Gunstar Olympus (GS-27)



Gunstar Olympus, one of the last remaining Pulsar-class gunstars in service, has trained pilots, deck hands, and gunnery crews for the past 30 years of her 60+ years in existence. Her sister ships, the very precursors to the battlestars of today, served with distinction in the opening stages of the First Cylon War, but were quickly outclassed by the newer, faster, and more heavily armed baseships. With the introduction of the first 12 battlestars, the gunstars were quickly moved to support and escort roles during the conflict.



Command Staff

  • CDR Maxwell Aurelius, Commanding Officer: Commander Maxwell Aurelius (callsign Caesar) is a 30 year veteran of the Colonial Fleet, and a skilled former Viper Pilot. His attention to detail and dutiful mind has made him one of the best Commanding Officers to serve with, and the best teacher for the newcomers to fleet his ship sees every year.
  • COL Serena Anthony, Executive Officer: Colonel Anthony is a tall, statuesque blond, very young for her rank, and one of the fast-risers in the fleet. She's rumored to have been in a serious rivalry with Admiral Helena Cain of the battlestar Pegasus during their Academy days, as well as her polar opposite in terms of temperament.

Prior Crew

  • CPT Christopher "Tantalus" Hellicon: Captain Hellicon was aboard the Olympus for a brief training cruise, and remembers the time aboard her fondly: "The old girl named the Olympus is tough. She's seen her fair share of hell, and now she's teaching the next generations of officers and enlisteds in the fine art of service. She's a fighter, to be sure." Captain Chris Hellicon
  • LT Pallas "Spiral" Ellinon: Viper Pilot, VF-27 "Blue Lancers"
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