PHD #263: EVENT - Parade, Promotions, Party
Parade, Promotions, Party
Summary: In which Damon becomes Chief, Cilusia and Radcliffe are promoted, and drinking naturally follows.
Date: 16 Nov 2041 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #263
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

The hangar deck floor is massive, and a huge portion of it has been sectioned off for tonight's festivities. All of the birds that are currently under repair or maintenance have been shoved off to the far end of the deck, where a minimum manning crew is continuing to work on them, occasionally eyeing the gathering with envy. Drawing the short stick sucks on a night like this, but at least they're getting a day off rotation for it.

But it's not party time yet, though the hour draws nearer. The parade is winding down to its last stages - Colonel Pewter, the reviewing officer, stands before the honor guard, who is led by Petty Officer First Class Damon looking sharp in his dress uniform. There are many spectators gathered around to witness, some of whom were specifically invited, others who were just told and decided to show up. A table has just been brought out with two chairs with a fancy-looking leather folder set upon it. There's the brief screech of feedback as a mic is brought to life and handed to Colonel Pewter.

The Colonel winces some at the feedback from the mic, shooting a look cross-wise at Damon. "Might want to see to fixin' that, eh?" Pause, mock-stern expression remaining for a moment before he bursts out in a deep chuckle at his own joke. Another pause for the additional laughter he assumes will be forthcoming from the audience. "Alright now, alright. I ain't one for pretty speechin' so I won't beat on this long. Y'alls' hands been put to hard work these last days, like they have been before since we been flyin', and I figure you're owed a chance to enjoy yourselves. But there're things to settle that we best get to settlin'. First, a word about Chief Atreus. He did our ship a long stretch of good work, kept this Deck together after the toasters hit us and kept on hitting us. Kept our birds flying, kept us in fightin' form when things were at their worst. And that's how I'll remember him, and I call y'all to remember him like that as well. I don't right know what kind of peace he expected he'd get down on Aerilon, even before the toasters hit us there again, but I figure whatever it was, he earned the right to go lookin' for it. Hope he finds it."

Another pause, and Pewter gruffly clears his throat. "But we all got more work to do yet, and we still need hands to do it. That's where you come in, PO." Another look to Damon, this one properly serious. "Atreus said you had the stuff to be his second after the toasters blew everything to hells, and you done just fine with that, and with steppin' in for the Chief all these last months when he wasn't properly able to keep to the work himself. Figure it's time to make matters official down here. So I ain't gonna ado no further. Andreas Damon, effective immediately I hereby promote you to the rank of Chief Petty Officer and give you proper the job of Chief of the Deck of our here Battlestar Cerberus. She ain't the easiest three-headed bitch to wrangle at times, but I trust you and y'alls are up to the job." He's grinning as he says it. The old man loves a parade, and he doesn't get one very often. From a pocket he withdraws a little black box, which holds Damon's new rank pins. The CO still has some of those little boxes saved for these occasions.

Shiner is ever the staid, sedate man on deck, as those who work with him or just know him will attest, so in his usual understated way, when Pewter finishes, sets his fingers in his mouth, whistling, cheering, and generally giving muppet-arm cheers for the new Chief.

Between the broken birds and the festivities is a small team of three: Ensign Hathor, an enlisted rating, and a video camera. After setting up the tripod, the rating is relegated to the traditional military duty of 'hurry up and wait' while Davis tends the recording. On the up-side, while standing around may be boring for the rating, at least as part of the camera team they don't have to go through the half-dozen transitions back and forth between attention, parade-rest, and at-ease. Can even pace around a bit.

Radcliffe smiles and applauds politely when Damon's promotion is announced, the deckhand pleased without giving in to the enthusiasm some most likely are. Once done she puts her hands behind her back, standing at ease, trying to seem professional thanks to the camera that is being used to record the events.

Woo! Sofia is amongst the audience. She's watching the parade, hearing of the happiness on deck. It pleases the snipe tremendously to see all of this and be here. Though there is a sad look at Atreus' choice to stay planetside. She tries to hide it, but the brief sorrow is visible on her face. Sofia applauds with the others and beams. Yay Damon! She pauses and grins, standing near Shiner.

Wade is around as well, he is wearing his 'full' officer uniform and applauds when Damon is named Chief of the Deck. The Viper pilot took a moment to step towards his beloved Viper, that is, at this moment, receiving the care of the ones doing work. "Looking good guys, looking very good…you are doing a fantastic job" offers the man to them, stepping to the side and moving his attention to the festivities.

