PHD #178: Old Times
Old Times
Summary: Mackay, and Tillman get together and talk about old shit, new shit, and some other shit.
Date: 23 Aug 2041 AE
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Tillman Mackay 
Recreation Room - Cerberus
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post-Holocaust Day: #178

Later in the evening and Tillman is just coming off watch. Ever since the mutiny, the XO has been wearing a sidearm. He doesn't move without it. Tonight is no different. He wanders into the Rec Room with his jacket unbuttoned and he gives a nod to a Marine as he heads for the back counter and its blissful array of Shit To Drink.

There are some folk that would think that Tillman was a paranoid frak-given he is sporting that side arm. However, even before the mutiny, there was one who was sporting the holster after Colonial day. Fashion senses be damned. One good eye is focused on the back of the XO as he finds himself stationed by the back counter. One calloused hand raised and it is moving to pat Tillman on the back, while the other undoes the flap to his service jacket.

"Too frakkin' late for coffee, and the soda cans these days are staler than shit on an outhouse wall." Sigard grunts out, before he is grinning over to the XO. "Ah well-great to be a live, right, Clive?" A chuckle given before a slight cough is passed out. One hand reaching for a glass. "Not like I'm going to godsdamn sleep tonight."

Getting a pat on the back doesn't happen often so its probably..yep. Tillman turns her head to look at Mackay and smirks. "You got a problem with drinking stale shit? You try the bug juice mess served last week? I think they hired donkeys to piss in it." He takes up the pot of decaf and pours himself a mug half way to the top. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a metal flask, unscrewing the top. "Sad day when the whiskey is what takes the edge off the drink," he chuckles offering it to Weps. "Hows things, man?"

"Ah." Mackay, starts. "But Donkey piss least has some frakkin' vitamins and shit." A grin right there before he is reaching for one of those stale cans of 'orange' soda. A dubious look, and then further inspection to the back, has the old man laughing, as he pops the top and pours into his cup. Eye darting back, when Tillman offers the special sauce. "I thought that is what good whisky is supposed to do." a snort, as the flask is taken with a mumbled 'thanks'. As for the question, it does have Mackay pausing as he regards his drink-and then finally passes the flask back over. "Welp. I am alive, and our guns are running clean. I'll be better when we're gone of frakking Sagittaron." Not a fan of this troublesome colony is Mack-even if they are liberating their own.

"Good whiskey is supposed to be had at room temperature by itself. Or two ice cubes depending on where its from. Not be mixed with coffee. Sadly, Im short ice cubes." Tillman tosses in a packet of sugar for the decaf and leans against the counter. "Frak," he sighs and mounts his hands on the edge. "Yeah, I'm ready to get the hell out of here, too. Pewter wants us here to cover asses and prevent another Leonis. I tried to tell him that if the Cylons wanted it, they could just come back and take it. Not a damned thing we could do. We're risking too much with the whole battlegroup sittin here like addled schoolchildren."

"He's got his heart in the right frakkin place-even if he has our asses peaking out of the well." Mackay, concludes over the rim of his cup. Taking a swig, he sighs, letting the stale burn do it's slow work. "I say just nuke Sagittaron and move on. No one would miss it." save the saggies. A faint raise of a brow over to the Xo, and he's turning to lean slightly up against the counter. "We still got our fists even if our knuckles are busted." and there is a beat. "I spect when we head to each Colony, it'll be the same. Fight it out and cover asses. Save what wants to be saved." a faint grimace. "I'd rather we just clean the all out and purge it all with fire. Whatever life's down there. I highly doubt they want to be livin' right now." a slurp to punctuate his statement. And then Sig's coughing again. "Well enough of the gloom shit. I am no follower of hell and Hades myself." a kiss of his teeth-the tell tale habit of the CWO. "How's life that ain't focused on blowing shit up?"

