PHD #449: Parade
Summary: The Recon team returns from Gemenon
Date: 21 May 2042 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.Description of Room
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #449

If the bare minimum of people knew that a Raptor was launching to drop off Marines, even fewer are aware of exactly when the Raptor would be returning full of Marines.. or no Marines at all. Likely some people were holding their breath about whether or not there would even be anyone left on the recon team to even come back. But as the Raptor is brought down the elevator the pilot flashes a thumbs up and there is clearly movement in the cabin behind. The Raptor even looks unmolested. So when the rear hatch of the bird opens and Marines can be inside, its not surprise they look no worse (/except/ for wear). All dressed in their respective uniforms, none are the standard blacks. The jump gear, rucks, suppressed rifles, helmets, and clothes are all covered in dirt and even some foliage. The brown tinges everything on their tan/green uniforms and is even powered into places on the floor of the transport. But for one, most have been sunburned as well. There's no hiding it - they're returning from someplace terrestrial.

In his spare time between writing manifestos and preaching the Good News, Bannik actually works on the Port-Side Hangar Deck. In his orange coveralls, he's running for the Raptor, pointing at some Crewman Apprentice aircraft handlers. "Let's get this bird hooked up to a tug! Someone hand me the checklist." Out of nowhere, a clipboard appears in his hand.

Waiting her turn to step off the Raptor, Circe is hobbling a little, using her hand to help ease the weight from her sore leg. As she slides down to the floor, she groans, rising a little before she rolls her shoulder, the straps of her gear dig into her skin and the corpsman lifts up her hand to wipe some stray curls back beneath that helmet of hers. Her fingers lower to unhook the strap about her chin to loosen it.

There is a sigh and she gives Sondray a look. "Well, we made it." She smirks some, "Already kinda miss it.." She states below her breath.

Helping the deckies! Sofia adores her orange suited family. She's pushing a cart with metal scraps, tools and various goodies atop and along its shelf … this. She pauses, watching Bannik go. There's a smile from the snipe and she moves to her designated out of the way position to let the deck crew do their thing, unless she's called for.

One of this final briefings as S2 pertained to the Gemenon mission and the time table that surrounded it and as such, Corrath had made his way down to the hangar deck well before the appointed hour. He had business here, as well, but seeing that the Chief wasn't around, he chose to linger off to one side. When that Raptor finally is lowered down and the crew begins to disembark, hands unclasp from behind his back as he counts the number of Marines that move off.

Decumius comes off the Raptor with a huge dip in his lower lip, his assault pack slung quite comfortably over his frag vest. He is just as burned as the rest of them, and just as stinking, though they haven't been planetside long enough for them to develop a real stench, yet. He too removes his helmet, holding it in his left hand while his right carries the heavily modded rifle he's been issued. His green eyes dart over to Circe, and grins, the expression made more comical by the presence of such a huge wad of tobacco in his lower lip. "Yeah, I hear ya. I'm sure we'll return. Or something. Bet you're glad we trained for the last few weeks, eh? No blisters I bet!"

Stepping down the wing of the Raptor with his helmet hanging from his pack is the absolutely filthy form of Sergeant Ciro Sondray. His face is a mess of tan and dark brown warpaint that streaks down from his jaw into the light wrapping of a heavy, loose brown scarf. Significantly less sunburned than the others, he's been unable to avoid their shared scent of sweat, body odor, and dirt. In his hands is a long-barreled sniper rifle that is wrapped in nonreflective tan material, carried so that it's constantly pointing towards the deck.

"I'll second that." He pauses, watching Bannik and his team approach the raptor. He tilts his head in Circe's direction, dropping the last foot to come to a stop on the deck. His eyes flit between Bannik and Sofia. "Looks like we're not getting a committee. Grateful for that."

The CAG is on deck. Cidra was waiting rather restlessly in the vicinity as the Raptor returned to extract its wayward Marines. She waits as they unload. Sidling up to Corrath, as it happens. "All in one piece from the reports from flight control, Captain," she notes to him.