Rose, the odd civilian on deck, is off to the side, far away from the front of the preceedings. She's standing alongside an MP assigned to escort her onto the deck and to be her eyes should she need to move about, whitestick folded and out of the way. She has a bright, proud smile for Andreas as Colonel Pewter promotes the man she's come to consider a trusted friend… and more. She bounces on the balls of her feet as she's want to do when happy or excited, and when the applause breaks out she adds to it.

Then there's Cilusia. The dress uniform looks exceedingly uncomfortable (it is), and totally out of place on her. Rather than pay a whole heck of a lot of attention to the parade - it's hard to see over all of those people anyway - she's mussing and fumbling around with the hem of the tunic that makes up the top part of the uniform. Like a cat with a piece of string, she's almost to the point where she's chasing herself around in circles trying to get rid of it. Applause is added when the other folks applaud, but all this rigamarole is just making official what's already been going on for a while.

Damon marches up to Pewter, comes to attention, and salutes. His right hand is still splinted up, but it's looking better day by day. Old pins are discarded, new ones are affixed, fancy papers are signed, and it's a done deal. Chief Petty Officer Damon, newly promoted and given charge of the Deck, salutes the Colonel and turns back to the parade. There's more business to be done. He calls out a string of names; amongst them are "Petty Officer Third Class Cilusia Fasi" and "Petty Officer Third Class Brina Radcliffe". As each name called comes up to the front, they are given their new rank pins - Petty Officer Second Class for Cilusia and Radcliffe - along with a handshake and a few words of congratulations from Pewter and Damon both.

That is a bit of a surprise for Brina when her name is called but she takes it in stride, the shock worn off by the time she makes it to the front to receive her pins and everything that goes along with it. Damon is given a quick wink before hands are shaken, first his and then the Colonel's, the latter getting a polite nod as well. "Thank you both." Not sure what to do now, Brina starts to inch her way back to where she was standing, face bright red due to her fluster.

Doing what she does best, Sawyer is off on the outskirts of the festivities with a pad of paper in hand as she scribbles away taking notes and, yeah…reporting. When it comes time for applause, she politely adds a soft clap against the wrist of her pad wielding hand. Before going back to the duty at hand, the eraser of her pencil gets drug around the curve of her ear, tucking a lock of hair behind it. Then. More skitch scratching.

Heh, maybe they call it PO2 because you have to get it twice? This is the case for Cilusia, at least! There's an element of genuine shock when her name's called, but all it takes is a little muscle and shouldering…and elbowing…and hipchecking to get through the tangled group of people between her and the table there with the big brass. "Only took me a few years longer than it should, huh?" Cilusia smirks at Damon, while shaking his hand; thanks are offered to the Colonel while she shakes his hand, having only interacted with him twice…including this.

Pewter clasps Radcliffe and Cilusia's hands respectively in his big, callused right paw, saluting as well when appropriate. "Y'all done good," he says. The glad-handing done he steps aside, though he'll linger for a spell at the party proper. There's still booze to be poured, after all.

Rose's applause doesn't diminish for the others. Then, she elbows the MP next to her, gently. "Clap! They're getting promotions!" Stoic MP is stoic, however, and he simply chuckles lightly and continues to watch the proceedings.

Horray! Promoted deckies. Sofia joins in the clapping and beaming happily. She looks to Shiner and then back to the others. She smiles, seeing Rose and Sawyer here too.

Davis nudges the rating once the official portion is winding down. "Gurk," she prompts verbally, flashing him a smile once she's got the bloke's attention. "You wanna take over for a bit, Mickey?" the Ensign asks. Technically asks, for there is a wrong answer. "Think I'm going to mingle once the formation's released. Bring you one of those little sandwiches, I promise."

After all the newly promoted deck crew make their way back into the parade and spectating audience, it's Damon's turn to address the gathering. "I'll keep this short," Damon says. No mic for him; he uses his booming voice instead. "We've been through a lot together on this Deck since the Cylon attacks began. We've lost many along the way. We went through the shocking revelation that some who wore our uniform and worked among us were in fact the enemy. We've even had Cylons literally burst forth from these walls and try to gun us down. But we've stood together through it all and continued on fighting and doing our duty. That's the Deck I know, and that's the Deck I'm proud to be part of."

