BCH #013: Paperwork
Summary: Nikias arrives and gets to fill out paperwork. Joy.
Date: 12 Feb 2041 AE:
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Nikias Demos 

The scene began in the stairs outside the Deck, then moved to:

[ Marine Offices ]----[ Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus ]
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.

Nikias is led to the stairwell by one of the hangar's deckhands, who promptly heads back to her duties once she's passed him off to you. After a quick glance at your face, his eyes are drawn to the rank insignia on your collar. "Nikias Makaed, from the Tzonis Group, Sergeant…?" he greets with a polite smile, and an extended hand.

Demos nods to the Deckhand, "Thanks." She salutes the civilian, then steps to one side, one hand lifting, "Welcome to the Cerberus, sir. Please come this way." Her voice is low and rich, though her manner is entirely professional, "I am sorry that we did not provide an escort on your arrival, sir."

"Understandable, this was short notice." he replies, shaking your lifted hand, and lifting his briefcase with the other hand to indicate it. "They are supposedly shipping me my wardrobe later. Which is good, I don't think I can wear paperwork." he adds with an amused smile.

Demos blinks a little, but returns the shake. Her grip is firm, though not harshly so. "No, sir. Although I understand that paperwork is tenacious and difficult to get through, so it might suffice. Like red tape." Turning, she begins the walk up the stairs, "I think we can begin with Security, sir. We have some paperwork…" The irony is staggering and she twitches a faint smile, "…for you to fill out. This way, please."

Many stairs were climbed, checkpoints passed through and walking happened until the Office was reached.

"Military paperwork will be a change of pace from corporate." Nikias quips with a grin, seemingly relaxed and comfortable, as he is led to Deck 6, and into the Marine Offices.

Demos chuckles, just a little. When they reach the Marine Offices, she motions to a chair situated near a desk, "Oh… Perhaps for a while, sir. But, seeing as your arrival was not properly telegraphed, I expect that you will be sick of it well before you have finished it. I apologize. In advance." Turning, she moves across the room to a filing cabinet. Taking out a stack of forms, she balances them over one arm while seeking something else in the drawer, "Now… Where is that pen…"

Nikias undoes the lock on his briefcase and pulls out a pen in record time. "No need, have one." he replies, locking his briefcase just as quickly and settling it down by his feat as he sits down at the chair.
Demos turns quickly as she hears the briefcase open. Her hand does not move to her pistol, but her attitude is alert enough. Moving back, she nods, "Excellent." Seating herself behind the desk, she squares the stack in front of her, "Now, then." The top form is lifted and offered to you, "This one is about the entity sponsoring your visit to the Cerberus. Please be as complete as possible." The form is one of those in triplicate with each a different color, "Press firmly, sir. So it carries through."

Nikias's pen looks like the sort that could qualify as jewelry, judging by its craftsmanship. First he surveys the questions, quietly echoing some of the key questions, then begins filling in the details of the Tzonis Group and his affiliation and status with that corporation. "Immediate contact… hmmm, wish I knew, given short notice… I'll put down Henris. If he didn't approve this, I'm sure he'll be finding out who in short order."

Demos tries not to be too interested in the man's business. Paperwork is paperwork is… But, the man's pen; which is lovely, catches her attention and she finds to her chagrin that she has been listening. A faint blush touches her cheeks and she looks down to the next form, familiarizing herself with it so when the time comes she can answer any questions. Still… The Tzonis Group is pretty well known in some circles. Her gaze lifts once more and she takes a few moments to study you. Apparently, she has spent some time in those very same circles.

Nikias twirls his pen about idly as he reviews what he's written, making sure it's all in order before handing it over. "One down, one of many to be certain." he comments as he hands the form back. He certainly looks the part of someone who has more money than most will ever set their eyes on, though lacks the age and demeanor of someone in charge. Up-and-coming go-getter, possibly? "And sooner I get them down, sooner you can go back to… terrorizing the troublemakers? That badge does mean Military Police, or am I wrong?" he asks.

Demos accepts the form and glances over it to be sure that it is complete. Setting it aside, she passes the second, "This one is explaining the purpose of your visit, the duration and authorizing distribution of food and beverages." She laughs softly, one shoulder lifting in a half-shrug, "I do not terrorize, sir. That would be against the Cassandra Convention, sir." Once more, she adjusts the forms before her, though it is accompanied by a nod, "Yes, sir. Military police." She pauses, then the smile returns, "If this was a vid, you realize that ominous music would be playing, right?"

