PHD #198: Paperwork, Part VI
Paperwork, Part VI
Summary: Chakrabarti drops off some paperwork…and she loves her some paperwork!
Date: 12 Sep 2041 AE
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Chakrabarti Madilyn 
Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #198

There's a sharp knock on the door, followed by the equally sharp entrance of the scourge of shipwide paperwork, Lt Chakrabarti. She whips a folder from under her arm, offering it forward expectantly. "Major. These are the personnel files on your 4th regiment marines. Unfortunately this is all we have, without access to the central database, even supposing the central database still exists. I trust that it should be sufficient for your needs."

In the absence of the Major for a few days, the Marine paperwork has gone to Hell in a handbasket. Perhaps the only one on board capable of giving the personnel Ell-Tee a run for her money, Madilyn is busy attacking the piled up folders, correspondance sheets, information requests, and non-critical directives from command. This was enough of a bother that she doesn't even appear to have showered or changed out of her surface blacks, coming here directly from the Raptor. Certain developments on the planet of necessitated this, of course.

"Nothing at all to be found in the local database? From the last time Cerberus' computers were synced to fleet records?" This ship is pretty hella new, so in theory, there should be files less than a year old to be found. Unless of course, full file sync wasn't performed, and files relevant to just this crew were updated. Doesn't stop her from taking the files from Chakrabarti, though.

Chakrabarti simply arches an eyebrow, giving Madilyn a withering look and responding drily, "Nothing at all, Major, no. In fact, that folder is completely empty and I simply brought it up here to you because I felt like a change of scenery and a spot of exercise." She takes a breath, shaking her head, and jabs one finger towards the file she handed over before repeating herself more slowly, loudly and clearly, "These are the personnel files on your 4th regiment marines."

"I'm going to chalk that up to planet stress and forget that snarky little response, hm?" Madilyn replies to the personnel officer. The file is taken in snippy fashion, and tossed on the desk behind her. "Since I'm quite positive that you've not only compiled their records but looked through them as well, sum it up for me. And tell me what you know about the big on, the convict."

"One sergeant, one corporal, five junior enlisted, primarily stationed on Libran with several delightful sojourns to the tourist attraction which is Sagittaron to enjoy the beaches and top up their tans," Chakrabarti replies easily. "The non commissioned officers were on their fourth and third tours respectively, so there are a number of reports from the field, including some from their medical staff attached to their unit, which may be summed up by the four words, 'They did their duty'."

"Any red flags in the bunch?" Why is Madilyn even bothering to ask? Given the officious nature of this particular paper-pusher, any red flags are likely marked with literal red flags! "What's the exact number of recovered CMC personnel? Civilians are a totally different beast that I'll have to start taking care of in the morning." Civilian influx, 2.0. Though last time, that got some willing though green recruits.

Chakrabarti rattles off a number. Which she totally knows, being said officious paper-pusher. "You may be interested to know that the convict, Mister Dalton, was incarcerated for leading an assault on members of the Marine Corps with the Sagittaron terrorists. I should watch that one very carefully."

"That's…interesting, to say the least. He certainly seemed to be quite friendly with them after we made contact and brought them inside the prison. Though, it wouldn't be the first incidence of a convict getting a fresh start in the CMC. This one just has a more…ironic story to it." Rubbing her temples a bit, Madilyn slides around the back of the desk and pushes the chair back with a boot. "I hate when they just toss shit on my desk," she grumbles.

"I shall send you one of my clerks to assist," Chakrabarti decides, smirking faintly. "I'm sure the marines could stand a seasoned hand with the more complicated paperwork." Or more complicated words.

"There's really no need. However, if you would like to assist, you could have someone report to the starboard hangar to assist with the identification and information-gathering from the recovered civilians. We'll need to do our best when it comes to background checks and assessing usable skills, as well as pulling in potential recruits." So much paperwork, so little time!

Chakrabarti gives a pointed look around Madilyn's paperwork-strewn desk, and simply lifts her chin, shrugging casually. "I'm sure you'll do your best, Major," she agrees. "If you will excuse me, then."

Without really even lifting her chin up from the Jenga-esque pile of papwerwork, Madilyn just gives an idle, dismissive sort of handwave. "Thank you Ell-Tee. You're excused." Ooooh, icy cold!

And Chakrabarti wonders why she has no friends. Well, actually, no, she probably doesn't even waste time to wonder. Not when there's Exciting Paperwork(tm) to be done! And she's off, leaving the temperature of the marine office to thaw a little behind her.

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