Finding Wade has been a matter of luck lately, because after certain incident, he has been avoiding people. Right now, he is working on his beloved 662, just making some adjustments here and there, making sure that all the systems are running on green and that there are no parts that need changing right at that moment. Because of this, he is wearing orange overalls right now and not the common outfits he is seen wearing. When the Raptor appears, he moves his eyes from the Viper and sits up, examining the bus a little more. He stands up and cleans his hands with a white piece of cloth, not moving his attention from the Raptor when the door starts to open. He looks at Cidra as she speaks but says nothing to her, instead, he walks towards the Raptor, getting a little closer.

Vandenberg steps out after a few other Marines, the woman's expression stoic. Her helmet is already off and its cradled under her arm as she jumps off the winglet of the bird. Her eyes survey the hangar deck and hold directly on Bannik for a full three seconds before she looks back to her team. "Alright people, this ain't a peepshow. We've been here before. Let's move ass and get our weapons checked back into the armory. Then, and I swear to Gods, all of you need to shower because at least one of you smells like you rolled in cowshit," she grunts out towards the Marines. Her ruck is reslung carefully, guarding the contents. She hasn't looked around to note many others but Bannik for the moment.

Constin ducks his head in order to step out of the ride home. The Gunnery Sergeant carries one of the squad machine guns, his torso still cris-crossed by bullet belts. The big blond marine didnt take terribly well to the sun, his face and neck clearly reddened by sun. "You gonna get a boot in the backside you dont clear the door," he drawls to the marine in front of him as talk of 'not getting a committee' reaches his ear. A short nod to Vandenberg's instruction.

"No blisters but I am going to be needing a hot shower for more than should be legal." Circe smirks at Decumius and then at Vandenbergs words, she is grinning and replying, "I think that was Sondray over here…but then again is natural smell adds to the over all presence of 'shit'." She grins brightly, that red skin of hers already looking to be tanning - some girls have all the luck. With that said she is moving, shoulder digging into Decumius. "Still need some more work on the leg." She starts forward after the Gunny's threat of a boot. She casts a look up away from her group to take note of familiar faces around and she nods to Wade, her eyes finally resting on Corrath, she gives a two fingered tap at her collarbone.

Bannik makes his way towards the cabin of the Raptor, his clipboard in hand. "I don't care where you just came from or who you brought back, you're still going down the post-flight," Tyr is telling the pilot and ECO. Of course, on the list to fill out is the flight plan — the 'to' and 'from' of things.

As Cidra moves over towards him, Corrath's attention shifts in her direction so that he can offer a smile and a nod of his head, "Must admit that I'm relieved to hear that, Colonel." Now, his attention flits back to the Raptor and the crew that's coming off, though as he continues to speak, it's clear it's still directed at the CAG. "Wasn't looking forward to having to re-billet to break in some new recruits." A slight jest, no doubt. Each Marine is given a nod should they look over and at Circe's two finger tap to her collarbone, there's a quick smile. Then, it's back to Cidra. "If you'll excuse me, Colonel, figure I'll go play pack mule for my brothers." With that said he's turning to angle off in the direction of Vandenberg and Co.

Okay… so - wait. A bucket of Marines? Sofia looks curious and iiiinches over. Sneaky with that cart she is. Or sort of at least. One of the deckies grins at her and Sofia cranes her neck to see. "Oh wow, that explains why I haven't see anyone around." Her eyes are wide. She is sneaking ever closer to get a good view. That's right. Pay no mind to the snipe behind the cart.

Cidra smiles, ever so slight, at Corrath's small joke. "Of course. I shall not be fetching and carrying, for my part." Though she does stride forth to meet Vandenberg. "Captain. I shall await the full report, but if you have any immediately actionable details, particularly in terms of preparations my pilots should make, I would hear them now."

"I'm clear, Gunny." Ciro replies, carefully keeping the rifle positioned as he steps across the deck with the rest of the marines. Corrath's nod is returned quietly, and as he passes his eyes fall onto Bannik. "I guess I shouldn't have been eating all that cowshit then." Ciro mutters out of the side of his mouth to Circe, chuckling as he turns his attention to the task at hand…getting the frak off of the deck. Sofia crosses over his field of vision, she earns herself a quiet nod. The wave of dusty body odor is a tangible cloud coming from the marines, a sign of a job well done.