"I've been the Acting Deck Chief for a while now, and it's a bittersweet day for me today, being promoted to Chief. I'd always hoped in my heart that Chief Atreus would return and take charge of the Deck again - not because it was a responsibility that I didn't want, but because he was, to me… well, he was the Chief. There was never any question about it, even when I was filling in temporarily for him. He was the one I wanted to serve under, and he's certainly the last person whose shoes I'd want to try and fill. But here I am, and I'm honored to be appointed to this position. You'll get nothing but my utmost. And maybe, one day, learning as I go, I can live up to the standard that Chief Atreus set before his retirement to Aerilon. Congratulations to all those promoted here today, you all deserved it. Thanks for all your hard work, you guys make me look better than I really am. That's all I got! Thank you."

That's it, that's all. The formalities of closing out a parade are executed with haste. Now it's time for the afterparty! There's not much in the way of decoration, but there are several plastic tables laid out with all kinds of booze and food. And it's not fancy hors d'oeuvres and champagne glasses, either - in fact, there's not a glass to be seen anywhere (it's all plastic cups here, baby) and all the food looks like fried, greasy stuff, served up on paper plates. Most of the bottles sitting on the tables are unmarked and unlabeled, clearly indicating that they are Deck Moonshine - drink at your own peril.

Party on!

Bannik duly claps and cheers like the rest of those here — it is, after all, a big day for the Deck. But there is a certain melancholy about him not often seen on the cheerful deckhand. He duly makes his way over to the tables, surveying the eats and drinks.

Sofia cheers and claps for the Deck too. There's a sadness when Atreus is mentioned again. Sofia has to pause and stifle it. She wipes at her eyes hard and starts to wander among the crowd, toward Davis and the civilians. "Hey!"

Officially, the stuff in the unmarked bottles is paint thinner. Manufactured paint thinner, for use by the deck in getting drunk. "Thank the lords!" Cilusia calls out, sliding out of the shoulder strap dress uni, and unbuttoning the tunic and all that jazz. Dress uniform…address. Sobriety…next on the checklist!

CAP duties are something that Wade can't avoid. So, after the speeches are done, he applauds once again, nodding to the people that got promoted. He looks at the Deckies working on his Viper and he says to them "Thank you guys, honest" His attention moves for a moment to Sawyer and he says "Job never stops huh?" at this, he shows a faint smile and then nods "I know the feeling" With that said, he takes a couple steps away from the Viper and then makes his way out.

Rose claps again, this time letting out a quiet "Yay, Andreas!" that is lost in the noise of the crowd's applause and cheers, and subsequent noise of breaking and socializing. The MP leans down and asks her something, to which she shakes her head. "No, that's all right. I'll wait for things to thin out, first. I'd much rather let you go about your business, Private." She favors her escort with a small smile.

One doesn't plan to stay at the party - between work and visiting with Crowe while he's laid up in sickbay, Brina has gotten very little in the way of sleep and it's starting to catch up even in the relative short amount of time. Looking around, she works to catch Damon's eye long enough to give him a wave before she departs, only pausing long enough to get a few snacks squirreled away so she can nibble on them while making another round of visiting the sickly Marine.

Bannik makes his way up behind Sofia, touching her shoulder. Tap-tap-tap. "Hey! Sofia! I haven't seen you — in — ages. With, you know, how busy things have been." That is, all those extra duties and drills and stuff he had to do. "How are you?"

A wave to Wade too. "See you, ex-nugget dude." Sofia grins, seeming amused. She looks to Sawyer and glances around. Then there's an eep! Stealth Bannik Shoulder taps! She turns quickly and gasps. "Tyr! You're ALIVE!" She eyes him and smiles. "I'm okay. How about you? It's good to see you!"

Immediately after the dismiss is given, Damon takes the long way around, jumps up over the wing of a Raptor, bypasses half the crowd, and heads straight for Rose. Somewhere along the way, he grabs a small black bag that he stashed away earlier. "You made it!" he says with a big grin. "I couldn't see you in the crowd at first, so I was starting to get a little anxious. Well, the boring part is over, and…" He opens up the bag. "I brought you some Aerilon whiskey. Won it at the Triad game. I wasn't sure if, uh, our 'paint thinner' would be to your taste." Radcliffe is given a grin and wave when she sneaks away, and the word 'congratulations' is mouthed.

