of that to Cerberus and notify them of this finding" says Ethan when she's done. This giving the chance for Coll to use the simulated TAC channels.

Still silence from Cidra over there in her little corner. She lurks. She observes. Eyebrows jocking up yet another notch as the sim moves along. Puff, puff, puff on her smoke.

"Copy." Coll is quick on the ball with it. She probably claimed to be working on Raptors. This is probably what she did all night. "Cerb, Cerb. This is.." She decides to makeup a callsign. "..Checkmate Six. Exiting Sector Seven on downbound leg for local planet." She's already throwing switches and starting up a datalink. "Receiving distress signals. Initial reports are Leonis Yards - Bearing two-seven-two, charom one-one-five. Expect feed on button niner-five in four seconds. Please advise." 2.. 1.. Rocker flipped and she angles the camera away from the planet, scanning the sky in the direction of the signal with the IR camera.

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] "Checkmate Six, Cerberus. Copy that, receiving signal as we speak. Record for 10 minutes or until it loops and return to base. Cerberus, out." This can be heard by both Pilot and ECO. "That's…pretty good. I never got a proper hang on those, I must admit" With that said, he quiets down and waits, waits for those 10 minutes to go by. At this point, he has more than enough information to write a good, positive report on Coll's skills as an ECO.

"Copy your last, Cerberus. Will continue feed as well. Checkmate Six, out." She closes out the mock comm line and records the rest in silence. She sits back in the chair and stares blankly at the screen in front of her, once in awhile looking her fingers around her ears to hold some hair back. Vents keep blowing it around. Very annoying.

More smoking and more monitor eying from Cidra. She does pull over a convenient clipboard, on which to take a few notes. Idle notes. It's tricky to smoke and notate at the same time.

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] Aaaaaand time's up. Ethan slightly opens his eyes, after having them closed not ten seconds ago. "Alright then, let's get back to Cerberus" says the man, turning the ship around. He pushes the Sim a bit now, speeding up towards the big Battlestar. "I think we are good with this" says the Ensign as he approaches Cerberus on the sim. "What do you think?" asks the man now, interested in what Coll has to say.

"Yeah. No sense evaluating my ability to watch you land a sim, sir," Coll comments quietly. She turns in the chair and hits the button for the door. "I think ECO'ing hasn't changed. I knew some guys on Picon that would sneak me into the sims for drinks and missions so I could keep up my practice. I also think that these sims are shit compared to the real thing, sir." She slowly rises from the chair and moves to step out after taking out her earpiece. Not a sweat drop or smile on the woman. Her boots are shiny but nothing else is. "If you ever want me to come up here and help you fix or play, lemme know. know." She gestures to the Marines as she steps out. "No guns. Nobody who has a grudge."

"Our facilities do not meet with your exacting standards, Coll?" The question comes dryly from Cidra as the pair of them wind down their exercise. CAG is watching.

[Sim-Raptor-506: Ethan] Ethan stands up from his seat and listens to Coll, he nods in acceptance and says "Being out there is always better." he shrugs at that and offers "But who knows, I can't predict what'll happen in the future. Perhaps you'll get to fly again." he smiles to this and then nods once again "With me? Yes. I can't talk for the others. But I can say that I don't think that anybody within the Harriers wants to hurt you." he shrugs "I do understand your concern of course" Now he spots the CAG and stands straight, saluting "Major"

Coll freezes in place and looks to one of the Marines who just nods at her. She'll have to respond to all that later. She finishes climbing off the winglet and turns, standing at attention as her hand comes up. "Sir. I was commenting to the stress induced by circumstance and the threat of death. Video games are still video games. As much as I would prefer it, life does not come with a 'Reset' button, sir."

"These instruments are for training purposes. One must know how to do a thing practically in one's sleep before one tries it in the field. Or one would waste many a good Raptor away in circumstances that come with the…threat of death, as you put it." Cidra stands, another drag taken off her cigarette. "How long has it been since you have served as an ECO?" A small nod to Ethan, and an aside. "Worthy program, Ensign. Nicely done. Though you are kinder than I with your choice of courses."

Ethan has left.

Coll doesn't say anything to the Major. She doesn't have much to say to the woman. The charges were filed by her. Her salute doesn't leave, though. "Five-hundred eleven days, sir. Between sixteen and seventeen months since I worked my last actual contact. I won't waste your time with simulator time since then." The Crewman just stares straight ahead while the Marines look on.

The salute is acknowledged fluidly, and Coll's offered an "As you were." A short nod from Cidra. She gathers up her notes, tapping at the computer console to make certain that particular exercise is saved. "Ah. Passable, for that long out." Which seems to be all the praise she's going to get for all that. And with that, she strides past the pods. Taking her leave of the sims.

Coll is done trying to be hot shot proud of herself. The ruling took care of that. "Sorry, sir. I ca-" But she's on for the door. Once the Major leaves, Lauren just looks to the Marines and heads for the hatch on her own with them jogging up with her.

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