Constin's ear pricks at the conversation between Deck crew and the Raptor's pilot. A slow turn of his eye settles on the Specialist in question, as he states 'dont care, still have post-flight': Tyr Bannik. "Regs must be there for good reason, yeah?" Elf grunts deadpan, before looking toward the target of salutes, Corrath. The returning MaA offers one of his own to the officer. "Sir."

"Yeah. Don't fly there, sir." Decumius makes one of his rare appearances to the higher ups by saying this to Lieutenant Colonel Hahn, with a slight grin. He looks over to Corrath, nodding. Hands full. "Sir." Then to Circe, "We can work on the physio, dude. I got some exercises that'll help." He continues his brisk walk to the stairwell.

Vandenberg looks over towards the approaching Corrath and notes the CAG right behind him. She straightens and turns to face to woman fully. She changes hands holding her helmet and lifts a snapped salute. "Colonel Hahn," she greets, letting the rest go behind her. "Aye, sir. Immediate and it could be telling. We confirmed the presence of several anti-aircraft emplacements. I'd appreciate knowing if at any time your Raptors reported their activity, sir." She keeps her voice low, just for Cidra.

Ooooh, preparations for pilots? Wade is all over that. The man approaches Cidra and Corrath now and nods to them "Captain, Lieutenant Colonel" As the Marines move out, he looks at them again and shows a faint smile to Circe, and now that he is closer, he asks "Are you alright?" He runs a visual scan and smile grows a little more "Nice tan…brings back good memories" He looks down at this hands and makes sure that his hands are nice and clean at the moment, or at least as clean as they can be given what he used.

"No, CIro, its not what you are eating, its what you spew." She winks and then Circe grins at Decumius. "Better, this leg was still not quite up to par." SHe intones and then the fact Wade is closer was lost on her till he speaks. Slowing, she steps to the side a moment to nod at him, turning to face him. "Doing well enough. Going to hit the pool I think after some well deserved rest." She touches a finger to the side of her nose. "Years in the sun.." She winks, "Talk to you soon Wade, galley shortly if you like." She nods her head and goes, turning to stride back into the flow of the small group.

The pen goes down the paper fast enough; both Tyr and the Raptor crew are old pros at this. The deckhand just arches a brow at Constin at that: "I'm not allowed to get into that stuff while on the Deck, Gunny," says the Specialist, finally.

Sofia smiles at Ciro and even boldly sneaks a wave. She's approaching quietly, lest she get shooed off - though she seems like she might just understand. Constin gets a grin and there's Circe, that Decumius chap … Huh. Hmm. One Marine, ah ah! She does step aside to let a deckie snag something from her cart.

Cidra acknowledges Vandenberg's salute fluidly and gives a quick "As you were" before she gets down to business. "Anti-aircraft? I see. When you have had some leisure we can go over their precise positions, to get them marked. But my Raptors have encountered no activity or hostile opposition from ground forces from the planet Gemenon," Cidra replies to Vandenberg. "During both the previous aerial recons and our drop of your people our forces were intercepted by Raiders, but they did not fire upon us. On the last two occasions their behavior was described by some of my officers as…playful." Which plainly does not sit well with her, perhaps moreso than open hostility would. A look to Wade, and small nod exchanged with him. "Lieutenant Duncan has been preparing some plans in case Viper support is required on any further efforts to Gemenon." Then a look to Decumius when he speaks. A look to the Marine. A inscrutable look, though that faintest of smiles still rests on her lips. "The skies are not the friendliest I would fly in, Corporal. But I take what challenges come to me."

Cidra's reply draws a faint chuckle and as Wade joins the fray, Corrath is offering the man a nod of his head, "Lieutenant." Then, there's that salute from the Gunny, drawing a faint twinge of his lips to a smile as he nods, "Gunny. Glad to see you in one piece. There's a couple reports sitting on your desk." Eyes shift then shift to Decimus, Ciro and Vandenberg so as to offer, "Corporal. Sergeant. Captain. Glad to see you're all in once piece." Eyes play to Circe then, not interrupting when she speaks to Wade and as she turns to move off, he's shifting his attention back to the Gunny. "There was an incident while you were gone. May want to stow your gear and get with Lieutenant Raine."