Rather than even bother with some of the plastic cups, Cilusia goes for one of the unmarked jars that are sitting there unattended and unloved there on the table. Mixing and mingling there with a bunch of other deckies, she mostly just shoots the shit and snacks on some of the finger food sitting there and staning the dishes and all with grease.

Rose is, well, rather surprised - she wasn't quite prepared for Damon to make a bee-line for her. Her face turns bright red with embarrassment, and both hands go up to cover her mouth. "Andreas! I… you should go socialize! Everyone's here because of you, and the others, but this is your day." She peers down at the bottle of whiskey that he's offering to her, and she begins to shake her head. "Oh, gods, Andreas, I couldn't accept something as precious as this. This… this should be set aside. You know, for another wedding, or a special occasion?" She gingerly takes the gift from him, turning the bottle over in her hands. Quieter, she says to him, "We should save this." Glancing up at him, with lips pursing as she tries to hide her smile. "Well, most of it?"

Sawyer should be taking this opportunity to schmooze a rather untapped department of the Cerberus she hasn't already made buddies with: the deck. Instead, Sawyer politely declines a drink when it's offered and then slips out of the crowd when people start to pair off into conversation groups. Journalist, exit stage left.

"Well, I wanted to come grab you to come socialize with me," Damon says with a grin. "I'll make sure we save… some of it. But tonight's a night for celebrating, and we're in orbit over my home of all places, so this is getting enjoyed." He opens up the whiskey and starts heading back toward the main body of the party with Rose. "You've met Sofie and Bannik already, right? What about Cilusia?" Coming up behind the deckie in question, he nudges her in the small of the back with his elbow. "Or should I say Petty Officer Second Class Fasi, hey?"

Bannik shrugs his shoulders. "I'm all right, I guess. Just — you know. We're not at Aerilon anymore. And I doubt we're ever going back —" And so he just lets that hang, turning when Damon approaches. "Chief. Ms. Ibbhanas." He nods briskly to both. "Congratulations."

"Second time's a charm…for petty officering and for hooch…I mean paint thinner brewing. This one is definitely more drinkable. Or is that less deadly? Guess it depends on whether you're an optimist or a pessimist or what." Cilusia starts talking before she even turns to have a face-to-face conversation. A bottle of the hooch is clutched in her hand…and she's taking liberal sips from it quite frequently, each time washing it down with a wince and a hiss.

"Yes, I know Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Bannik, both in passing, more or less," Rose answers Damon, following after him after she tucks an arm around his. She glances back over her shoulder, though, and says a quick, "Thank you again, Private!" To the MP that had escorted her in. Then, she blinks as Tyr greets them. "Speaking of Mr. Bannik - hello!"

Sofia looks sympathetic. "I know that feeling all too well," She admits quietly. "I'm sorry, Tyr." She gently pats his right shoulder. She smiles seeing Damon and Rose though. "Awww. You two are too cute. Hey there." She greets Rose and Damon warmly. "I don't think I trust that moonshine."

"Thanks. And never say never, Bannik," Damon says with a nod to his fellow-deckhand. Whether the momentary look of sadness that crosses his face is because of what Bannik just said or because he still won't call him Damon - or both - is uncertain. "I'd like to come back to Aerilon if we're able to. See Atreus again sometime, y'know? Farewell ain't goodbye." Cilusia gets a broad grin and a plastic cup held out for her to fill. "You did burn-test it, right? As adorable as it would be for me and Rose to be a matching blind set, I need my eyes to do my job." He wraps his arm around Rose's waist briefly when he describes them as a 'matching set', smiling like a damned fool. "Glad you made it out, Sofie! When're we having the parade where I officially welcome you to the Deck crew?"

"Yeah. Sure. Anything's possible." Bannik nods, but the tone of his voice leaves doubt as to whether he believes it in his heart-of-hearts. But he musters up a smile for the occasion, reaching over to snag a piece of fried 'chicken.'

Rose's red color deeps again at Damon shamelessly drawing her closer. "Andreas, behave," she murmurs to him, although she can't help but smile. Then she turns a less-coy and more-bright smile to the sound of Sofia. "Hello, Ms. Wolfe. Is… this how the deckhands spend their time when you're not busy working? That and testing each other's capacity for rude vocabulary."

"I figure it's the best way to spend time, at least!" Rather than fill up Damon's offered cup from the jar she holds, Cilusia just grabs one fresh, and pours from that. "As for burn testing? Well, let's say it'll put a fire in your belly and burn all the way there. Also, it might actually remove paint. That good enough for you?"