"Yeah, well the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I don't want a heart in the right place. I want our guns in the right direction and our sensors pointed the same way," Tillman grumbles. Its probably no secret between them that he isn't a big fan of PEwter, even if its not widely known elsewhere. He listens to Mackay's discussion of the Saggies and shrugs. "Can't leave em behind, man. I know we all got opinions but, that's how it goes. Its like sayin to half the ship 'Sorry, we don't like Capricans. We're just going to nuke the site from orbit. Only way to be sure'. Prolly have anarchy on our hands. But if they cause too much trouble? I promise. You will literally be the first person I call." 1-800-Naval-Gunfire-Support. "How's life outside of blowin shit up? Hell," he chuckles. Tillman reaches to take the flask back so he can fill his mug. "Gimme that. But shit. Like I'd know. Spend all my time working plans these days. Still don't have a TACCO to replace me so I'm still workin double." He hands the flask back. "Getting kinda pissed off being stuck on the ship, though. You thought about heading down to Sag? Just to get some sun for a few hours?"

"And dead bodies. I hear the ferryman likes the guts for lime." added back, with a faint grin. No, of course it is no surprise how either feel on the man. Mackay-though is willing to at least try and talk up for the Old Man, lest other ears are around. However if it came down between a choice from the TACCO now XO he knows, and respects, and Pewtwer? Well-Pewter better watch his ass. "Hell I know, though I doubt anyone would miss Aquaria." a chuckle at something there, but then it is pushed out his nose. Drinking again, before he's coming up with a grin. "Our lines are never busy-" unless there are Cylons afoot. "-an you need a replacement. I'm lucky I got a good feller in Markum. I could loan him to you. He's quiet and will do as he's told." of course now it sounds as if Sig's talking more about a coonhound than he is a capable officer. "I feel ya. Though If we were t' go down. I'd rather like to have a gun with me. One with range." a roll of his shoulder. "Or go hunting. Hell. something that isn't straining my only good eye over frakkin' paper work." or him bothering his people with repairs. "And your Old Lady?" You had to know that would come up eventually.

Tillman snorts, lifting the mug to his lips. "Only Aquarians miss that place. Artsy-fartsy crap. The loss of life was pretty awful but damn if that place didn't piss me off half the time I had to hear about it on the news. At least Sag was exciting. Hearing about Aquaria was like listening to someone trumpet rainbows out their ass and smiling the whole time." The XO shakes his head. "Don't sweat the replacement, though. Thanks, but we're working it out. Trainin up that intel Lieutenant, Cora Nikephoros, to capture the slot." But something Mack says catches Tillman's attention and he looks back to the man. "Ever do any big-bore shooting? Marines captured a bunch of eighteen millimeter anti-aircraft rifles. You wanna go hunting, I've got aerial recon shots of hippos down there. You game or you just talkin shit for the sake of shootin it?" he dares. He'll get to Quinn in a minute.

"Big bore- Shit you talkin' like one of those old ass elephant guns, they used to mount on the side of rail cars, back in the day?" And like that Mackay is hooked. Already, his mind is on the possibilities. "Never shot something that big, but hell it would be somethin' to write about." If he ever wrote something beyond reports these days. Sig just grins, as he drains the rest of his glass down. "Frak-count me in. I highly doubt the Galley would be pissed if we brought back hippo meat." mildly radiated hippo meat. "I don't talk shit, that I can't back up if the challenge is out there, Clive. You wanna kill hippos, then by Athena's tits, let's kill us some godsdamned hippos." And the cup is set aside as he's patting down for his cigarettes. "Shit Anti aircraft rifles…I can't think of a better use.." well beyond a cylon raider.

"Well its big-bore for being hand-held. Not like those multi-story bastards you have on the front of my ship. But it'll do the job. Marines also got a set of Karlstov G48 anti-tank rifles. If you hunt down a Sergeant Constin down on Sag, he might even let you fire off a round or two in exchange for sneaking him up into one of those anti-ship cannons." Tillman seems quite serious about the prospects of all this. "I can let the galley know and get a flight plan filed tonight if you're up for it. Cause yeah, few things I can think of better. Let's do some big game hunting, Sig. I haven't been in years."

