PHD #034: One Flew Over the Snipe's Nest
One Flew Over the Snipe's Nest
Summary: One of engineering's resident cuckoos pays a visit to another
Date: 1 Apr 2010 (PHD 34)
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Penelope Sofia 
Sickaby — Deck 10 — Battlestar Cerberus
Post Holocaust Day: # 34
Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

Alas, Sofia is in her off duty garb and seems to have returned to take her medicine. While she's allowed out into public areas, she does have to come in for mediciney goodness. It's a fairly busy place though with all the survivors from the Anchorage and what have you. She's near the Petty Officer, gettin' her pills on.

Well, perhaps not alas, exactly. Nobody really looks good in a hospital gown. And though bumping into the 3M officer in line for meds doesn't have the same je ne sais quoi as a proper visit, Penelope will accept divine providence where she finds it. She steps in behind Sofia, hesitating a moment before tapping her on she shoulder. "Let you out, have they?"

Blinkblink. Sofia looks up. She's hardly high on the totem. She smiles sadly for a moment, before taking a quick drink from a paper cup. "No. Not fully. I can go to my berthing and the public areas, but nowhere I need my clearance for." She tilts her head. "Everyone seems to ask about that." A faintly amused look. She seems foggy, likely thanks to the medication. "I will be back to work soon though I hope." Pause. Peer. "Um. Hello there."

"Paris. Pennelope. Maintenance and repair." The other engineer flashes a friendly smile, bracketed in dimples. "Penny works best, if you really want my attention. Anyone says 'sir' I think they're talking at Gabrieli. Or Tillman." She leans on the med counter producing from behind her back a flatish cardboard box wrapped in plastic. It seems to contain yellow, vaguely chick-shaped marshmallows. "We've never really talked, but… you know. We snipes've gotta stick t'gether, don't we?"

Penny offers the box of Peeps to Sofia. "These are for you, then. Sort of an "Increase Your Mental Hygeine Soon" gift. "Get Well" seems so… done." She flicks her attention towards the PO manning the dispensary. "Lieutenant Paris? You should have mine back there, too." She smiles wryly, adding to Sofia, "The air traffic lanes over the cuckoo's nest are mad busy."

Blink. Sofia smiles. It's tough to brain through all of the fog. But she's crawling through. "Penny," She repeats softly. "That's a nice name." She tilts her head and looks at the box. PEEPS! Awwww, Peeps. She looks touched. "I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe, but word's probably gotten out," A bemused, rueful look. Apparently when engineers go crackers, word gets out. "Yeah. I think there's still many faces I either can't recall or never met because our shifts were so different," She admits. "It's a pleasure to meet you." At the box offering and comment, she accepts it and laughs softly. "Oh. That's a good title," Her wide green eyes are a bit brighter. "I'm getting better. It's just that brains seem to take longer to heal I guess," She admits and rubs the side of her head. "I'm hearing that," Sofia notes. "Apparently a lot of people on the anchorage went cuckoo too… Who knew I was a trendsetter?" She shrugs. "But I am at least allowed out sometimes." PRogress! "Soon I'll be terrorizing everyone with paperwork again," She promises. "But - I am lucky that you are all so kind and I'm glad you came by." Nod.

"Ah, no worries. You're quite welcome," Penny smiles warmly, glancing at the dispensary then back at Sofia again. "They have me on the stuff, too. Brain candy. Even have a little sun lamp installed in my bunk — better living through photosynthesis." She tucks a wild curl behind her ear, nose wrinkling with discontent. "I lost my will a bit, about a week in. You know — will to talk. To eat. To do anything other than shuffle about like a reanimated corpse in a horror movie. Put me in here for fear I might start eating brains, I think." She flashes another wry, slightly off-kilter smile. "Lots of support here, though — as you noted. Good people. And so we'll be fine, won't we? Whatever that means, these days."

Nod. SOfia tilts her head. "Nothing wrong with that. Plants and fish like those lamps. If it's good enough for them-" She trails off. Well, she shrugs at that. "I don't think I'll be on it permanently. I just … she called it something. A psychotic break I guess," Sigh. "So I went crackers and I can't remember much from that week. I wanted to die a lot." She smiles, seeming to understand Penny. "Yeah. We will. I am grateful for you, my friends and everyone. I miss working though. They yanked my clearance and pointy objects. I couldn't even have a pen for awhile. Personally I guess I'm a bit lazy to stab myself with a pen." She rubs the back of her head and considers that. "I think I'd just be happy working and roving around the ship fully again. You know?"

Penny nods in turn. "I understand, luv — believe me. Only reason I'm back to work, I think, is — " She pauses and looks around. Not a lot of love and trust for the doctors, looks like. She goes on, voice lower, "Basically, my saving grace was that I cracked up quietly. It's not that I didn't want to die… I did. A lot. I just couldn't be bothered to tell them. Or… you know… to act. Which I guess is why I'm standing here, more than anything else." She shrugs and shakes her head. "That, an' when they showed me the cards with the ink spatters on, I told them it looked like flowers and fuzzy bunnies instead of the entrails of my crewmates." She nods.

