PHD #346: Painful Fraternization
Painful Fraternization
Summary: Shiner asks Wade about how Fraternization works. He also tells the tale of how his manbits suffered a great deal.
Date: 07 Feb 2042 AE
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Shiner Wade 
Behind the two hangar decks, the Cerberus' Galley is the largest room on the ship. Nearly half the size of a football field, the eating area is made up of long lines of stainless steel tables that can be folded up and placed against the wall for larger events. Individual seats are the standard military issue, boring and grey with lowest-bidder padding. The line for food stretches across one of the shorter sides of the room while the kitchen behind works nearly twenty-four hours a day to produce either full meals or overnight snacks and coffee for the late shifts.
Post-Holocaust Day: #346

Lunch time it seems, at least for Wade Duncan. The man stepped into the Galley, wearing his off-duty greens. He waited in line patiently while the rest of the ones about to have lunch selected their mix of 'deliciousness' to be hand. When his time got there, he picked up something that looks like mash potatoes, and a mix of vegetables with something that seems to be protein of sorts. The man took an empty table and sat down with a glass of water in front of his plate. And so, here he is, eating away not hurrying himself to do so at this time.

With a thump of his tray, Shiner sets his dinner down opposite Wade, scraping out the chair and plopping himself into it. "Yo," he greets, taking up his fork and starting to dig into the… let's call it potato. "How's it going, sir? I was talking to your sister in law the other day. She's pretty hot, huh?"

What an entrance. Wade looks up and spots Shiner on the other side, a nod is offered to him and he says "Midshipman" Then, he takes a sip from his water and clears his throat, looking at his place once again "Well, just enjoying some of the delicious food for the time being. You?" Now, he takes a forkfull of potatoes but stops when he mentions his sister-in-law. He takes a deep breath and then says "You could say that, yes"

"Yeah, I'm good," Shiner replies contentedly, tucking into his dinner. "But before you ask, I didn't chat her up or ask to see her boobs or anything. So don't give me that look. A man can appreciate a fit woman, though. Got a bit of a query for you, though." Munch, munch, as he stuffs his mouth full of spuds.

Wade takes another sip from his water and nods after Shiner mentions that he's good. His silence continues while he mentions that he didn't try to chat her up, or…well, the rest of it. "Bit of a query" repeats the Viper pilot now, taking a few bites from his meal before he says anything else "What is it?" asks the man now and looks at Shiner, waiting for said question.

Shiner wipes his mouth, nodding as he finishes the mouthful. "Yeah, a query." He swallows. "Totally hypothetical, right? What would happen to a guy who frakked his superior officer? And what would happen to her? I mean, like, take as example if you totally went and banged the CAG or something, right? And folks found out. What's the skinny?"

Wade looks at Shiner while he speaks and half snorts "Totally hypothetical? Who are you trying to frak now?" Regardless, he asked a question and he'll be answering that question. "Well, Fraternization is a somewhat complex thing. Meaning that the rules lay on gray areas." He clears his throat and then explains. "It comes down to three specific things. The fleet doesn't want favorites, the fleet doesn't want people with rank and power to use said rank at their advantage and the fleet doesn't want officers with impaired judgement." He nods at this, takes a sip of water and clears his throat "Of course things might take a more severe toll or not, depending on who is judging." He nods to this and adds "What would happen to a guy that frakked his superior officer? It really depends on many things, if we take into account those three items I said first. If the superior commited any of those three things, I would say…Less-than-honorable discharge for her aaaand, not sure on the guy, maybe the same."

Shiner nods to that thoughtfully. "So if you got caught balls deep in the CAG, you'd both get drummed out for it. Okay, next hypothetical. Let's say you got caught with… eh… like an engineering officer or something? That's all gravy, right? I'm just trying to figure out who's fair game and who's not is all, y'know? It's all a bit different if I'm going to be a frakking officer and all. On the Deck, the rules are pretty simple. You don't touch officers, enlisted are fair game."

