Omar Mason
Petty Officer 3rd Class Omar Mason
Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci as Omar Mason
Age: 33
Features: Short, squat, stalker.
Colony: Gemenon
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Department: Medical
Position: Orderly


A orderly of only passing skill, Omar Mason enlisted in the Fleet at the age of twenty-seven after he was accused by Gemenese authorities of frequenting an illegal prostitution den run by a madam doubling as a Priestess of Aphrodite (the charges against him were ultimately dropped). He does his job well enough to avoid reprimand but certainly not well enough to merit promotion. Rather, he's earned the grudging respect of his superiors by being a reliable purveyor of information and gossip.

Just exactly how Omar obtains said information and gossip is a question best left un-asked. But seeing as he'd make no secret about it if confronted: "stalker" seems about right.


Notably luckless in matters of the heart, PO3 Mason hasn't let his poor record dissuade him from pursuing literally hundreds of women over his six years in the service, often simultaneously. Unfortunately, he's the type of guy who upon entering a bar causes unconscious shivers to run up the back of every attractive girl inside. His penchant for leather jackets, his perpetually slicked-back hair, and his habit of making creepy observations about his current flame's private life don't help matters either.

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