Pallas "Spiral" Ellinon
Lieutenant Pallas Xander "Spiral" Ellinon
Sean Penn
Sean Penn as Pallas Xander "Spiral" Ellinon
Alias: Pal, "Spiral"
Age: 43
Features: Brown hair, blue eyes
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot


Lieutenant Pallas Xander Ellinon. Born, as near as anyone can tell, to a prostitute on Aquaria - you know the kind, the ones that go after the wealthy tourists and take a minor fortune for a couple hours of their time. It must've been a lull in the tourist season when his mother discovered her pregnancy, since she didn't abort. Thus was Pallas born.

He grew up in a small ramshackle home that was shared between several women. You know the basic sob story - didn't get a lot of attention, never had a father in his life, and what education he did manage to get from the school system wasn't exactly top-notch. Not that homework was always his first priority when he was home. He was expected to help with cooking, cleaning, organizing, and taking care of smaller children. Let's just say he wasn't exactly top of class.

Known Family

  • Thaddeus Straton, son. Born 5 July, 2028.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2019-2023 Candidate Fleet Academy (Caprica) Graduated with a BSc of Astrophysics.
2023-2025 Ensign Escort Carrier Marsyas Intelligence Officer.
2025-2026 LTJG Escort Carrier Marsyas Intelligence Officer.
2026-2028 Nugget Flight Academy Viper Pipeline.
2028-2030 Rook/Ensign Battlestar Corvus Viper Pilot with Squadron "Reckless Flames"; given callsign "Spiral".
2030-2032 LTJG Battlestar Corvus Viper Pilot with Squadron "Reckless Flames".
2032-2037 LT Battlestar Volans Viper Pilot with Squadron "Starhawks".
2037-2041 LT Gunstar Olympus Viper Pilot with Squadron "Blue Lancers".
2041 LT Battlestar Cerberus Viper Pilot with Squadron "Black Knights". Filed for release.


"Viper Pilot" is not really the first thing that comes to mind when looking at Lieutenant Pallas "Spiral" Ellinon. Tousled brown hair, too long to be considered professionally military, brings him to a grand total of 5'9". He's kept up well with his fitness for 43, but doesn't have the build and bulk of young-buck pilots. More often than not, his brows are furrowed in a scowl, the expression mirrored in his blue eyes. He fits the Aquarian stereotype of 'moody' quite tell with his perpetual brooding.

Known Associates



Fell On Black Days

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Stone the Crow

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Blast from the Past


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