"Fraternization rules observe something more than 'frakking', Midshipman." says Wade "The fact is that, if the superior officer's judgment is not altered by what's going on, then there wouldn't be any problem. Of course, the image of said officer might suffer a little bit but rule wise, if her judgment is not suffering for it, then there wouldn't be any problem." He clears his throat again and explains "So, if you are talking about frakking, then while you both keep things to yourself and don't make public displays, then it's ok. /IF/ and only if those rules are observed and obeyed. Understand?" He takes a deep breath and finally adds "It's when you talk about 'relationship' that things become a bit more complicated."

Shiner waves him off with his fork. "Nah, nah, relationships are nothing but trouble. Keep things simple, I always say. If you start getting all serious about it, women just break your frakking heart. Not worth the hassle, sir, seriously." He gives a nod. "Good to know, though. Final question, then I'll let you at your dinner. What if a superior officer comes to your bunk and /doesn't/ frak you, but gives you a good kicking, instead? What happens then?"

Wade shrugs casually at that and says "It's about finding the right person, I guess" Not that he found said right person of course. At the last question, he tilts his head to the side and says "I don't know if I fully understand the question, Shiner. 'Good kicking'? Can you elaborate on that?" While he waits for Shiner to do so, he continues to eat his food.

"Let's say, for example," and clearly it must be Just An Example, "that she lies her way into your bunk, right? Then chokes you and puts a knee in your grollies, pretty frakking hard too. What happens if she got caught, then?" Shiner asks.

"I would say that, if a woman does that to you is because you did something to deserve it, I would think." says Wade to Shiner "And knowing your, ways…that might be the case. But, regardless of this…" he goes silent, thinking for a moment "I really don't know what people would say, to be honest with you. I'm not even sure if it falls in any category. I guess you could call it 'assault'? But even the word is too damn severe for that."

"Well I frakking didn't!" Shiner insists, snorting. "Hypothetically, I didn't. I mean. And she totally weaseled her way into my bunk saying she wanted sex."

Shiner sticks his fork into his dinner, grunting. "Yeah, should have figured you'd all close ranks and stick together. 'Oh yeah, must be Wright's fault'. Thanks for your time, sir," he offers, rising to his feet and taking up his tray of half eaten dinner to find another spot to eat.

"Midshipman" says Wade to Shiner as he stands up "I never said that it was /your/ fault. I was referring purely about the dynamics between men and women, that I sometimes do not fully understand myself if I am to admit that. I don't know." He shakes his head again and nods "At this point you left more than clear that this is something that indeed, happened. So, ask yourself this…do you really want to see this as assault?"

"Forget I said anything, sir," Shiner replies grouchily. "I'll deal with it myself. See, this is the problem with being honest, I reckon. You tell a girl she's got a nice ass, and all of a sudden she's finding every chance she can to try to kill you. I just said what we're all thinking, right?"

"If you wanna take that path, that's fine, Shiner. I apologize if I made it sound as if I was blaming you, I was just…speaking in general." says Wade, nodding at that as he takes another sip from his water. And now, he snorts at the comment and shakes his head at that "Well, I got slapped a few times for saying that sort of things. Back when everything was normal and I was to go out clubbing with friends." He rubs his cheek at that and nods "And girls can hit pretty hard, actually."

"A slap I can take," Shiner argues, "But trying to choke you, and kneeing you in the nadgers? And all this just totally out of the blue? You want to help, sir? You go have a word with Captain Vakos for me and see what her frakking /issue/ is."

Wade winces at the idea of a knee in the balls. Yeah, that's gotta hurt a lot. However, he lifts both eyebrows when Shiner says that it was Khloe and he says "Captain Vakos huh?" he presses his lips together and nods a couple times "I'll…talk to her. Ok?" And with that, he resumes what he was doing, almost done with his lunch now it seems.

Shiner gives a short nod and a grunt. "Won't hold my breath for any answers, sir," he offers, moving away to go and eat elsewhere.

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