Sofia nods at Damon. "You never know," She offers to Bannik. Though concern is written on her face. "Do you want something to drink?" She offers quietly. Then a smile at Rose and Damon. Aww. "I think so. There's that, dirty jokes, sometimes fixing stuff and they talk to me too." Beam. Sofia seems amused at any rate. "Um, do you want some of my fruit juice? It …. might go down a bit more easily." Her eyebrows lift. An amused look at Cil.

"Aww, can't I show off at least a little bit? You can be ashamed to be seen in public with me after you get your vision back." Still grinning, Damon takes a healthy swig of the moonshine. That wipes the grin right off his face, and his eyes widen like he just realized that he took a mouthful of tylium. He manages to barely swallow it down before coughing into his hand and sputtering, "You weren't frakking kidding." More coughing. "You're just jealous," he says to Sofia with a wink when he finally composes himself. To Rose, he adds, "And you just want to see if we can do half the things we joke about."

"They talk really big, but really, they're just the same as any other Department on the ship." Bannik winks at Rose and the others. "Everyone needs to compete to be the biggest, baddest folks on the ships. But for me? I need to finish getting these BlackKnight birds put together so we don't have as much maintenance stress on the CAP birds. Darn Cylons make things harder. But I'll see you all soon, huh?"

"It's good to see you again, Mr. Bannik, and not when someone's having a crisis of faith," Rose calls after him, giving a small wave in his general direction. Not long enough of a conversation, plus with the ambient noise of the hangar, she didn't quite home in on him. But she got the general direction. Then, Damon gets a swift kick in the ankle, and maintains an innocent smile. "In your dreams, Chief," she quips at him, emphasizing his new, official title. "And are you going to keep the liquor for yourself? I need to see what this 'paint thinner' is about. Probably no worse than what my grandfather made in his shed back home. Although… maybe a cup of that juice to cut it with?" That last question probably aimed towards Sofia, since she offered.

Sofia looks amused. She smiles at Bannik. "Ok. I'll bring you some cookies later," She promises. "Be well," She smiles after the Deckie. Sofia looks to Damon. She lifts her eyebrows. "You're gonna go blind if you keep doing that," She points out. Then a nod at Rose. "That sounds good. Do you like strawberry or apple more?" She offers. Sofia is a good audience, taking a bit of chicken onto her plate.

"Ow!" Damon yelps when he gets an unexpected kick in the ankle. "Of course you're in my dreams. And - oh, you're taking off, Bannik? All right, I'll catch you later." A single nod sees him off. "Well, I wasn't sure if you wanted the whiskey or the shine," he says to Rose. A half-cup of 'paint thinner' is poured and handed to Sofia so it can be mixed with Rose's juice of choice. "Hell, I might want some of that juice," he mutters before attempting another drink of the stuff - a more conservative one.

"Is that like…PC? Can you talk bout him going blind around her?" Cilusia ribs at Sofia…all the while motioning towards Damon and Rose with the open jar of 'shine. A little bit of it sloshes around inside, and even spills out. Good thing it should evaporate pretty darn quick! "Awww come on, you gotta try it full force! Au naturale. Straight up! Give it a try!"

"I can't get any more blind," Rose says, although technically that's a lie - at least she can discern light from dark right now. "Apple should be fine. Oh, what I wouldn't do for real apple juice. Is it real, or that stuff made from a powder? Either way it should be just fine."

Sofia carefully takes the half cup and pauses. She fetches some of her juice and pours it into the cup. "Ta da!" Sofia the Bartender? Not so much. She does hand it back over. "I dunno," She admits. Then a pause. "Nuh uh, the last time I drank some moonshine, I had my first hangover. Not my thing." She admits. "Maybe a sip I guess." She wrinkles her nose. "It's not bad, it seems to be in the middle. I can't drink coffee or tea, so…"

It doesn't take long for a knuckledragger party to get rowdy. There's a group of mechanics off to one side playing some horsehoes-kind of drinking game involving wrenches and landing gear dismantled from a Viper; a bawdy drinking song is being sung (poorly) by another group, who are waving their cups in the air and spilling booze on their uniforms; and there also appears to be some strange version of a king of the hill competition taking place on the wing of a Viper. All in all, the place is ripe for disaster as blood alcohol content rises over the course of the night.