Decumius shrugs at Cidra. "All the better for us, sir." A nod at Corrath. "Thanks sir." He's quickly through the doors, obviously eager to get the heck out of sight.

Constin eyes Bannik sidelong as the Specialist answers. A silent moment as he regards the Deckie, before Elf sniffs once and looks away from Tyr, a short chuckle stirring his throat inexplicably as he resumes steps away from the bird and toward the rest of the battlestar. "Damnation, girl," he voices to himself. Then Corrath is talking of incidents while he was gone, and any trace of good humor is gone. "Yes, sir. Will get on that, ay-sap."

"What I spew…you're getting pretty good at that, Laguna. I hope they've got hot chow." Ciro muses, keeping the conversations both light and not including any details about what they have or haven't seen on the planet. The more useless the banter the better. As he steps closer to Sofia, the nauseating wave of stink nears her. That's when Cidra's voice draws his attention. His gaze turns to her and he offers her a stiff nod as well. "Thank you, sir, it's good to be back."

Wade nods to Circe as she talks to him "We'll continue working at the pool, yes…" he nods again and shows a faint smile again, tilting his head "Fits you well, the tan I mean…" Because that needed clarification right? He looks away and covers his mouth to cough, shaking his head after that "Sorry about that" He nods to Circe again "Galley it is" His attention drifts to Cidra as she speaks and he nods to the woman "All Vipers are ready to launch, Sir" He takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulder at his lovely 662 "I just finished checking mine"

Vandenberg's salute drops quickly and she hold's the CAG's eyes. Her own are dark, serious. There's a deep determination behind the sunburn, grime, and leftover facepaint, as well. "Copy that, Colonel. I've got all the intel we gathered. I need to make hard copes for debrief and then more after for distribution. Shouldn't take too long - but you can't miss the batteries." The rest gets a careful sigh from her and her eyes drift away. "Aye, playful. Understood." She glances to Wade and then back to the CAG. "Sir, the Viper assistance is an interesting idea but.. As I'll say in my report, Gemenon is not safe or secure right now. Period. Most of my team will agree, Colonel." She stops short of recommendations here on the hangar deck.

The medic catches the tone of something amiss as she has nearly passed. Circe pauses and looks to the others, finally pausing as she draws closer to Corrath. "Sir.." She says in a moment so as not to interrupt the conversations. Her gaze follows Ciro and she speaks up, "Pyramid court.." perhaps an unspoken challenge. "Good to see you kept the ship in one piece.." Circe smirks some at Corrath before she looks about to say something and stops, giving him a wink before she nods and looks as if she is going to continue out.

Cidra nods short to Vandenberg. "Understood. I shall digest the full of it before making any recommendations on how we are to proceed. In the meantime, Captain. And to all your men and women." A nod around to the Marines. "Honors to your work down there. The importance of Gemenon is a high one to the Fleet, perhaps the highest right now."

That is when Bannik's ears perk. Not safe or secure right now? While Tyr likely figured out that the team had been on Gemenon, that really drives him on. You can tell that he's ready to ask 'what happened down there?' but, to his credit, he doesn't. Not yet.

Sofia smiles a bit She seems happy to see the others. Though, she looks worried now that things are changing. A faint frown crosses her face. Then Cirostank hits her like a Centurion hitting Constin's mighty fists of steel. Or the business end of his rocket launcher. Her face contorts comically. "WOW. Hi." She nods. She's blinking fast, to keep her eyes from watering. "Eleftherios is here too!" SHe seems happy. "I was wondering," She admits, eyebrows furrowing with worries. "But … um, you probably really want dinner and a shower huh?" She looks up. "It's good to see you."