Nikias cracks a wry grin as he takes a look at the second form. "Depends what genre. Horror? My chances of survival as the company man are dismal at best; I'd might as well space myself now. Crime? Certainly a suspect, or soon to be victim. War? A bit player at best, someone who dies early at worst." he explains as he glances up at you. "Ominous music would be the least of my worries." he adds with a grin, before getting to work on filling this one out. "Evaluating damage to equipment produced by Tzonis Group as a result of fire. Evaluating performance of all other equipment and systems produced by Tzonis Group. Collecting feedback on said equipment and systems from Cerberus personnel." he murmurs as he fills out the form.

Now, that; odd as it is, seems to set the woman a bit more at ease, "Oh, I don't know. The company man can also be the one who recognizes the wrong perpetrated by the company. Then, he helps the plucky heroes find the one solution that saves the day. He goes from certain stereotype to unlikely hero. I like those stories best, myself. Where the character development is greater. In any genre." Leaning back while you work, she lifts a brow, "Did your Group manufacture the equipment in the galley by any chance?"

There's a glance upwards to you at your statement, but Nikias is quick to move his eyes back to the form. At your question he nods his head, "Certainly some was installed there, though I cannot say if it contributed to it, or was damaged by it, without seeing for myself. And consulting with your techs." he says before resuming.

The plot thickens. The company man is here about the fire. Nodding, Demos drops that line of questioning, assumptions and all. "Luck with the investigation, sir." The next form is offered, "This one asks about you, personally. It includes current residence, next of kin, and so on. I am sorry that it is so intrusive. We would not need to ask if the paperwork had not been rushed. The good news? There is only one after this one."

Nikias raises an eyebrow at the segment on next of kin, noting it requires parental and siblings. "Hope I can write small enough." he murmurs, before beginning on that. The names start piling up, and he finds himself soon running out of room, but not running out of names, just barely squeezing in one last one before finishing. A few twirls of his pen, and he moves on, handling the other questions more easily. The sections on marital status just receive a no response, as does anything about children. "And… that one is now done." he declares, handing it back.

Demos watches the enumeration of clan Makaed and her smile turns to a faint smirk, "Most people only name one, sir. Like a parent. But, I am sure that the Security Chief will be pleased with the detail." She does not question the lack of wife or child, but does not comment on it. Rather, she nods and stacks the forms, squaring the corners, "I will need to copy your ID, sir." She unlocks a drawer, then slips the forms into it. Locking it again, she tucks the key into her pocket and extends her hand. "Be comforted. You did not have to fill out the long forms."

"Good, I don't know the genealogy of my pet cat, so would hate to fill out that form." he quips with a grin, before going through his jacket to withdraw his ID, and handing it over. "Speaking of comfort, you won't need to apologize for my quarters in advance. Traveling on business means sleeping wherever you can. And quite sure you won't be bumping one of the QUODEL members out of their accommodations just for me."

That twitch of amusement returns and she takes the card in careful fingers, "No? You don't? Well… you should. How will you possibly hope to give your kitty properly royal treatment without knowing what her…" Turning, she walks across to make the proper copies, "Oh, forgive me. All cats are nobility, so require the highest level of pampering." She returns with the copy and hands back the ID. "Thank you for that. But, remember? I'm an MP. I am used to putting people in the brig. No amount of complaining you could do would match some of what I have heard."

Nikias chuckles softly and shakes his head, "I have had to sleep on a transit station bench once. I think, that night, I would have happily stayed in your brig." he replies, taking his ID back and slipping it into his inside jacket pocket.

Demos nods, "Probably. Transit stations have notoriously unpleasant accommodations." She bends to unlock the drawer, slips the paper in with the forms, and relocks it. Rising, she adds, "At least the brig has a cot." Lifting one hand, she motions toward the door, "Please. I am sure that you will wish to rest a bit before beginning your tour. I am sure that you will have an official escort assigned for the duration of your stay that will be tasked with watching your every move while you are aboard. Until then, you have a few moments of peace and relative privacy. Welcome to the military, Mr. Makaed."

Nikias adopts that amused smile again, "Excellent, I didn't even need boot camp or officer academy to get here." he jokes, heading out with a nod after collecting his briefcase.

Nikias is escorted to his guest room and Demos stands guard in the hallway until other arrangements are made or she hears that Nikias is cleared for unescorted wandering.

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