"This isn't moonshine, this is murder," Damon says to Cilusia after taking another taste from his cup. "I'm pretty sure my mouth has gone numb. But it's strong, I'll give you that. I can feel it hitting me already."

"You should come on down to Scorpia sometime, er, well, you should've come on down to Scorpia before. If you think this stuff rocks your socks off, you'd be flat on your back with some of that jungle juice. There are fruits there that ferment down into the most sickly strong booze you'll ever drink!" It's a damn shame Cilusia couldn't manage to sneak a jar of that aboard way back in the day. Getting to thinking of home, Cilusia keeps getting drunk, and…just sort of wanders off.

Rose accepts the cup of half liquid death and half faux-apple juice and sniffs at it. Her face screws up into something awful. "Ugh. It's exactly like what Paw-paw used to make," she says through her grimace. That doesn't stop her from taking a gulp that would be equal to Damon's. Gag, choke, sputter. "Smooth," she wheezes, holding on to Damon so she doesn't fall over.

Sofia is amused by the rowdy business. She finishes her can of apple juice. She boggles at Cilusia. "Man, I can hear her liver begging for mercy from here." Her eyes are wide. She does giggle at Damon. "You DID eat something earlier right? Do you want some water?" She offers them. "Or … some of this juice I guess. And some bread?" She's eager to avert hangovers after having one of her own.

"About as smooth as I am from the sounds of it," Damon says with a laugh, supporting Rose. "Sounds like I'd've died of alcohol poisoning on Scorpia if I'd ever tried any of that stuff," he chuckles to Cilusia. Except that she's not really there anymore, she's just… wandering off. "Uh, see you later, I guess?" Blinking in confusion, he turns back to Sofia and shakes his head. "Nah, I'm good, thanks. This is a night for making regrettable mistakes, passing out in a corridor, and waking up the next morning in wrinkled dress grays, covered in shaving cream and silly string." He clears his throat. "Not that that's ever happened to me."

Rose continues to, strangely enough, sip at the foul concoction in her cup despite her initial reaction to the drink. "And that is precisely why, Andreas, that I'm going to quietly disengage myself from this party and let you get back to being with your friends. After all, if you're going to drink yourself into shameful activities, it's best I don't know about them. Hoo, this is strong." Sip. "See? We don't need to drink any of that precious whiskey, Andreas. Plenty of… of… this Hells' bathwater. That's what it is." Sip.

"Aaah, you're bad, scaring off your date. You should be more thoughtful," Sofia pouts at Damon. "Or give her alcohol poisoning." She crosses her arms. "You should offer her some wine or whiskey and maybe a flower or something. Look, I'll make sure you don't end up duct taped to anything, but I can't promise more than that. One snipe can't hold off the Deck Horde," She notes.

Damon eyes Rose with a crooked grin and gives Sofia a knowing wink. "Well, I think your escort's already left, so why don't I at least walk you back? That's the gentlemanly thing to do, right?" He also tops off her cup with more moonshine, because hey, that's the other gentlemanly thing to do. Right? The remainder of his cup gets shot. "Whew. Yeah, this formula is not yet perfected, I think. All right, Sofie, I'll be back after I see Rose off. Think you can manage the Deck Horde until then?" A grin and a wave of the whiskey bottle, and off he goes with Rose. That is, if she actually wants to leave the party.

Rose nods slowly. "Well, it's either that, or I continue to drink with you and make an ass of myself," she explains. "And that's precisely what's going to happen if I drink more of this." She hands the empty cup back to Sofia, smiling. "Thank you, Ms. Wolfe." And with that, she peers up expectantly at Damon. "Just a short walk across to the other side of the ship and you can get back to your… um… 'Chiefing Day.'"

A smile at the wink. "Yeah. I'll keep an eye out and make sure no one gets duct taped to a Viper or anything," She promises and holds up a hand. Sofia's middle management. She can do it! She grins. "Aaah, you should see her after and um, make sure she doesn't get duct taped either," One eye closes. She grins and takes the empty cup. "Congratulations, Chief." Beam.

"Aww… so many bad decisions could've been made," Damon laments as Rose hands off her cup. "I dunno, maybe she might like being duct taped." He ducks to the side just in case she decides to kick him in the shin again. "Thanks, Sofie. But don't you start calllin' me Chief, or I'll… well, probably duct tape you to a Viper. Well then, shall we?" Taking Rose's arm in his, he leads her off the deck. The long way, apparently, since they're headed in the wrong direction.

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