"Very good, Gunny. I'll find you in a bit, as well, to discuss a couple of matters in which I've been considering." That said, Corrath's attention shifts to Circe as she draws closer and to her 'Sir', he's offering, "Specialist." Pause. "Couldn't very well let the ship fall apart. Not now." Her wink draws a chuckle and when she turns to begin to move off, he's angling to follow her, "Glad to see you're no worse for wear, Cir." A hand extends towards her now, "Wanna hand off some gear? Figured I'd head on up with the lot of you and give you guys a hand stowing things."

"Thank you, sir. And believe me, after being there, I suspect you are more correct than you know, Colonel." Vandenberg dips her head to Cidra, her tone carrying a heavy weight to the words. "But if you'll excuse me, sir, we have a lot of raw data to process. I need to get it organized and, heh, get myself a shower. I'm.. just not sure who I am going to dispensing information directly to. This is heavy stuff, Colonel. To whom will I be reporting?"

With Corrath moving to join her in her trek out of the hangar, Circe can not help but shoot a grateful smile his way. She shrugs off the lead back on her back, sighing almost immediately. It's sweaty, wet and stinks of earth and her body odor. "Sorry, going to have to deal with it.." She says.

Rolling her shoulders, she leans in towards him and speaks lowly to the former S2.

"Submit your report to the Commander and the XO directly. This is no doubt too important to go piece-meal from one department to another. He shall see it delivered down the line. And then…well, we shall all of us have to make of it what we will." Cidra tries not to look too eager, for her part, though she can't help it quite.

Constin nods curtly in parting to Corrath, before offering the appropriate salute to Cidra as the CAG glances over the assembled team. "Thank you, sir," he voices evenly to the 'welcome home', before resuming his steps toward the stairs.

Wade looks at Vandenberg as she reports that, his gaze completely neutral. He looks back at Cidra and he shrugs casually "Vipers area always ready either way." He looks over at Circe now, and at Corrath just because of proximity. He takes a deep breath and presses his lips together, taking a step afterwards and looking back at Cidra "You know where to find me if you need anything, sir." And yet, his tone of voice sounds different than before, sounding a little like 'whatever'. The man turns around, shoots a look at Bannik and Sofia and then marches back to the Viper he was working on.

Vandenberg quickly salutes once more. "Understood, Colonel. I'll get to work on it right away." Hopefully the S-Three will shower first. The salute drops and she glances at Wade with a furrowed brow before stepping off. It would appear that Cidra isn't the only eager officer. Van is carrying a lot of energy around and for once its not frenetic. That focus is unmistakable: Thurr Be Work To Be Done.

When Sofia asks if they're wanting showers and a hot meal, Ciro's eyes go wide and his head nods quite emphatically to her. "You're damned right Wolfe. I'm just trying to figure out which one I want more right now." He offers, the stench growing as he passes her. At least she knows where he's going to be within the next hour…one of two places at least. One final, curious glance is offered in Bannik's direction, catching the man's deep desire to start asking questions. His eyebrows lift, leaning his head towards Constin as he nears the hatch. "See that? All set for scuttle."

As the pack comes to be shrugged off from her shoulders, Corrath's hand is lifting to claim it and sling it over his shoulder, regardless of the fact that it's wet, stinks and is no doubt going to soil his uniform. As the Medic leans in to murmer to him, he's canting his head down to listen, a faint smile crossing his lips before he's murmering something in reply.

Bannik dumps the post-flight checklist on one of the carts, letting it get filed with one of the others that gets done when it gets finished. He bites his lower lip. The suspense, in fact, is killing him. He brings himself near Sofia, sort of hovering.

Cidra acknowledges Vandenberg's salute and leaves the Marines to their business and bathing and eating. The import of what they found shall have to be sorted out later. "How do you fare, Lieutenant?" she asks of Wade. Her tone normal enough, though there's a hint of faint concern behind her cloudy blue eyes.

Sofia smiles. She nods. "Probably shower so the cooks don't kick you back out," She offers. "I can meet you later if you want." Try as she might to socialize with Ciro, the stank makes her eyes water. And to think she's an engineer! Shame. SHe smiles at Bannik too. "Wow. It's a party here…" SHe is listening hard for what she can, but alas.

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