"It ain't war unless we're killin' something." Mackay notes, before he is raising a brow. "Well shit- I'll have to see if I can't get him with crew Three then. If anything they can let him fire a round or two-let him see how it's like." for the shot at loosing an anti tank weapon? Yes- He will make a small allowance for a marine to be in his gallery. "Well shit. I'll let Markum know he's got the damned reports and con to hold for our time down. An I'll be able to wear that god awful hat of mine." The beat up old ball cap that hangs in his bed. "Done. Let's punch it in and head down Asap. Shit I'll sleep on the flight down." A chuckle there, before he's scratching the side of his nose and Sig is raising a brow. "You ever gonna enlighten me?"

Tillman lifts his mug with a grin. "Amen. Wouldn't mind having something to shoot at right now but this will do just fine. It doesn't have to be the enemy. It just has to go pop with an eighteen mike mike hits it." The XO renews his smile and sips at the mug. "But yeah, you go ahead and make the proposition to him. See if he'll let you do it. I'd be willing to bet he's game. Especially if you've got something to shoot at. Plenty of satellites still in orbit around the planet, too," the man asides. "But sure. I'll get clearances filed ASAP. Check the guns out of lock-up. Let's make it happen." The man then looks back to the question. "Enlighten? What? About Mags?"

"Ayup." And he will let it sit there. "Course buddy, if you rather not? I completely understand. Hell-Maggie used to frakkin drive me up a wall, before she left." A grunt and he is shrugging slightly. Mackay watches for a moment before shaking his head. "Not meaning to pry-just Hell with as busy as we both have been, I feel like I don't know entirely what has happened where-and all that shit." a beat as he finally does pull out his cigarettes. "Sides, better here, than when you got an anti aircraft gun in your hands." to that he is snorting, and placing one of the rumpled, old, sticks in his mouth.

Tillman can't help laughing by the time the man finishes. "Hell man, its fine. Don't sweat it." Tillman takes another long swig from the mug and resettles against the counter. "She's due in..January I think. I haven't seen too much of her since she got transferred to the LSO shack. She's been busy down there and ragin hormonally I guess. She stopped by my quarters about a week or so back. Was lookin forward to havin' some down time with her and she brings up marriage." He shakes his head. "That? That was not a good conversation. It was mostly her swinging insults at me like I haven't heard since my wife was pregnant with my last. Damn, she's got a tongue on her. Make a snake jealous."

"Or A Gem-I-ah. Never mind." A grin there from the Weps as he shakes his head at whatever poor bit of bawd was about to follow suit. "Well shit. Sounds like you're havin' a girl if that rant is to be said of anything." Some old men can tell the weather, Mackay uses his powers of foresight to determine baby sexes. A shake of his head and he is finally lighting up as he pushes back from the counter. "Well I know, I don't have to tell you, not to fall on that frakkin' grenade. I think it's best we go weather this storm on planetside don't you?" A puff of smoke and Sig is clasping his friend on the shoulder. "I'm off to the head, and then to make ready for whenever we go." a chuckle. "Get you free of swinging wrenches.." and a beat "And I'll bring whisky." Just like camping as a kid. "You know-" Sigard says over his shoulder "I'm actually excited about killin something that ain't metal for once."

"Yeah. This would make four girls for me," Tillman chuckles. "Ain't gonna be a shock if it does. Hell, I'd probably be struck dead if it was a son." The XO shakes his head, smirking. "But yeah, I'll get shit set-up and send a runner. Pack your bags. We'll try and be down there tomorrow morning. Gotta call the surface. See if any pilot spotted the hippo groups recently. Recon is a few days old. And I'm holding you to the promises of whiskey, friend. I'll be seein ya." He lifts his mug to the departing Weps on his way out.

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