Blink. Sofia just kind of blinks at Penny. "I see. I didn't really think of that." Sadly, Sofia was hit with fugue and psychotic break then promptly found mumbling incoherently with an axe. "Well, just be careful I guess. I don't think I like to see people get hurt," She seems a bit perturbed through the fog and fidgets. "But I should be back to mostly normal." She offers. "So it'll be okay. These pills make me sleepy though, do they do that to you?" She peers.

"Sleepy and slow. I bleedin' detest them," Penelope sighs, nonetheless giving the dispensary nurse a great big shiny smile of thanks as he delivers three big prescription bottles. When her smile turns back towards Sofia, it's a bit wan. "I don't think I'm the type to hurt anyone, luv. Don't worry. Just got the wind knocked out of me a bit." She takes a moment to study the other woman, looking sympathetic but serious. "This is all far from over. I dunno what it was you saw made you go 'round the bend, sweeting, but there's likely going to be more. And worse. 'Normal' is what we were when we got knocked down in the first place. We need to be stronger than that, this time 'round, we two."

"I'm glad I'm not alone then," Sofia admits with a yawn. "I feel so foggy. Sure I'm more steady but that's like being on a boat or something." She's on a mother frakking boat. She nods, "You don't seem like that type. But I also meant you too. I think I hurt when I see others do that too." She takes a deep breath. "I- don't think it was one thing. It was lots of things. Ren died, I got shot a few times, Merrell died, then -" She winces and puts a hand to her head. "Something bad happened. A lot of somethings. But it's so foggy, it always clouds the other details too." A cruel, but merciful fate. She shrugs. "We'll see what happens. They know I stress, so I've got therapy sometimes. I just - would like to stop feeling so useless. Work'll make me feel better. I'm happy crunching numbers, you know?"

"Well, go to therapy. Do what they tell you an' all. You'll be back to work in no time — which is, I agree, the best medicine." Penny doesn't deliver the advice with relish, more like she's dispensing a dose of medicine she knows she needs to take as well. Icky, sucky, disgustipating medicine. Bleaugh. She heaves a sigh and rubs the back of her neck. "This has all be so… surreal, hasn't it? Can't hardly blame your brain for fogging it up — body's smarter than we are. It'll like as not let you remember as you can deal with things — in small doses, in pieces. Try to deal with it all at once, we'd just end up back in here. Or worse." She gathers up her pills and fills her pockets to bulging with the bottles. "Hey, do you like reading? Mum sent me two huge boxes of books about a week before we went out for the wargames — nonsense, really. Bodice rippin', smutty romance." She grins abashedly. "But they're a good, easy read. Nice and escapist an' all."

"Yeah," Sofia smiles. "I think you're right," She notes. She just takes a deep breath. "It is I guess," Sofia admits. "Yeah, kinda-" Then a blush at the mention of smutty romance. "Ohmy. Well. Trying new things might be fun," She rubs the back of her head. She tries not to giggle though. "Those sound awesome. If you like opera, I used to sing a bit. Family was a buncha artists so we all learned something." Big grin at that. "I'll have to take you up on that sometime." Nod. "And I think that's all true. What's killing me now is being a lazy butt. First week was nice but now it's getting old and it's crowded in here," Sofia admits. "Our brains are very strange. They're slower to heal, but they'd tear themselves apart before they let us go." Perhaps an odd comment on the splintering. "Either way, I'm glad to know I'm not alone. And if you ever want to race the supplies carts - we totally should."

Penny snrrks with mirth at the offer of racing supply carts, taking an elaborate look around to make sure the Captain Safety mascot from all those Fleet safety vids isn't going to swoop down and smite them both for even considering such a reckless endeavor. "Sounds stellar," she grins at Sophia, nodding. "No. Check that. Inter-stellar." She pulls a chronometer with a broken wristband out of her pocket, squinting at the time. "An' that's my time, ladies and gents. Got to get on shift. Stop by the berthings any time you want to borrow a book, then. The one I'm reading now's called A Scorpian Scandal. Some lad named Rodrigo just kidnapped Isabella from a masked ball where she was to be engaged to his twin brother — I'm on pins and needles, let me tell you." She looks deadpan at the poor dispensary nurse. "Pins. And. Needles." A nod, a grin, and she kisses Sophia's cheek. "Enjoy the Peeps, luv. Talk soon."

Sofia grins. She is a naughty 3M. She tilts her head. "Yeah. It's good to have fun sometimes," She agrees. Then a peer. "Alright, I will. I'm glad I can go to the berthings and public areas at least," This seems to be pleased. There's a genuine laugh at the story of the book. She's brightening up! "I really - am grateful for your company and the kindness." She nods. "Be safe and don't work too hard." Beam. She looks haappy at the kiss on the cheek. Daw. "I will. I appreciate them lots. See you soon, hopefully outside of here too when they turn me loose to terrorize those with requisitions." A wave at that and she seems to have a steady smile.


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